Shi no Tenshi


During and after the Battle on the bridge in Nami no Kuni, Naruto learns more than just how to cope with death. With Kubikiri Houcho and a dead man's blessing watch as he rises to the top as a shield to his allies and a sword to his enemies.

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"Normal Speech"


Jutsus being used


Naruto stood away from the rest of his team. He tried to stop the tears from falling but he couldn't, it just hurt too much. Two of the people that he considered friends were now dead. After Haku was killed by Kakashi's Chidori that was meant for Zabuza, Zabuza had seemed uncaring and called Haku a good tool. It had made Naruto's blood boil with rage and anger and he expressed his feelings to the 'Demon of the Bloody Mist'.

It wasn't long after that the Demon of the mist cried and let go of his pent up emotions at the death of his apprentice and friend. After this, Gatou showed up with his thugs. Even at the thought of him, Naruto was angry. He had kicked Haku's corpse and spat on him then proceeded to inform Zabuza that he never had any intention of paying him. If looks could kill, Gatou would have died on the spot.

Zabuza then killed a few members of the mod around Gatou then killed him. At the end of it all, Zabuza was too weak to continue and collapsed on the ground. The thugs would have attacked team 7 in their weakened state but the villagers came and they were frightened away.

All of them were celebrating the liberation of their land; all except Naruto. He stood rooted to the ground away from his team until he noticed some movement where Zabuza lay. He moved over to him to see if he was alive. He was, but only barely. With tremendous effort, he opened his eyes and spoke to Naruto

"Hey gaki, looks like I'm not gonna make it,"

Naruto just stooped down next to the man to listen to what he had to say.

"Gaki, we may have been enemies from the start, but there's something that you need to know. Even if we never met before, you showed me what it was to care for someone again, even if it was too late."

Naruto gazed at Zabuza and saw nothing but sincerity coming from him.

"I'm glad I could help Zabuza, in any way I could" he whispered out.

Zabuza allowed a small smile to grace his lips, now visible as the bandage was no longer there.

"I want you to wield my sword kid; Kibikiri Houcho."

"I can't Zabuza, it doesn't seem right to wield your sword." Said Naruto

"Don't worry kid, it's all good. I couldn't think of a better master for my sword. Out of your team, you've got the most potential and your heart is as pure as Haku's," replied Zabuza

At the mention of Haku's Name, they both bowed their heads.

"Time is running out for me kid," said Zabuza as he gasped for air. His breaths were slowly becoming deeper and more labored.

"I want you to go to my hideout, there you will find some things that should make you life as a Shinobi easier. Take whatever you need and torch the place. You can get there by….."

He slowly and painfully gave Naruto the directions to his hideout while holding on as best he could. When he was done Naruto spoke up.

"I- I don't know what to say. Thanks don't seem to be the proper thing here"

"Don't worry kid just do me four favors. First get rid of that orange jumpsuit. It screams kill me and was one of the reasons we found your team. Get rid of that mask of yours as well" He chuckled while saying that. "Also, I want you to be the best that you can kid, give them hell when you go back to Konoha; show them what the future Hokage can do."

Naruto smiled a true smile when he heard this and let yet another tear escape his eye. This was yet another person who actually believed in him and had seen through his carefully constructed mask. He would have asked how he did it, but Zabuza was already close to dead so he let it go.

"And finally, could you take me to him, I want to see him one last time before I depart from this plane as it will be my last" said Zabuza.

"Sure thing Zabuza, my pleasure" replied Naruto.

Naruto then carried Zabuza over to his fallen comrade and friend. When he laid him down facing Haku Zabuza spoke for what would be his last time while coughing up blood.

"I guess this is it Haku, my time has finally come. At least, I was able to do some good before I went away. Be well my friend." He finished with closed eyes.

With that final statement, Momochi Zabuza, member of the seven swordsmen of the mist gave up the ghost and died.

Naruto simply stared on for a long while.

Finally, he walked up to his sensei that was some ways away with the rest of his team and the villagers.

"Kakashi-sensei, can I have some time to go bury the guys after the villagers leave?" he asked.

"Yes, you may," he replied, although he was curious why his student wanted to bury the dead nins.

With permission granted, Naruto waited patiently for all of the rejoicing to end. When it finally did, he slipped away quietly to do his self appointed task.

