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Chapter 4: A Vampire, an Ermine and Fried Chicken.

"My name is Negi Sprinfield, I'm going to be the official teacher for class 3-A until March of next year. I look foreword to teaching you all."

"Yay! Negi-sensei!"

Such was the beginning of the day for the class of 3-A, formerly 2-A. Negi smiled at his students glad to be the one to continue teaching them. Looking around the room, Negi smiled to the class as they all talked with each other and told each other of what happened during their week long break. Opening up his attendance book and noted that everyone was present, a majority of them glaring to a spot off to his right. He himself cast an irritated glance at the occupant of the spot who was the focus of the glares in the room.

Naruto had shown up to class that morning as usual.

He had obliged to the contract made by the class and had foregone his mask. All of their victorious faces had disappeared at the sight of his appearance though. While he had not worn his mask, they still couldn't see his face.

Instead, they had a full view of the cover of a large book that was currently in front of the blond teacher's face. They had asked what he was doing with the book. He lowered the book enough to let them see his glasses but nothing else, and had replied that he was reading it. Looking around it had proven useless to the class, as the book hid everything except his hair from view. They all were impressed as he navigated himself to his seat without tripping or bumping into anything.

Negi sighed. What Naruto's face looked like, would have to remain a mystery for the time being. He must really have not wanted to lose the mysteriousness around his appearance to use a book as a shield to hide from view.

Negi returned his attention back to the students.

"I know there are still a few of you that I haven't had the chance to get to know yet. But I hope to change all that and get to know you all."

He smile faltered as he felt an intense gaze coming from somewhere in the room. Quickly looking around he tried to determine the cause of the feeling. His gaze traveled to the back of the room and landed on the form of a bored looking blond girl. She was gazing at him in a dismissive way and turned to look away as she spotted him looking in her direction.

Negi looked up his class sheet to figure out who she was. Locating her picture, he read the information. Number 26, Evangeline McDowell, tea ceremony and go club. He spotted a small note next to her picture. Talk to her if there is any trouble – Takamichi.

He was broken from his musings as a knock on the door drew everyone's attention to it. As the door opened everyone saw Shizuna walk into the room a smile on her face as she looked at Negi. "Negi-sensei! Today is the school physical check up. Please tell your students to prepare."

Negi nodded his head and turned to the class. "Alright everyone, you heard. It's the physical check up so please remove your clothes." He paused as he heard what he just said. Looking at the girls he sweat dropped as a few of them were looking at him with an unknown emotion in their eyes, and stupid grins plastered on their faces.

They chased him out of the room while shouting out "Negi-sensei is a pervert!" with him covering his eyes and denying it as the door closed behind him.

The girls laughed as they watched Negi run out. "It's so fun to tease him."

As they removed their uniforms leaving them in only their undergarments, they had begun talking about whatever. Haruna looked around before asking "Where's Mackie-chan, is she absent today." Nodoka quietly answered next to her "Looks like it."

Ku Fei looked over before voicing her thoughts. "She knew it was examinations today, right? Maybe she slept in." Kaede smiled and nodded her head in agreement from behind.

Narutaki Fuuka, stundent number 22, shorter than Evangeline, her orange hair was in twin ponytails that went from the side of her head to her shoulders, proudly held herself up, the light bouncing off her naked flat chest, blinding anyone caught in its rays. "It's because Mackie's flat, right?"

Her twin sister, Fumika, student number 23, the only difference in appearance being her hair done up into two Chinese buns, sighed dejectedly next to her sister. "We're not much better sister."

A shout from behind caused them all to look and see Ayaka yelling at Sakurako to reread the weights and be serious.

Negi looked at the door thinking that they must be having fun.

He paused. A sinking feeling overcoming his body. Left, right, down the hall. Negi looked around. The feeling increasing as he realized something was wrong but couldn't recognize what was causing him to feel this way.

The girls began playing for a few minutes before Kakizaki decided to have some fun with them.

