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The glow was all that was left from the sunset I had been watching. Konoha looked so peaceful in the dusk, bathed in the last light from the day and covered in snow. The place looked like nothing ill could ever come to it, like this right here was how things were and always would be. It made my throat clench slightly to think of the things that could have been, could have happened. The seal on my stomach tingled slightly, reminding me the evil I held within me. It seemed sometimes that there were things that just never left you, no matter how much you wished it.

All day I had been edgy, I couldn't sit still, not even in this moment of quiet. I gripped my pants, balling the fabric in my fists as I tried to understand where the anxiety was even coming from. Freezing, and tired of the same view, I turned from my balcony rail and slid my door open. With one last glance at the now dull sky, I slipped inside. The warmth seeped into my bones immediately, and it should have felt nice, but the feeling made my skin crawl.

I scratched my head, leaning my elbows on my kitchen counter, my eyes tracing the cracks in my wall. I really should fix that. I remember where it was from too, not a memory I liked to think about.

"Dammit Sasuke I already told you!"

My fist slammed into the wall and I felt it crack beneath my now bruised hand. I yanked it away and cradled it to my chest, not caring if it was broken or not.


Not a question, not a plea, a statement. I close my eyes for a moment and when I open them again, you're gone. Good. Stay away.

A sigh escaped my lips and I ran my hands tiredly through my hair. What was I going to do? No matter what I did you wouldn't stay away. And sometimes your eyes…I didn't know what I saw in them, but it scared me. You kept sneaking in here, and everytime I knew it was risking too much. You would get caught. And what right did you have coming in the first place?

My throat felt dry so I pulled open the fridge and poured a glass of milk. I smelled it and eyed it suspiciously for a moment before deciding to drink it anyway. The glass made a clanking noise as I set it in the sink. My arm had goosebumps even though my skin had warmed from the cold by now. Why was I thinking about this? Why was I worrying?

His face was lit up by the moon, and I could just make out his eyes, staring straight at me, looking too deep.

"You know it's too late. Why do you keep coming here?"

My words sound horribly dull and faded to my own ears, and I move my gaze from his face to the floorboards.

"You're right. You won't see me again Uzumaki."

I couldn't place why it hurt for him not to use my name, or the fear I felt knowing his words were true. He had left a long time ago, and some things could just never get put back together. It didn't matter how much you wanted it.

I shook my head, shaking off the memory of last night. Something about the whole thing was just wrong, but no matter what I did, I could never understand what. My heart shouldn't feel this empty if nothing had even filled it in the first place. There was nothing missing that I'd had before. I'd always been empty. So why wasn't this leaving me be?


Cradled in the snow at the trunk of a tree he lay, face as still and impassive as it had been through most of his life. You would hardly notice anything out of place except for the barely quivering breathes leaving the heaving chest. It felt sort of a waste to die when you knew no one would come for you.


One Year Ago…

"Sasuke, seriously, we've been walking for hours. Can we please just rest for like half a minute?"

I swear I thought my legs were going to fall off. If being given missions so far out of the village was an honor, I failed to see how. Especially when your companion hardly spoke a word except to insult you. This was hardly the kind of adventure I was looking for. All we had been doing was scouting this area for intruders, and as of yet, nothing. Just another paranoid mission that Konoha insisted upon but was completely not necessary.

I flopped on the ground, refusing to budge. Sasuke could go on without me for all I cared. And there he goes now…Hey!

"Ugh…wait up!"

I was never going to feel my legs again. Just because I chose to follow didn't mean I was going to come quietly.

"Gah, Sasuke, I know you're like sworn to silence or something lately, but can we please just take a break?? Make camp, get some food, head out in the morning?"

I scrunched my face up to look as pathetic and hungry as I possibly could, sticking my bottom lip out for good measure. I knew it was hopeless and he'd only stop when he was good and ready, but I had to try, didn't I?

He halted, sparing a glance over his shoulder to get a good look me. He sighed and turned, as if he had decided I was worthy of facing him. Just one of his many charms…Not. Why is he arching his eyebrow like that at me?

"Why are you rolling your eyes idiot?"

Oh, that was why.

"Blah, just nevermind, can we get some food or what?"

Setting up camp was quick. I mean all we had to do was roll out our beds and start a fire, which of course I left to Sasuke while I dug in my pack for what was left of our meager meals. And I mean meager. I glared sullenly at my half eaten bread, which was crusty, and dug deeper only to find some dried plums. Oh yum, a meal and the shits in one, how delightful. With a quick glance at Sasuke to make sure he was busy with the fire, I dug in his pack and found a bag of assorted things that looked something like trail mix and switched it with my plums. This was what being a ninja was all about, if you could trick your closest friends, enemies were easy.

"Naruto, if you do not put my food back in my pack I'm going to shave your head in your sleep."

He hadn't even turned from the fire! How did he know?? I fumbled and quickly put them back, turning on him with a glare on my face.

"Tch, how dare you accuse me of stealing your food! You're scrawny enough as it is…"

I shuffled up to the fire and bit tragically on my crusty bread, eyeing him evilly as he removed his delicious bag of…Something better than what I was eating. I sat down and heaved a sigh, hoping he'd notice my pain. But of course, being himself, he just ate the entire bag without sparing me a glance.

The sun was setting behind the trees, casting the forest in a fading glow. The sun was always one of my favorite things, and if I had to pick anything that I'd want to be, that would be it. Not like I'd ever share that with anyone. I looked at Sasuke as he crumpled up the bag and put it back in his pack, shaking the hair out of his eyes absently. If I was the sun, then Sasuke was the moon. He just suited it. Not like the sun and the moon really had anything to do with each other anyways.

"If you sit there daydreaming like that you're going to be useless on watch."

I rolled my eyes and resisted the urge to stick my tongue out. Always so formal, so businesslike. I knew there was more underneath all of that, but I didn't know if anyone would ever be able to find it. He hid too well I think.

I lay down that night as content as one could achieve on a stupid useless mission and sticks digging into your back as you tried to get settled. Sasuke has first watch, and I was glad for it, because I was just way tired out. We'd been going at a grueling pace all day and I was happy for the rest…

The next time I opened my eyes it was to a hoarse yell and the distinct sound of kunai thudding into the ground.


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