Naruto stood near the clearing in the woods with his head bowed. He had buried Zabuza and Haku three days ago and had come to their graves each day thereafter at noon. The only other member of his team who ever followed was Kakashi who did so two days ago but had departed as quickly as he came.

The time that they had spent after the battle on the bridge was simply a waste for Naruto. Every morning when they woke up, Kakashi would tell him and Sakura to continue their tree climbing while he whisked Sasuke away to teach him separately. He had voiced his disapproval once but was strictly silenced by his sensei under the threat of reporting him for insubordination. He had been stunned by his sensei's attitude but was even more stunned when Sakura, after their sensei and other teammate left, told him that he should just shut up and take the scraps that he got. After all, he was an orphan and a nobody where as Sasuke was an Uchiha and deserved special treatment. She had even gone on to say that the team would probably be better of if he rolled over and died like a good little dog. He was the weakest link on the team and kept them from advancing.

After that discussion, he had simply walked away and spent the rest of the day on his own

He was currently thinking of some way to get away from his team to Zabuza's Hideout and was coming up with no results. Suddenly, it hit him like a ton of bricks.

'Kage Bunshin of course'

He almost slapped his self for not thinking of it earlier. Satisfied with his plan, he headed back to the house to prepare for his day tomorrow.

He awoke at 5 the following morning. He had packed his bag overnight and was now ready to go. He thought of leaving without saying anything but decided against it. He walked over to his sensei's room and knocked before entering. When he entered, his sensei was sitting with his Icha Icha paradise book in hand.

"What do you want Naruto? Can't you see I'm busy?" said Kakashi.

"Yeah, I just wanted to let you know that I will not be training in the usual clearing today. I will be a bit further in the forest and probably won't be back till tomorrow afternoon about 3." Said Naruto.

"Whatever," said Kakashi while shrugging his shoulders and moving his hands in a dismissive way.

Naruto was kind of disgusted with his sensei with the way he dealt with him. He didn't even think twice about letting him go. Trying his best not to look a gift horse in the mouth, he headed out of the house to do his 'training'.

When he was about a mile away from the house, he made a clone of his self pumped with half of his current chakra reserves and headed out to find the hideout.

It didn't take him as long as he thought it would to find the hideout. He had estimated it would take about four hours but it only took two. Cautiously entering the area, he looked around for any hidden traps that Zabuza may have forgotten to mention but didn't come across any. He made his way into the hut and found the area he was in to be empty. Thinking back to what Zabuza said, he remembered where he had to go. Walking towards a wall that was bare except for a single deer head, he removed it and found a lever under it. Pulling it down, he heard a grating noise and the wall parted to reveal a hidden area.

Taking some time to get adjusted to the dark, he searched for a torch and found one near the top right area of the wall. After lighting it, he took some time to look at the area. A few hours later, he had collected almost everything from the room. There were many books on different subjects. There was also a wide variety of scrolls detailing things such as politics, human anatomy and chakra control. He packed all of these and continued searching until he came to one of the areas that he looked forward to the most; the one with Jutsu. He was practically drooling at the sight of so many scrolls and struggled to keep his self under control. His response was natural, considering the only useful technique that he had been stolen from a scroll, a forbidden one at that.

He pulled his self together and looked at the different scrolls. One was marked Ninjutsu, another Genjutsu, the third Taijutsu and the last Kenjutsu which seemed to be the biggest of the four. Away from these was another with a barely recognizable label marked Fuuinjutsu. He looked at it skeptically and wondered if it would do his any good. He was about to leave it but decided to have a look at it before.

Opening it, he noticed that the title was 'Basics of seals: Uses and Theory for beginners'. At the name he almost let it go but continued reading nonetheless.

Five hours had gone and he was still seated in the same position. The scroll on sealing had interested him greatly simply because of the first line on the scroll which read

'Sealing has a wide variety of uses, from use with basic storage scrolls, or with sealing demons.'

From then, he had been hooked and didn't let the scroll go. He had read a lot but understood only the mere basics. One of which was how to seal items into storage scrolls. The way to do it seemed like something from some recipe

'Place item over scroll and just slam hand onto scroll and add chakra while saying Fuuin. To unseal items do the same but say Kaiin.'

He was tempted to laugh at its simplicity but didn't, it would seem like he found a solution to carrying all of the stuff that he had collected.

