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Jell-O Shots

"I cannot believe you got my daughter drunk!"

Emmett didn't even blink at my sharp accusation.

"Oh, calm down Edward. Nessie's practically an adult now. She's a big girl. Besides, look at her. She's perfectly fine." He gestured to the couch where Renesmee had been watching us argue, to find her passed out and drooling on the cushion. He grinned sheepishly at me. "Oops."

"That's the understatement of the year," I snarled.

"Come on Ed, I was just playing around..." He got up from the chair I had been interrogating him in, and started picking up around the living room, carrying bottles of juice, shot glasses, and various alcoholic beverages into the kitchen.

"You're just lucky that I'm the one who came home early to check on you." I followed Emmett, grabbing a couple limes in one hand, while balancing boxes of Jell-O mix and a dish of salt in the other. "If I had let Rose come instead, you would be wishing I had stayed home with Ness." I dumped the salt into the sink. "Rose would have chewed you out, sucked you dry, then pieced you back together to clean up this fantastic mess."

"Its not that big of a deal, bro. She just wanted to try it out." He grinned at me. "Besides, you should have seen her. She acts like a human Bella incarnate when she's tipsy."

I saw several flashes of Nessie in Emmett's mind, watching as she tripped over things, catching herself at the very last second. She had the "graceful" clumsiness of her mother: unable to keep from being clumsy, but falling with grace - a stumbling contradiction. She was human enough to trip, but vampire enough to stay upright.

She reminded me so much of her mother, I couldn't hold back a chuckle.

Bella came up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist, surprising me. "What's so funny?"

Emmett winked at her.

"We were just discussing how Nessie is thoroughly her mother's daughter."

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