Ariel was a very curious little mermaid. She was always wondering about one thing or another. Like why humans wore those thingamabob's on their feet. Or what a fire was. Or what those hairy four legged creatures were that followed humans around and jumped about everywhere. She always dreamed about life on land and questioned everything about that world beyond the sea. The mergirl was obsessed with humans and land life. Her father didn't understand her fascination but then again he didn't get anything about her. King Triton was convinced that the humans were their enemies and he wouldn't tolerate his youngest daughter fantasizing about going on land one day. But that was okay. Because Ariel knew that one day she would be able to see what life was really like up there. One day she would experience all the wonderful things there was to explore and best of all she would be able to actually speak to a human. She knew there was a very slim chance that she would be allowed to even so much as go near the surface if her dad had anything to say about it…but, oh! It would be so wonderful to at least get a small glimpse of that fanciful place. Some day soon she'd be lucky enough to go to the surface. Someday she would finally look at human. Someday…but not today. Because the sweetest fruit is always the hardest to reach. And that place forbidden by fish and merfolk alike to venture to was close to impossible to get to.

A/N: This is just something I wrote off the top of my head. The idea came from out of nowhere and I'm not even sure if I like the ending. I had to write something though because I was just so bored. So very bored. Anyway please read and review.