Okay, so I don't really know if I will continue with this story. But I just couldn't get this idea out of my head! I was going to write an angst story, but The Office's JAM made me too happy. So here I am writing a romance, that I am pretty sure has been done before. Well I hope everyone likes it!

Title: Lover Never Was Easy

Chapter: One

Rating: PG to PG-13. (T)

Summary: What if Edward and Bella had a boy instead of Reneesme? 18 years later their lives are impacted by yet another love story. It's AU but for the most part, in character. The same events of Breaking Dawn are still played except for the imprint. Does true love really conquer all?


Sigh. That's all I have to say about high school. Sure it's a normal teenage experience and everything, but come on. I already know everything. And it's not like my family is even sociable with anyone. We're the outcasts everywhere we go. So really why go to high school? It made no sense to me.

I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Anthony Carl Masen. Well the last name is actually "Cullen." But for high school, we wanted to seem normal. So my mom and I took my dad's human name.

I'm the son of Edward and Bella Cullen…Masen…whatever. I am 18 years old both physically and mentally. So I have been on this earth for 18 years. I stopped growing a few years ago, and I was totally okay with that.

I have a power, it is sort of like the opposite of my dad's power. I can let people read my mind when I touch their face. I think it's a pretty lame power if you ask me. Why would I want people reading my mind anyways? And why would I go around touching people's faces?

I can run and hunt like the rest of my family, I have strong skin, but yet I'm still soft and warm to touch. Not like I touch anyone anyways. I drink blood but I can also eat human food. I prefer blood. Human food just tastes terrible. Sure I could eat it and everything, but it's gross.

We have been living in Alaska for four years now. It was our senior year of high school and next year would be my first year of college…woohoo. So here I was, the second day of my senior year.

We went to another high school in Alaska, but Jasper got into some fight with the history teacher, so we decided to go to another high school. Well at least we didn't have to move again.

I was in my third period class, math. Ugh. It's not that I don't like math. I actually like math. I actually do like learning. I guess that I am kind of a geek. I don't really talk to anyone that much. I mean I talk to my family and all, and people always try to talk to me in the hallways, but once they saw past my, what my mother calls, "beautiful" looks, they realized that my shy personality just wasn't worth it.

We were going over parabola's…again. Ugh, I just don't see why high school was really necessary, I have already learned everything. I tried reasoning to my parents about this, but they said I needed more human experiences. I guess it was also for the rest of my family, going to school made them feel more human. I guess I could tough it out for them.

We were already five minutes into the class and the teacher had already lost my attention. I was mindlessly doodling on my notebook when I heard the door open. The first thing I heard was the teacher's scolding voice.

"You're late."

The person who walked into the room then said, "Yeah, sorry. I just had to talk to my other teacher, here I brought I note." I realized the voice was a female's, and it was beautiful.

"Okay, just don't let it happen again. Um, for seats…just sit next to Mr. Masen over there."

My head shot up, it was just a natural response at someone calling my name. A minute later the girl sat next to me. I turned my head to look at her. She was probably the most beautiful being that I had ever seen, and I lived in a house of vampires.

She smiled at me as she sat down and I returned the smile. She put her book bag on the floor and got her notebook out. She took out a pen…interesting, being that we're in a math class.

Whatever, she probably just didn't have a pencil. Maybe I should offer her one…no, she might be a little freaked out. And maybe she didn't like pencils. Maybe she didn't like how they smudged when you wrote with them. Or maybe she just liked pens.

Wait, why am I even thinking about this?

She started copying the problems down from the board. She seemed really concentrated on her writing so I looked over to her, hoping that she wouldn't notice.

She had pretty, light brown eyes. Her hair was long and curly, not really curly, but the curls were there, and they were definitely natural. The color of her hair was light brown, with hints of red. I couldn't really tell how tall she was, but I would estimate around 5 foot 5. I looked back at her gorgeous face. I realized that she wasn't wearing any make-up, well maybe something on her lips, but that was about it.

She caught me looking at her and I immediately looked down. But before I did so I saw her smile a bit. I tried my hardest not to look at her for the rest of class. Soon, but not too soon, the class was over. I didn't want to leave this beautiful girl, I didn't even know her name, or even if I was in any other classes with her, but I didn't really care.

Once the bell rung she collected her things and headed off to her next class. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I sighed and got my things together. I had a free period next so I went to the library. I looked around for a little bit and then found a book that I hadn't yet read.

After about ten pages into the book, three minutes later I felt the seat next to be move. I looked over from my book and saw my dad sitting next to me.

"Hey dad."

He smiled, "I hear you've been thinking a lot about pens lately."

"You told me you wouldn't look into my mind!"

He shrugged his shoulders, "I was bored, your mind was just calling out to me."

I rolled my eyes and sighed, "I really would like it if you didn't look into my mind when you're bored."


"It's okay, I guess." I paused for a second, "Did you tell mom?"

He raised an eyebrow and I thought, about the girl?

He smiled, "Nah, it's really none of my business. It's your crush, not ours."

Then my dad looked at his watch, "I got to go, you're mom's waiting for me."

"See you later."

He got up and left me alone once again. I couldn't get the beautiful girl's face out of my mind. She had a wonderful smile. Sigh. I guess my dad was right, I did have a crush…it just felt like it was more than that.

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