hello everyone, this is my second fic, and i thought i would try out a naruto/negima crossover.

a word of warning, there are a lot of characters in the negima series, hell, there are 31 individual characters for the main class, and that isn't counting all the characters that aren't in the class and trying to describe their description is slightly difficult considering there are about three different color schemes for most of the characters depending on where you look. so i recommend reading it. it will make it a lot easier to imagine what they look like if you read the manga.

Now that i think of it, what the hell was i thinking when i chose to write this?

"normal talking"

"normal thinking"

disclaimer: i don't own naruto or mahou sensei negima. they belong to Kishimoto and Akamatsu

enjoy chapter 1!!

Chapter 1: foxes, mages, and running water.

Minato sighed as he rubbed his forehead trying to fight off the slight headache that was beginning to appear. Looking at his desk he saw a mission request folder that had been causing said headache to begin happening.

The mission itself was simple enough; a request for a body guard to protect a specific individual, and others depending on the situation, from any and all possible threats while keeping the target uninformed of the guard's presence. The timeline that the mission would last was unknown, but was estimated to last at least a year or so while the target finished attending school.

A light knock on the door was the only warning Minato got as the doors were suddenly blown inward slamming into the walls causing them to rebound and slam into the man who had opened the door.


Minato began laughing as Naruto held onto his face as he checked for any injuries. Sure that he had no injuries, Naruto entered the room and sat in a chair propping his feet on the desk. Minato frowned at the teen. "What have I told you about putting your feet on my desk Naruto?"

Naruto moved his gaze from the ceiling down to the man in front of him the smile on his face not changing in the slightest. "I believe you have told me that my feet belong on the floor not the desk."

Minato frowned as he looked at naruto's feet. "Then what are your feet doing on my desk?"

Naruto's smile widened ever slow slightly "But Minato-kun, my feet aren't on your desk, they're on the folder on top of your desk." He chuckled slightly at his little joke.

Minato sighed and rubbed his head a little harder his time. He shouldn't have been surprised; dealing with Naruto always gave him headaches, regardless on what he did. He looked at Naruto, his resolve strengthening in having him sent on the mission. He smiled at the prospect of being free from Naruto for a few years. He would be able to worry about regular kage's problems, not Naruto related problems that only he managed to create.

He shuddered as the thoughts of giant guinea pigs rampaging through the city passed through his mind.

He stopped and looked at the teen wondering how he was going to tell Naruto about the mission. Naruto himself looked to be in his late teens, about 18 or 19 years old. He wore a tight fitting black long sleeved shirt that covered his arms all the way down to his hands. For pants he was wearing a pair of black cargo pants with dark red lines running up and down them in jagged patterns. On his feet he wore black combat boots. All of that was hardly noticed however, beyond the neon orange cloak that covered most of his body.

His face was uncovered, but around his neck was a face mask that he could pull up at anytime to hide the lower half of his face which possessed three lines on each cheek giving the appearance of whiskers. Blonde spiky hair with streaks of red giving it the appearance of fire whenblown in the wind went down to his shoulders and ended just above his eyes.

His eyes however were almost at all times hidden by a pair of dark sunglasses. The only time they were ever not hidden was when Naruto was alone, or if he and the fourth were talking in his office. The reason they were hidden was quite obvious, instead of normal eyes, Naruto's eyes were an intense fiery red and with a slit going down the middle like a cat's, that seemed to pierce you if eye contact was made.

Minato still couldn't help but slightly shudder at the sight of those eyes, even after all these years, he still couldn't stop himself from being affected in some shape and form.

Taking a breath he looked at Naruto "I have a mission for you, read the folder and I will answer any questions you have."

Naruto took the folder and began reading the request. After a few minutes he closed the folder and placed it back on the desk. He looked up at the hokage for a second before asking. "When do I leave?"

"At the end of the week."

Nodding his head Naruto looked at the ceiling as Minato began filling him on the parts not listed in the folder "The area you will be stationed is a academy called Mahora acting as a teachers aide for an English class. As you read the target you will be protecting is named Konoka. Apparently her grandfather, the headmaster has heard that there are groups that may make a move to kidnap her while she is attending classes."

"Why would someone want to kidnap her, she rich or something?"

