A bullet for my valentine, nay, to the fires with her,

For she is a witch that has cast a spell o'er me,

A sin for which I do not wish absolution.

My Lucy is ruined,

My love says she did not lie,

Merely omitted,

She said it was for my sake that she perjured herself so,

So I must love her as I loved my Lucy.

They are both to ruin now,

There's nothing left to be done,

She's screaming

As the white hot flames of my love lick her alive,

And I confess,

I never was more infatuated.


Author's Note: My first attempt at writing anything for the Sweeney Todd fandom. The movie is currently my second favourite film, behind "Cruel Intentions." This was just a quick poem I wrote down. Hope you enjoyed it, and please review!