The Doctor was tinkering under the grating when he suddenly heard a loud thump followed by an "Ouch!". Startled, confused and oily, he climbed up to see what disturbed his peaceful tinkering when his eyes fell upon the guilty person.

"But that's imposs-... Rose?!"

Rose stopped rubbing her hurting behind, turned to him and held a hand up for greeting. "Jo."

Wide-eyed, the Doctor copied her greeting the same way before getting back to his senses.

"What are you doing here? Where is copy-me?"

Before answering, she went to the jump seat, took off her plimsolls and put her legs on the console, already feeling at home. "Turned out copy-you is more copy-Donna than copy-you." Seeing his confused face, she continued. "Alright, from the start. After you left, I took him home. Expected him to be just like you, so of course I wanted to shag him rotten. Turned out, he wasn't anything like you... copy-you said he was too tired to shag, so we agreed to do it the next day. Then he had a headache. I thought, 'Alright regeneration and all. We still have tomorrow.' but the next days, he still wasn't interested in sex and when I found him in my bra, knickers and red high-heels, everything was suddenly as clear as glass. We had a long talk then... went shopping a few times. It's really true what people say about having gay friends... best shopping partners ever! Well, anyway. After accepting his female side completely, he began to call himself Doctoria and I hooked him up with a Jack-look-alike. You should see their travesty show. They are quite talented... Whatever! Can we get on with the shagging now?"

The Doctor stared at her. "How did you get here?"

Rose sighed. "I ripped a hole into time and space to get back. We have approximately half an hour left before the universe explodes..." she muttered indifferently. "Do you want me to answer questions until we are dead or are you finally ready to shag the hell out of me?"

It was unfair to lie to him like that, but all what the Doctor needed to fill thirty minutes with mind-blowing sex.

Hm... what can she say? A girl who waited years for her beloved, had to be creative...