"Hey. What do you all think about the rumors spreading around the dorms lately?"

Asuna looked at her questionably "What rumors?"

Next to her Misora Kasugi, student number 9, very short spiky light brown, almost gray hair, spoke up "Ah… you must be talking about the vampire on Sakura lane right?"

The girls turned their attention to Kakizaki as they heard something about vampires. Fuuka jumped up with her arms waving excitably "Oooh, what's the rumor!? What's the rumor!?" Konoka jumping out from behind, an equally excited expression plastered on her face "Yeah, please tell us!"

Kakizaki backed away from them, slightly disturbed by their actions.

"This rumor is sort of old, but it goes that on the night of the full moon amongst the trees on Sakura lane, wrapped up in a dark cloak, a blood sucking vampire appears." She watched in satisfaction as the twins were scared out of their wits and Nodoka to a lesser extent. Though she wasn't surprised when Sakurako laughed and Konoka didn't seem to react in any way.

Sakurako entered a thinking position. "Maybe the monster got Mackie-chan, and that's why she isn't here."

Konoka nodded her head in agreement "Yeah, Mackie always did look tasty."

Kakizaki couldn't help but stare disbelievingly at them as she heard what they said "No, it's not a monster. It's a vampire."

Asuna shook her head at them, not surprised that they believed that it was true. "Come on guys, get real. Vampires? They don't exist, so just drop it, okay?"

She face vaulted as she looked to the front of the class. On the black board, Konoka had drawn a two legged reptile… alien… godzilla… thing with a long tongue as the 'vampire' from the rumor. Pointing at the picture she screamed out "Oh come on! As if something like that could exist in Japan!"

She paused.

Wait, mages exist. So then, wouldn't it be possible for vampires to exist as well.

A voice from behind her caught Asuna's attention. "That's right Kagurazaki-san."

Looking behind her she saw Evangeline smiling lightly at her. "Vampires especially like energetic young girls like yourself, if anyone should be careful, it should be you." the girls were of course surprised, since Evangeline hardly ever spoke whatsoever.

The surprise was short lived however when a large hand landed on her shoulder and a cheerful voice rang out through the class, freezing everyone in what they were doing. "HAHAHAHA! Silly Eva-chan. Vampires don't exist! Hahahahaha!" the girls slowly moved their view from the hand on Eva's shoulder, up it's arm to see Naruto standing next to her. One hand on her shoulder, the other still hiding his face with his book.

What truly caught their attention, though, was the fact that Naruto was clad in nothing but his boxers. This caused a good number of the girls in the class to blush fiercely at the sight of his body. All of them saw the lines covering his body, thinking they certainly made him look attractive. Kaede herself was staring intently at his body, unknowingly licking her lips, looking up at his head she could only wonder what his face looked like even more. Sakurazaki Setsuna, student number 16, dark hair done up in a ponytail on the side of her head, stared at Naruto, a small scowl and light blush on her face. She had not sensed his presence until he had announced himself just now. She made a note to herself to keep an eye on the man.

Asuna snapped out of her stupor first. Shaking in rage, she balled her hands into fists before shouting at him. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING DRESSED LIKE THAT!?!?!"

Negi hearing the shout, paled as he realized what the sinking feeling was. Naruto hadn't gone outside with him. He was about to go inside when Naruto's response caused him to fall on his face. "I'm dressed like this because of physical examinations, isn't that why everyone is changing?"

A second later Negi heard muffled cries coming inside before a beaten and bloodied Naruto come flying through the wall to land next to him.

Looking at the body, he saw multiple bruises and cuts littering his body. Surprisingly his hand still held his book in front of his face shielding it from view.

He sweat dropped as he heard a mumbled "It was worth it." come from his blond associate.

He looked up as the sound of running started getting closer. Ako ran around the corner waving to Negi looking distressed. "Negi-sensei. Naruto-sensei! Something happened to Mackie-chan!"

"What?! Something happened to Mackie?!"

"What happened?!"

