A/N: Hello! I know, it's been a very long time…years actually. I am so sorry! I feel like I abandoned you all and that was not my intentions at all. I just lost a bit of my spark as far as writing goes and I've been very disappointed with Grey's Anatomy as of late. Especially this upcoming season...it has been reported that Ellen and Patrick are seriously considering not signing a new contract with Grey's and so it is possible that they may be written off. How they continue on with GREY'S Anatomy is beyond me. That said I am not as enthused about Grey's this year as in previous years.

Anyway back to fanfiction.

I am back in the game! I have updates for If Tomorrow Never Comes, Deliver Me to Safety and Lacking Simplicity. As far as regular updates go, I will only update one chapter per week for each story and they may not be as long as I like but still a good amount for weekly reads :).

I may be favoring one story over the other and so instead of one chapter per week for each story it may, one week be two or three chapters for just one. We'll see as time goes.

As for How To Play Tic Tac Toe, I am still interested in putting that together…slightly. I have this idea prodding at the back of my mind that may take precedence over that one. If anyone would like to tackle the idea before I can get to it, read the intro/summary for it and shoot me a PM with:

A sample of your previous/current fanfiction or writing

Your ideas for where you want to take the story

As of late, I still love the idea myself but between my first three GA fics and one I am working on now, I don't see myself getting to it.

New Story: This is a fic that I have been working on for a while now that I do NOT plan on posting until my at least two or three chapters have been updated to my other GA fics. Please, no kidnapping my idea just because it's not officially posted!

Title: The Ungodly Hour

Rated: T/M for the prologue for various reason which if 16 and over and/or mature enough, then you do not necessarily have be eighteen and older. Rated M mostly just as a precaution and as preparation.

A/U: Same characters, same hospital and mostly same location. Everything you know about Grey's from season one to now, throw out the window. While the majority of the character's personalities will be the same, Derek's and Meredith's will NOT be. How, when and where they met has changed. The one night stand after Joe's does not happen, Meredith never leaves the mixer.

Short Summary: One hour. One memory. Two people. Nothing will ever be the same.

Full Summary: All they needed was a jar of pickles. What they got was heartache and devastation. They left with a memory they would spend years trying to forget. In one hour, they lost more than any one person should in a lifetime. Years later, a hospital mixer brings it all back like a virus in their stomachs. What happens then, is anyone's guess.

I have two chapters completed, the only thing subject to change is the wording of the full summary as I am typing from a vague memory right now and trying not to give too much away.

Yes, I know, another dark one…I just can't help myself! But, it is my second Derek/Meredith shipper!

Can't wait, hope you are all excited and that I haven't lost you!

xoxo Nikki Nikki xoxo

P.S. I'm baaaaaackkkkk!