A slight tick formed on minato's forehead as he glared at Naruto. "I was getting to that before I was so rudely interrupted by a certain individual." At this naruto scratched the back of his head before smirking at him. "as I was saying. The reason is apparently, this Konoka, is a potentially powerful mage. However, the family seems to want her to remain unaware of her powers and try to live a 'normal' life. While you are there you are to act as a regular civilian. You are not, I repeat, NOT to show your abilities to anyone. And to make sure that you are going to do so, if I find out that you did show your abilities, then I am banning you from having ramen for a year."

Where Naruto had begun to ignore Minato's explanation, near the end he had gone completely rigid and paled to a shade of white that Orochimaru would be proud of. "What?! That's cruel and inhumane! There is no way you can do something like that to me over such a minor thing!" not seeing Minato budging in his decision Naruto slumped into his chair. "Can I go now?"

Nodding his head Minato watched Naruto get up and leave the office in a daze only to frown slightly just realizing he could have used that threat numerous times in the past and saved himself the trouble of all the arguments Naruto had thought up. Oh well. At least he would finally be free from the demon for a good few years. Yes. Minato thought. The next few years are going to be great.

Looking around Naruto couldn't help but be impressed by the number of humans that were running by. He knew that there were a large number of the things in the world but the sheer number he was seeing now in such a small area simply astounded even Konoha's main market was this active. After a few minutes of watching them all pass by Naruto looked at the set of directions he had in his hand. Looking up he began heading in the direction that all of the civilians had moved to.

After a few minutes Naruto found himself standing in front of a group of large buildings. Not being able to tell the difference between any of them for the one he was supposed to go to caused him to look around for anyone that could point him in the right direction.

Smelling cigarette smoke he followed the smell to see a man leaning against the wall of the building he had been standing in front of. The man looked to be in his late forties, with short spiky grey hair. He had a small bit of stubble on his chin and he had on a pair of glasses. He was wearing a gray suit jacket and pants, and a white dress shirt. Noticing the man looking at him he went over to ask for directions.

"Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to know where Mahora Junior High Academy is, do you?" The man nodded before putting out his cigarette and pushing himself off the wall to face Naruto. He smiled before pointing behind him at the wall he had been leaning on. "Yup, this is the place. What do you need?"

"I need to see the headmaster for a job request."

The man nodded before heading inside "Sure thing. Follow me. By the way, my name is Takahata Takamichi. What's yours?"

Naruto began following him "Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you."

The walk to the headmaster's office was a quiet affair with Takamichi leading the way and Naruto looking around. The hallways were completely empty save for the two of them. Looking into various rooms Naruto saw many filled with girls studying or listening to a teacher.

Reaching a large door they were told that they had to wait for a little bit before they could enter. Takamichi had left saying he had a class to teach. Not seeing anything to do Naruto sat down in one of the chairs and simply waited for his turn.

After waiting for a few minutes the doors opened and out walked what Naruto assumed to be two students from the clothes they wore closely followed by a well endowed blonde woman wearing glasses, who he thought probably worked somewhere in the building, closely followed by what looked to be a small kid dressed in a suit. as the kid was passing by Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at the site of the kid causing him to look at Naruto in confusion.

Seeing that he was being watched Naruto threw the kid a smirk, though the child couldn't tell, what with him having his face mask up and his sunglasses hiding his eyes, the overall image of his mirth was relatively well hidden from anyone who hadn't known him for years. Realizing the kid was confused he decided to be obvious in what was causing him to chuckle. Getting up he passed by the ten year old, ruffling his hair while saying "Nice suit kid. You could almost pass for an adult if not for being so short." Continuing towards the room they had just left, he began closing the doors. Just as they closed he heard the kid shout out something only to be cut off by the doors coming together.

Chuckling again he turned around and began walking towards the desk at the other end of the large room before standing at attention. Sitting behind the desk was an old man that Naruto thought could possibly give the retired Sandaime a run for his money in terms of being wrinkly. The old man had a top not and long goatee. His eyes were squinted and he was pulling on his goatee. "Ahhh. You must be Naruto-kun correct?" Naruto nodded his head. "Welcome to Mahora Acadamy I am Konoe Konoemon, the headmaster here, but you can call me Konoe-sensei, much easier to say, I think."

Naruto nodded his head.

"Yondaime-kun sent me a message stating your arrival. There is no need for you to stand at attention like that. Relax, have a seat." Naruto nodded his head and sat down. "Just to let you know a few things. I am the only person here who knows both who you are, and why you are here. You are to keep your abilities as well hidden as possible here. Under no circumstance are you to harm a student unless they are doing something that warrants."

Here he paused as Naruto nodded his head. "Yeah I know. Minato-chan gave me the rundown on what is okay to do and what isn't okay."