Negi turned around, only to get an eyeful of his students as they burst from the classroom, still in a state of undress. Turning around he looked for Naruto, not seeing him anywhere. Looking where his body had fallen, Negi saw a message written in Naruto's blood.

Quit staring at naked girls, chibi! One of our students is in trouble! See ya there!

Underneath the message was a bloodied drawing of a chibi Naruto giving him a thumbs up. Negi sweat dropped at the sight. He even drew the book.

Negi shook his head before heading towards the infirmary, he had more important things to worry about.

Mackie lay on an infirmary bed asleep as Negi and the girls arrived. Naruto was sitting in a chair next to the bed, his book still in place, though it was lowered allowing him to look over the top of it. Shizuna was looking over her as he watched.

Negi looked at Mackie. "What happened to Mackie-san?"

Shizuna looked over to him. "It seems that she collapsed on Sakura lane last night."

Sakura lane…he didn't pay attention to what the girls were discussing as he tried to think of what could have happened.

Walking closer to the bed he felt something. No, something is here. Its faint, but I can still feel it. It's definitely magic energy. He leaned in close just to be sure. After confirming the feeling, Negi stood up, a hand on his chin as the implications started to come up in his mind.

Does this mean that someone else here can use magic? But if so, then who? It's different than what was in Library island. He looked over to Asuna as she called out to him. "What's wrong, you got all quiet all of a sudden."

Negi smiled at her while apologizing "Don't worry Asuna-san, Mackie-san probably worked herself a little too hard, she'll be fine in a little bit, I'm sure of it. Oh yeah, I'm going to be a little late getting to the dorms tonight, so I will be missing dinner, okay."

Asuna looked at him skeptically before agreeing.

As they left, they failed to notice Naruto's head following their movements.

Naruto walked slowly among the trees that night thinking about the supposed vampire. Negi had looked concerned about something regarding Mackie. Negi probably suspected something, but wasn't sure what. Naruto knew there was some truth to the vampire. When he had looked at Mackie, he had seen two small marks on her neck.

He knew of vampires, though he had never encountered one himself personally. He remembered Shukaku and Isonade once telling him and the other bijuu about how they had met a vampire and fought it. From what they told him, he didn't think he would have much trouble should he end up fighting one.

He frowned. Negi had sensed something, while he hadn't. Though that really wasn't surprising, Naruto didn't know what magic felt like, nor had he tried to gain the skill to find out.

He adjusted the scarf that hid the lower half of his face. He had foregone the book after class had ended and gone to a clothing store and bought it. He felt he pulled the look off fantastically, unlike Konohamaru who simply looked stupid as far as Naruto was concerned. The blushing clerk with hearts in her eyes, had wholeheartedly agreed with him.

He smiled. Sure the girls had tricked him into getting rid of his face mask, but it never said that he couldn't use anything else as a replacement.

A sudden cry and sound of fighting ahead caused him to look up before running to see what was going on. Looking to his left he saw Asuna and Konoka heading in the same direction, obviously having heard the cry themselves. Continuing to run he made his way over to them.

"Asuna, Konoka, stay here, it could be dangerous."

He watched as Asuna looked at him before huffing and speeding up. Konoka looked worriedly at him before following Asuna. "Sorry sensei, but that was Nodoka, we have to make sure she is alright."

Naruto scowled at them before unleashing a tiny amount of killing intent at them causing them to stop in their tracks. "You will stay here and wait until I say it is safe to come over. Is that understood?"

The two merely nodded, completely unnerved by the coldness in his voice. Asuna was trying to figure out what had caused the feeling of terror to overcome her body for the briefest of moments causing her to stop, Konoka knowing that she was going to be in a lot of trouble when this was over.

They watched as Naruto ran ahead of them to see what had happened.

Negi flew on his staff towards Nodoka, the girl who had screamed a second ago. Spotting her as well as someone wearing a tattered black, cloak he sped up. Gathering magical energy in is hand, Negi unleashes his attack against the unknown figure while crying out. "What do you think you're doing to my student?! Leave her alone!"

