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For Merchelle

Chapter 3 - Sailing

I am sailing, I am sailing,
home again 'cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
to be near you, to be free.

Addison was nervous and she didn't know why. Actually she did know why, it was because she was at the airport, again, but this time she was waiting for Derek. Her ex-husband, she was waiting for her ex-husband to arrive. It had been amazing to talk to him on the phone; it had been amazing to have her best friend back. But right now she just wasn't too sure if this was the right thing for her. Was she just setting herself up for yet another heart break or was this just them being friends, without anything turning? Addison took a deep breath, why did seeing her ex-husband make her all happy and tingly? This wasn't how she was supposed to feel. But who ever made up any rules how to feel when your ex-husband comes to visit? Whoever said that you couldn't be friends after you divorced? Oh this was just too much to think of, especially now that he was going to be standing in front of her any second. Urgh this was frustrating!

Derek walked through the security check, already seeing Addison standing there, head bowed; teeth sank into her bottom lip. He smiled to himself and walked closer to her.

"Hey Addie." Derek grinned as her head snapped up and a soft smile appeared on her face.

"Hey, it's great to see you again." She took a step forward and he pulled her into a hug.

"You too, you look great." He smiled as they pulled apart, remaining to stand close to her.

"You haven't really changed." Addison smiled softly, looking him up and down, trying to find out if he was still the same old Derek Christopher Shepherd, the same man that had once belonged to her absolutely. And she had to find out he was.

"Neither have you. Even though…" He paused and snuck a glance at her. "You're really tan and your hair is longer. Well actually shorter considering how long it was when we met…" Addison chuckled and shook her head at him; he always knew how to make her smile. "Plus…" Derek continued "you bought new lingerie; the upper button of your blouse is undone." This earned him a smack on the chest. "Sorry, couldn't help but notice." He laughed, and she soon joined in.

"Okay, let's get going now, before you ask me what color my panties are."

"Well, they are probably black, since you always wear matching underwear." Derek grinned at how well he knew her.

Her eyes widened and her cheeks reddened "Shut up…"

"Sorry, again. Oh and those…" he pulled out a beautiful bouquet of flowers. "Are for you." An even bigger smile appeared on Addison's face, he had remembered her favorite flowers.

"You remembered." She said in a half whisper.

"How could I forget?" Derek smiled at her and he was right, how could he forget her favorite flowers? He had always brought her the exact same kind, which he had known she favored, each anniversary, birthday, Christmas, other occasions and whenever he had felt like it. It was their routine, and he missed it.

"Thanks." Addison gave him another hug, partially because she was grateful and happy to see him again and partially because… actually she didn't know why.

"Shall we?" Derek asked and she nodded her agreement both of them walking out into the warm Californian day.

"So" Derek started the next morning, looking across the table and over his newspaper "you don't miss the real winter?"

Addison smiled, of course he knew she missed the snow "Yeah I do. The rain, what so ever, not so much."
The rain, she was referring to Seattle and everything that had happened between them along with it and Derek knew she was. "That's true, rain isn't my favorite either."
Was that an apology? Was he apologizing or at least hinting it? But before Addison had a chance to say something, Derek continued "I'm sorry Addie, you know that, right?" She looked up and her eyes met his and it was clear to her, he was apologizing and Derek Shepherd hardly apologized. And if he did it, he hinted in half concealing so that she had to find the apology on her own, but she knew it was there.

"No. I didn't know that." Addison answered sincerely. She hadn't known that he was sorry for what had happened between them, he had never ever showed her he was truly sorry for hurting her.

"I'm sorry, about everything. I'm sorry about neglecting you, I'm sorry for leaving, for making you hopes and for shattering them." He sighed once he had finished, looking into her eyes that had now filled with tears.

"I'm sorry too, for everything I've done."

"I know." He did know she was sorry she had told him so often. She had told him the night it had happened, she had told him in all the voicemails, letters and text messages.
Addison nodded her head "Thank you. For apologizing I mean."

"You don't have to thank me for that, I know I've never really apologized but I want to change that, I don't want you having to search for my apologies like in a word search anymore. I want to move past this."

"So you can have a 'healthier' relationship with Meredith?" Addison asked bitterly, was this the reason for all this?

"No. Our relationship is strictly professional by now. It had become strictly professional just a bit after you had left actually."

Addison had to keep herself from smiling "Oh I'm sorry." Not really but whatever. "What happened?"

He just shrugged his shoulders, not really wanting to get into this "Just realized it wasn't meant to be." He took a bite of his blueberry pancake "This is good."