"Hmmm. Indeed. Very well then, the mission I requested from your village is to protect my granddaughter while she is here. She has the potential to become one of the strongest mages in the world. However, her parents wanted her to lead a civilian life, away from magic. This of course has worked for the most part; she has no idea about her powers or the fact that her own family can use magic." The only indication of Naruto being surprised was the rising of his eyebrows slightly. "How could she not know about her own family? Wouldn't she have noticed something?"

Konoe brought his hand up and pointed at the ceiling. "Hohoho, yes she probably should have, but that just shows how good her parents are for hiding such a thing." After that however he gave of what sounded like a tired sigh.

"But this means she has no way to defend herself should anyone try anything. More than likely she won't even know what is happening in the first place because of her lack of knowledge regarding the truth. That is why I requested your village's help. I have heard rumors of a group that may at some point make a move to capture her. They would use her powers as leverage to help them with their plans whatever they are. There is already someone else who is acting as her self appointed body guard from the shadows, but i would rather have piece of mind then second thoughts."

Here he stood up and gave a folder for Naruto to read while he looked out the window. "You will be acting as the P.E. instructor as well as private tutor for her class, 2-A. Did you see the small group that left here right before you came in?" Hearing Naruto confirm him he continued "The girl that had dark hair was my granddaughter and the red head with pigtails was her best friend." Looking at the clock he turned to Naruto "You should probably get settled in, after all, you begin teaching tomorrow." Nodding his head Naruto rose before taking the keys to a room that the headmaster was holding. "This is the key to your room, unfortunately we don't have any extra rooms available, so you will be living with a few of the students. You needn't worry; they have been informed of your arrival."

Nodding his head Naruto turned around and left the room.

Murakami Natsumi, student number 28, sighed as she walked alongside her roommates Naba Chizuru, student number 21, and Yukihiro Ayaka, student number 29 and class representative of class 2-A, to their shared dorm room. Today had been really hectic, more so than normal. Sure she thought the classes new sensei was cute, but she was beginning to get tired of Ayaka constantly talking about the child teacher.

Chizuru covered her mouth as she laughed likely and looked slyly at Ayaka "Fufufu, Ayaka-chan, who knew you were in love with a 10-year old?" at that Ayaka spluttered. "W-what!? I am not in love with Negi-sensei." At this point flowers magically appeared around her and sparkling lights seemed to glitter around her body "I simply admire him. how at ten-years old, he is already a teacher. He is a perfect role model for the class to inspire them to better themselves. Furthermore---"

"We're here!" Natsumi proclaimed glad to be cutting Ayaka off from her tirade about negi-sensei. She liked the class rep, but a person could only take so much of her at one time.

Opening the door and stepping in, the three immediately noticed that the lights were on, and could hear sounds coming from the kitchen area. All of them became serious. Natsume was moved to the back with Ayaka in the front grabbing a bat and slowly moving foreword with Chizuru closely following behind her.

As they came to the end of the short hallway that led into the main section of the room, they could hear the sound of someone humming a light tune. Looking over her shoulder Ayaka looked at her roommates before giving them a nod. Receiving nods in return, she strengthened her grip on the bat. Readying her self, Ayaka launched herself around the corner and charged the intruder.




----5 minutes later----

Naruto accepted the cup of tea being offered by Chizuru before watching her sit down across from him. sipping his tea he discretely observed the other occupants, also sitting at the same table observing him.

First was the girl identified as Ayaka. She had long blonde hair that went down to just below her waste and possessed green eyes. her height looked to be around five foot eight inches tall.

The next was the girl who had given him his cup of tea. Chizuru was the same height as Ayaka and had long red hair of the same length. Her bangs were parted slightly and the right side bangs went down her front ending in a twist. Her eyes were a light shade of brown and her face had a calm slightly aloof look.

Lastly he looked at Natsumi. Only coming up to the shoulders of the other two she was the shortest of the three. Short bright red hair and freckles on her cheeks. Her eye color looked to be the same color as her hair.

He looked down at his cup, a small frown on his face as he saw them all staring intently at him, frustration evident on their faces. He wore his face mask and sunglasses not allowing them to see his face. He was trying to think of a possible way to distract them so he could take a drink and not let them see his face so he could see their reactions.

He was broken from his thoughts as he heard a polite cough come from Chizuru.

"So you are moving in with us mr…?" he looked up scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "Ah, sorry about that, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. And yes I am moving in. Its nice to meet you."