Jumping off his staff, he landed on the ground and brought his hand foreword. "Arrows of Wind!" a group of beams of wind erupted from his hand heading towards the 'vampire'. As they came close, Negi thought he saw the figure mumble out something, though he couldn't hear what was said because of the distance.

As he landed near Nodoka, he noted that the culprit was female from their long hair and figure. He watched as she held up her arm and his attack was nullified before reaching her. There's no mistaking it now. The culprit is a mage.

As the smoke cleared he finally saw the now identified mage. The gust of wind caused by the colliding attacks blew her large black hat off her head revealing her face to him. He sat there in shock holding Nodoka as he looked upon the face of his student, Evangeline.

"W-what's going on? Y-y-ou're one of my students… Evangeline-san!"

Evangeline licked some blood from a cut on her finger before smirking at Negi. "You did say you wanted to get to know your students better sensei… or should I say Negi Springfield?"

She licked the blood on her finger again and sighed. "To have such power at the age of ten… you truly are his son."

Negi's eyes widened. "What are you saying? You're a mage like me aren't you? Why are you doing all this?"

She smirked as she withdrew two flasks and holding them up. "There are two kinds of mages in the world, good and bad." She hurled the flasks towards Negi. "Guess which I am."

As the two collided, shards of ice began to approach Negi. Holding up his arm towards the oncoming attack he called out "Disarm Exclamatio!" the ice that had been creeping up on them had begun to shatter and disappear.

This had the unexpected effect of destroying Nodoka's clothing, leaving her naked in his arms. Looking up at Evangeline Negi looked on in shock. I knew it! That attack, was definitely a magical spell! I can't believe that Evangeline is a mage.

He looked at Nodoka to check on her and finally noticed her state of dress. He started panicking and looking around for something to put on her before a voice from behind caught his attention.


Looking back, Negi saw Naruto rapidly approaching them. As he reached them Negi looked back towards where Evangeline was, only to see that she was retreating from them. "What's going on? What happened to Nodoka?"

Negi looked up before pushing Nodoka into Naruto's arms. "She was attacked by the supposed vampire. You get Nodoka to safety, I'll follow the culprit and try to catch them!" before Naruto could respond, Negi was already off trying to catch Eva. Naruto isn't a mage! I can't let him find out about magic!

Naruto watched him run off, his speed obviously being enhanced by magic. He snorted before turning around and running back towards Asuna and Konoka. As the two came into view he called out to them. Reaching their location they were shocked to see Nodoka's state of dress.

As Asuna was about to try and hit him Naruto glared at her once again using a tiny amount of killing intent to stop her. "She was attacked by this 'vampire', Negi is chasing after them. I want you two to take Nodoka, and get her some clothes and put her somewhere she can rest."

He handed her off to Konoka. "What are you going to do sensei? Is Negi-sensei going to be alright on his own?"

Naruto patted her on the head since his scarf hid his smile from view. "Don't you worry Konoka-chan. I'm going to go after them and help catch the culprit." He turned and began running in the direction Negi went. Sniffing the air he caught Negi's sent, as well as Evangeline's. Following the scent Naruto came upon a bridge where both scents went over the edge. Looking out across the area, a movement from above caught his attention. Looking up he saw Negi on his staff chasing after Evangeline, who was simply flying ahead of him. Jumping up, he began to follow them by jumping across the rooftops.

"I summon the wind spirit: multiple brothers in arms!"

A dozen copies of Negi made of wind appeared around him, each bearing his likeness, but wielding a different weapon each.

Looking back at him, Evangeline couldn't help but be shocked at the sight thinking he had created actual copies of himself, before correcting herself and seeing that they were simply elemental copies.

Negi pointed at her. "Catch her!" the elemental copies saluted him before bursting foreword to capture the vampire.

