A/N I hope you like my first story Lets start at the Hokage's office.

Naruto I want you to find out what the Akatsuki are up to and don't try to attack them said Tsunade.

Fine so I guess I am by myself then said Naruto.

Yes dismissed.

5 hours later at some random location

Hey Rin-chan I am back.

Naru-kun what is your mission this time?

I have to spy on the Akatsuki and if we go to Kohona please just call me Naruto-kun.

WHAT that's suicide and ok I will go back with you when the mission is over.

Yea but I don't have to spy on them since I have spies in the organization so I will meet them here in a day so then you need to hide when the come and they will come back with us.

Next day

Figure 1: So we finally made it

Figure 2: I guess so

Figure 3: lets go (knocks on door)

COMING... Hello... So you guys finally made it

So what do you need?

I need Information on Akatsuki

Why don't we kill Akatsuki?

Fine with me although I was told not to attack but we need 1 more person but I know where to go.


A/N I hope you liked it I will take suggestions and there will be lemon later so till next time.