Following the instructions on the scroll which had provided him with a sample storage scroll, he tried to seal the items that he had collected into it. Gathering them together, he placed them on the scroll and did as instructed. He was pretty surprised that it worked. Admittedly he had expected it to fail considering his past experience with jutsu of any kind. Taking this a positive sing, he resolved to learn more about sealing when he had more time. For now, he needed to get out but not before making one final sweep where he found a large stash of cash that Zabuza had told him about, some kunai, sendon, explosive notes, flash notes and other useful weapons and equipment. Adding these to the scroll, he made his way out of the hut.

Before leaving, he carefully placed a lot of explosive notes in and around the hut and moved a fair distance away before letting them explode in a bright display of fire. He decided that it was probably time for him to head back to the house considering it was late in the evening now.

He arrived at the clearing that he left his clone three hours later. He had taken his time to get there as he was in no hurry and would probably not be missed by any of his teammates. Thinking of this still left him feeling bitter but he decided to let it be.

When he dispelled his clone, he suddenly felt kind of funny, almost like he remembered all of what the clone had done. Passing it off as his imagination, he settled in one of the trees and prepared to go to sleep.

He awoke the next morning to find a squirrel three feet away from him about to prance on him but it ran away when he turned towards it. Yawning loudly, he got up and searched around to find if everything was in place. They were, so he stretched and was about to go train but was stopped by a loud grumbling sound coming from his stomach.

Rubbing the back of his head he remembered that he had been so absorbed in his searching and reading that he had forgotten to prepare any lunch for his self. Laughing at his own misfortune, he went to a nearby river to catch some fist that he would fry for breakfast.

After eating his fill, he sat gazing at the water and something suddenly came to him. During the first battle between his sensei and Zabuza, they had been walking on water. How did they do it? It had to have something to do with chakra. He decided to try it out on his own. Even if it didn't do anything much, it seemed like a good skill to have so he began.

An hour later, he was no closer than when he began. It seemed that when he did in the tree walking exercise, it didn't work. The longest he had stayed on the water was two seconds before he fell again. Thinking back to what Sakura had told him, he though 'if I have to find the right amount to walk on a solid surface, I may have to do something different here'

With that in mind, he continued trying. Two hours later, at about 11, he finally made a breakthrough and was able to stand in the water with his waist and below submerged while the rest of his body stayed afloat. Grinning to his self, he slowly added more chakra until the soles of his feet were on the top on the water. He stayed like this until he couldn't contain his excitement and jumped in the air while shouting


Unfortunately for him, he hadn't fully understood the exercise and as soon as he landed on the water a loud splash was heard while he muttered curses under his breath.

Deciding that it was probably time to head back to Tazuna's house, he gathered all of his belongings and went on his way.

When he arrived, he saw Tazuna walking back towards his home with Sakura in tow. Kakashi and Sasuke were nowhere to be found, as expected.

That night, Kakashi called all of the team members together to inform them that they would be leaving for Konoha in the morning the following day since the bridge was completed. Nodding their understanding, he left them for the night to go read Icha Icha, not even once did he glance in Naruto's direction or ask what he was up to in the time he was gone. Both his teammates did like their sensei and left without a word.

Tazuna's family on the other hand was an entirely different story. Tsunami, Tazuna's daughter had forced him to teat something good as well as inform him that Inari, her son had been worried sick as well as her father.

He was glad that they at least cared whether or not he was still alive unlike his team.

The day to leave came and the team assembled on the end of the bridge facing Hi no Kuni. The entire village had turned out to see them off as they were forever grateful for what they had done. After some tearful goodbyes from Inari and Naruto, the Team from Konoha left.

Some random villager spoke up "so what are we going to name the bridge?"

Murmurs of agreement were heard in the crowd.

"We should call it 'The Super awesome bridge that Tazuna built'" said Tazuna.

"Baka Tou-san" he scolded him. "Lets call it 'The Great Naruto Bridge' in honor of a boy- no young man, who, in the midst of adversity, gave our country hope and brought us out of our depression."

Silence was the response, before deafening shouts and whoops of approval were head. It seemed that they all agreed that the heart of one young man, who refused to give up, had changed an entire country for the better. Little did they know that this was just the beginning of his journey.

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Jutsu Translations

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu – Shadow Clone Technique

Chidori – Thousand Birds

Fuuin – Seal

Kaiin – Unseal

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