Evangeline smirked and threw more vials behind her. They shattered and dispelled half of the copies, those that weren't hit, resumed chasing after her. Negi seeing the way she completed the task quickly increased his speed to get alongside her. As she was distracted by the clones he prepared a spell.

Seeing her spot him he cast his spell. "Kazehana disarm: flance exclamio!"

Evangeline, unable to dodge because of the copies, was hit by the spell full force, destroying her cloak. Clad only in her undergarments, she was no longer able to keep herself in the air and slowly drifted downwards.

Naruto saw them going down and land on a rooftop. Jumping up, Naruto landed on the building next to them. Casting an illusion, he made himself blend in with the area, concealing his presence. Watching Negi slowly walk towards her, he focused on what was being said.

"—nd master, hehehe."

Naruto frowned. Whatever she had just said obviously meant something to Negi judging by the way his face was overcome with shock. Negi recovered himself. "Explain yourself, without your mantle or magic, you've lost."

Naruto tensed as he saw a person appear on the terrace directly above them. Looking down he saw Evangeline smirking. "You think you've won?"

The figure jumped down, landing directly behind her. "Lets see you deal with this."

As Negi prepared to cast a spell, the figure rushed foreword. As he was about to cast the spell, Negi was flicked in the head causing him to lose focus and not cast the spell.

Naruto wasn't particularly surprised to see that the newcomer was Chachamaru. He had seen her following Eva around everywhere since he had started teaching them. He readied himself to step in the instant Negi was distracted or unconscious. He had been told to not reveal himself, and while Kaede had figured it out, she had guessed, he didn't tell her, so he was safe in that regard.

But here, he would be revealing himself to Negi, and he would have to explain himself. Sure, he could wipe Negi's mind, but most would consider it odd that he would suddenly become a mindless drone without being able to process the simplest thought.

No, he would wait.

He watched as Negi continued trying to cast a spell, only for Chachamaru to do something to his face to cause him to stop the spell.

Naruto made a mental note about that for should he fight any mages in the future.

Evangeline began speaking so he turned his attention to her. "The reason the minister magi exist is because while as we magi cast our spells, we are completely vulnerable. To protect us and buy us the time we need is the duty of our ministers. And since you do not have a minister, that means you can't hope to defeat the two of us. Now then, Chachamaru…"

Chachamaru looked towards Eva and bowed her head. "Yes, master." She turned and grasping Negi by the neck lifted him off the ground. "I am sorry sensei I cannot go against master's orders."

Naruto tensed getting ready, youki gathering along his arm, creating an illusion in the process so that no one present would be able to see or detect himself or his attack.

Evangeline ignored the small tingling in the back of her head telling her danger was near before she smirked and once again began talking. "At last, after all this time I'll finally have what I have yearned for. Since your arrival, I have been selecting random students to suck their blood in order to increase my strength to be a match for yours."

Naruto prepared his attack. The youki now burning a bright malevolent red, making it visible for a good distance if his illusion weren't in place.

"I will admit, that the closer to my goal I got, the more reckless I became, but in the end, all that matters is undoing my curse."

Negi tried to look at her in confusion. "W-wha, I don't understand."

Evangeline clenched her hands. "Every wizard has tasted defeat. Even I have had to suffer through it myself." Reaching up, she grabbed Negi by his shirt and started violently shaking him back and forth. "And it's all because your stupid father, the thousand master, put this stupid curse on me. For the last fifteen freaking years, I have been utterly powerless and forced to study amongst these stupid idiots!"

Naruto's attack fizzled out as he heard the proclamation. Rubbing the bridge of his nose he sighed. He should have known. There wasn't any real danger to the students, simply a vendetta against the springfield family.

Naruto was pretty sure that since Eva had gone berserk, Negi probably would do something both embarrassing and erotic to save himself; though he gathered his youki again, just in case things didn't work out for the kid.

Calming down, she coughed into her hand. She turned and smiled at Negi before slowly walking over to him. "But I found a way to remove the stupid curse. It'll be gone when I drink the blood of a relative of the caster." Slowly approaching his neck she whispered in his ear. "And guess who the lucky relative is."