She grinned, knowing he just wanted to get off the awkward Meredith subject. "Thank you." And she was more than willing to stay off this subject as well.

Later that afternoon, Addison and Derek were walking along the beach. "Have you ever thought about moving back?" He looked over at her.

"To New York? Yeah, a lot actually. I could use some snow."

"No, to Seattle I mean."

Addison gave him a slightly confused look. "There's nothing for me to come back to."

"Well, you have me." He flashed her his McDreamy smile that she had fallen for so many years ago, before Seattle and the McDreamy nickname. "Plus Richard wants you back." And so do I. He added silently.

"I have a job here and if I'd move anywhere, Seattle would be my last choice."

"Yeah, I get that…" She could hear the disappointment in his voice. "But calling works for us, it's like a long distance friendship. Besides if I'd move to New York I would be even further away and not even be in the same time zone." Derek knew she was right but he missed her, he had missed her for so long. But there was nothing he could do about it, he was glad she was finally happy again, even if that meant not being with him.

"True and yeah calling works fine for us." He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.
Addison looked up at him, they were friends, and friends could do that, right? And so she didn't say anything, she just enjoyed having him this close. Hmm I've missed him. Addison thought to herself when she inhaled his familiar scent. She knew she couldn't get attached again, at least not in this way. They were friends, that was all there was to it; divorced people, who now went back to being best friends again. It was the healthiest way for each one of them. They continued to walk down the beach in comfortable silence, before Derek broke the silence "It's kinda nice not having to worry about how much it's going to snow. Or the ice storms when we couldn't even get to work."
Addison smiled, oh how well she remembered those days. The days New York had too much snow or ice for them to even leave the house, not to mention get to the hospital. They had spent the day together, staying in bed all day.

"Yeah, I remember, but there were a lot of good things to it, like the not getting to work part."

"Very true." He grinned and knew exactly what she was talking about.

Six Years ago:
"There's no way we can get to work today." Addison sighed and ran her fingers through her long red hair while she looked out of the window in their brownstone. It was snowing, it had been snowing all day yesterday and all night, she couldn't even see Central Park.

"That's not a bad thing…" Her husband Derek started, walking closer to her.

"But what if they need us?" She was chewing on her bottom lip, obviously lost in thought as his arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled her closer towards him.

"Think of all the things we could do…" He brushed her hair from her neck and lightly placed kisses on her fair skin.

"Hmm" Her skin tingled at the contact as her eyes drifted shut and she leaned back against him. "I agree with that."

Derek grinned, he knew all the thoughts of the hospital, work and patients were gone now…

"I miss that." She sighed. Addison missed New York, the snow, the hot juju, and most of all she missed Derek. She missed being married to him, being able to kiss him whenever she liked to and having someone to talk to about everything. Actually she could talk to him about everything, but it wasn't the same anymore and she wanted the good old days back where everything had seemed to be going so much smoother and easier with him by her side.

"Yeah me too." He pulled her a little closer and she could tell he was thinking the exact same as her. "What happened to the good old days?" Derek turned his head and looked at her.

"I don't know; reality happened I guess." Sadness was evident in the tone of her voice.

"I liked our reality better."

"Me too." Both of them fell into silence again.

Six Years ago:
"How about we go for a walk in Central Park?" Derek smiled at his beautiful wife, who had a sheet wrapped around her and was looking through their closet for something to wear.

"Sounds like a good plan to me. But I still feel guilty for not going to work today." She turned around and looked at him. Of course she knew the chief had told them they didn't live close enough and it would be too risky but she couldn't help how she felt.

"I know, but what would we do if we would have gotten into an accident? I mean we are the best and can't operate on ourselves." This made Addison laugh and shake her head at his big ego.

"Okay, okay, maybe you are right."

About twenty minutes later the couple walked through the snow in Central Park. It only looked this beautiful when it was snowing, they both agreed on that.
Derek pulled her closer and inhaled the scent of her hair, kissing the top of her head. "I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day." He whispered into her ear.

"You mean out in the snow?" Addison turned her head and looked at him, her smile mirroring the one she saw on his features.

"No, I mean with you." She smiled happily and kissed him softly, stopping in the middle of the Park. Derek pulled her closer as her arms wrapped around his neck and the kiss grew more and more affectionate. This was how it was supposed to be, this was exactly how he wanted to spend the rest of his life: With Addison, who he loved more than anything in the world. She was his everything and he couldn't imagine life without her.

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