Ayaka slammed her hands on the table "I won't accept this! What makes you think you can just move in here just like that!? Sure the headmaster told us someone was moving in, but we assumed it was a girl, not some weird man a few years older than us! And why are you wearing that stupid mask and sunglasses?!"

Everyone blinked at her.

Naruto tilted his head to the side "I think I'm moving in because the headmaster said there was no free space available and gave me a key to this room and told me I was moving in; and what mask are you talking about?"

Ayaka gaped at him before pointing at the mask he was wearing. "That one you dolt!"

Naruto just blinked at her getting a chuckle out of Natsumi.

Chizuru smiled softly "So tell me Naruto-san, what are you doing here at the academy?"

"I start as a P.E. instructor and assistant teacher tomorrow for one of the classes here."

Standing up Chizuru gestured for Naruto to follow "Well then, I guess I will show you your sleeping place." She led him into one of the rooms and pointed to one of the beds "this will be your bed."

A loud scream ripped through the room as Natsumi pointed a finger at Chizuru shaking like crazy. "C-C-CH-CHiz-Chizuru, t-t-th-that's MY bed!!!"

"Hohoho, no need to be shy Natsumi-chan, I'm sure Naruto-sensei will be more than happy to share with you."

Naruto nodded his head "No need to worry Natsumi-chan, I'll keep you warm at night. But if that isn't enough, I'm sure that Chizuru-chan will join us, if you ask nicely, right?"

The two of them began laughing much to the horror of Natsumi and Ayaka. Oh god, theres another one! Were the thoughts running through their minds.

The next day the class of 2-A went to the field for P.E. walking towards the field they saw a lone figure standing in the middle of the field with what looked to be a kettle over a small fire. Walking towards the figure the saw a teen a few years older than themselves. Dressed in a gray sweat suit and white tennis shoes they were unable to really see anything about his physique. The lower half of his face was covered with a face mask and his eyes were covered by sunglasses. Blonde spiky hair that went to his shoulders.

Upon seeing him three of the students recognized him while two others thought he looked familiar. Before any of them could say anything he spoke up to get their attention.

"You are the students of class 2-A correct?" seeing them nod Naruto continued on while giving them the nice guy pose but without the sunset background.

"Hahaha, it is a pleasure to meet you! My name is Uzumaki Naruto, I will be acting as your new P.E. instructor. My likes are as numerous as there are trees in a forest. My hobbies include many fun activities. Now that I have thought about, its actually surprising how many things there are that I hate. And my dreams for the future are so amazing, that should I even so much as hint at their brilliance, the universe will implode upon itself!!"

After finishing he began laughing loudly, much to the growing apprehension of most of the class. Quickly regaining his composure Naruto pointed at them.

"Now I want all of you to get in a strait line and begin jogging around the track field. You will be doing indian runs."

Seeing their confusion he explained the exercise. "Basically you will all be jogging at the same pace in a single file line, however, the last person in the line will have to sprint to the front, then slowdown and match the pace of the line. This will repeat until the exercise is over. Understand?" seeing them nod he had them begin only to notice a two of the students sitting off to the side.

Evangeline studied the new instructor for her class thinking him an idiot. Evangeline looked to be a ten-year old girl with blonde hair that nearly reached the ground when standing. Her skin was incredibly pale making her have the appearance of a porcelain doll.

She smirked as she watched her classmates begin running. There was no way this new guy could possibly get her to run. And if he did, she could simply use her manipulation abilities to get him to leave her alone. She frowned slightly, there was something off about the man but she couldn't figure out what though.

She was broken from her thoughts as Naruto walked up to her.

"What are your names, and why aren't you running?"

Evangeline looked up at Naruto, frowning slightly at not being able to see anything distinguishable about his face. "My name is McDowell Evangeline, and this" pointing towards the girl standing next to her "is Chachamaru. And we aren't running because we have a letter allowing us to not participate from the headmaster."

Naruto hmmed and nodded his head before turning around and walking back towards the kettle.

Evangeline smirked, before suddenly feeling scalding hot water splash onto her head. "Kkkyyyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" jumping up and pointing her finger at Naruto who was standing holding the kettle in his hands looking at her. "What do you think your doing!?" Naruto simply shrugged.

"Getting you to start running. Now go or you get more water on that tiny head of yours chibi-chan."

Evangeline stood her ground "Ha, like that would work, I am not running. I have a condition that----." She was cut off as more water fell on her head causing her to shout in pain again.

"Start running, I have plenty of water left you know and there is yet to be a condition that couldn't be helped through excersize."

She glared at him for a second considering her options, on the one hand she could resist and get water thrown at her, or she could run for a little bit and not get water thrown on her.

Naruto smiled as she ran to the back of the line and began following the others in their run.

He looked at Chachamaru, she was a little shorter than himself coming up to his jaw with pale green hair that went to the middle of her back. He noticed she had weird ornaments covering her ears but thought nothing of it, girls were certainly odd when it came to fashion.

"Well, get going. Don't think you are the only one who isn't going to run."

He watched as all of the girls were about to finish the first lap of the field. He smiled as he saw some of them begin to slow down slightly. As the girls passed him by, they all felt a chill go down their backs but couldn't figure out why.

Naruto began following the line keeping up with the back but making sure not to go any further still clutching the kettle in his hands. Now all he had to do was play the waiting game.

A few minutes later the first person unable to gather the energy to run to the front appeared. She had large bottle cap glasses and had her hair done up in a ponytail.

Naruto slowly increased his pace and slowly raised the kettle. Speaking loudly enough for everyone to hear, he poured some water onto her head. "Just so you know, if you spend more than a few seconds in the back, you get a headfull of scalding hot water as motivation to start running to the front."

As the next girl became last a panicked expression crossed her face, before she suddenly sprinted to the front, just barely managing to avoid the water naruto had dumped where she had just been.

This continued for a few more minutes, with several screeches as more fell victim to the water Naruto poured. It had gotten to the point where they were all flat out running so that there would be no chance of them falling further back in line and closer to their instructor.

"Hahaha, good job girls." A cheerful voice called out from behind them "I just thought of a wonderful game we could play. By the feel of it, I have about a quarter left of water in this kettle. Lets see how many of you I can get with so little left. The game is this: How long can you run without getting wet?!"

And so the race to get away from Naruto had truly begun.


"Mwuhahahaha!!! Got you Natsumi-chan!"

Negi Springfield walked into his classroom ready to teach before letting out a gasp in shock.

All of the girls looked dead, he could have sworn he even saw steam coming off of a few of them even.

"What happened girls, are you all right!?" the 10-year old teacher exclaimed. What could possibly happen to his students that could warrant such a condition from all of them? He saw Asuna, red hair down up into two pigtails that reached her waist and the only student in the class who knew he was a mage even if by accident, stand. "We got a new teacher for P.E. and he is the reason for us being like this. The bastard" before slumping down back into her seat.

Negi was about to ask who the instructor was before a knocking on the door reached his ears. Looking towards the door a look of realization came upon him. "oh yeah, I forgot about that." Slowly walking towards the door he smiled at the class "I forgot to mention that an assistant was assigned to this class to help as a tutor and to help me out in various tasks around the academy."

As he opened the door he took a step back as a large figure stepped into the room. He wore a dark suit whose jacket was left open giving the wearer a slightly laid back look. As he walked into the room most of the girls looked like they had seen a ghost as he approached the teacher.

Naruto smiled at the ten year old before holding his hand up in a wave "Yo chibi-san, we meet again. The name is Uzumaki Naruto, and I'm gonna be your assistant for the class."

The classroom was enveloped in chaos.

A/N: alright, figure i would clear up a few things for this story that i won't really cover.

first off, the kyuubi didn't attack Konoha, because of that the yondaime is still alive. no, naruto is not his kid.

as for naruto, no he is not a jinchuuriki, and no he isn't human either. in this fic naruto is the kyuubi, got it. he isn't a reincarnation or anything, he isthe fox, he simply changed his appearance to that of a human. i read a couple of fics where the kyuubi is the gaurdian of fire country or something. that is one of the reasons why he goes around as naruto. the other is he wanted to know what it would be like to be human. konoha does know what he is, but since he has protected them and what not, they don't hate him.

as for naruto's hiding his appearance, the way naruto changes his shape is if he has enough mass he can compress himself into the shape, while the rest of his body does into a pocket dimension so to speak. basically this means that if naruto's human form is completely vaporized from the planet, on his real body, you basically managed to chop off a tiny section of one of his ears. (i got this idea from another fic called Big red)

naruto has a bunch of 'tattoos' covering his body. they don't have any pattern. if want to get a better image, imagine the golems made of stone you get in cartoons or anime, then imagine the cracks that appear when the get overcharged and explode. the glowing cracks would basically be what you see if you look at naruto's body, but without the glowing, just black lines.

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