Negi struggled against Chachamaru's grip. "Somebody help me!"

As Eva was about to bite into his neck a loud voice cried out drawing the attention of everyone present. "Hey, you freaks!"

Eva turned to look at the noise only for a foot to collide with the side of her face knocking her away as well as hitting Chachmaru and freeing Negi. "What do you think you're doing to that annoying brat?"

Naruto let the energy he had been gathering fall away as he saw Asuna standing protectively in front of Negi. Though he was intrigued on how Asuna was going to go about things. She probably knew Negi was a mage. Knowing Negi, he probably had spilled the beans the first day somehow.

Eva stood up, rubbing her cheek, confused on how Asuna managed to get by her magical shield and actually hit her. "che, Asuna, always sticking your nose into others business."

Asuna looked surprised as she saw that the person Negi and Naruto had been chasing was Eva and Chachamaru, her fellow classmates. "What's going on, you guys are in my class, what are you doing here?!"

She pointed at them "What do you think your doing fighting a little kid and scaring everyone with that whole stupid vampire thing! I wont let you guys go until you explain yourselves."

Eva and Chachamaru stood against the edge of the roof before jumping off. But not before Eva told Asuna. "I would watch my back from now on if I were you Asuna." With that the two of them vanished.

Naruto stood as he figured nothing else would be going on tonight. He looked up at the retreating forms of Evangeline and her servant Chachamaru.

He had a few questions for the headmaster tomorrow.

"I have a couple questions that need answering old man."

Konoemon looked up from his desk to see Naruto sitting in the chair opposite him. He frowned at the supposed teen in front of him. He hadn't sensed Naruto enter nor did he sense his presence until he spoke. Placing his chin on his hands, he leaned back into his chair. "Hohohoho, and what questions do you have, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto crossed his arms in front of him. "Why is there a vampire in Konoka's class? In order to keep her safe I would assume you would want to keep her away from such a creature."

Konoemon nodded his head, having expected such a thing to arise at some point. "True, that would usually be the case. But Eva-chan isn't as bad as she lets on." He could only assume Naruto was giving him an incredulous stare based on his head tilting to the side.

"Hohohoho, yes I know what you're thinking. True she is a vampire, but there is a powerful curse on her that leaves her to be as dangerous as a kitten. True, she has sucked the blood of students, but as a vampire, that is in her nature. However, the reason she is here in that class, is that this way she will be forced to interact with them. Maybe make friends and become happy."

His expression turned serious "Besides, if she becomes a true threat to the students, I will have no reservations in making sure she won't hurt anyone. Must I remind you that you are to protect Konoka. Until Evangeline actually threatens her, you are to not do anything, understood."

Naruto nodded his head, in some ways, the headmaster reminded him of the hokages in Konoha, kind hearted for the most part, but willing to do what is necessary when the time comes. He stood to leave before pausing. "What about Negi?"

A nod of the head before the headmaster started pulling on his goatee. "Ah yes, well, this could be seen as a type of test. Negi is still a young child, but he does need to realize there are dangerous people in the world. the Library island incident could have been considered a test to prove his meddle as a teacher. Eva-chan and what is currently going on could be used to test Negi and see how he performs in a magical fight in the real world against a foe that truly wishes him harm. Of course if he gets Eva-chan to open up, she might be willing to teach him things he couldn't learn from books."

Naruto didn't bother answering. Instead he stood and turning on his heals and began walking towards the door. After five feet, Naruto's body seemingly exploded into a shower of red sparks that shortly fizzled out after touching the ground. Konoemon quickly went over and inspected the area only to see that there were no burn marks on the floor where the sparks had landed, nor was there any residual energy signifying a technique, magical or otherwise, had been used.

He returned to his chair, a contemplating look on his face.

Naruto watched from his corner as Negi simply stared out at the class in a daze, not focusing on anything in particular. It was easy for Naruto to see that Negi was thinking about what had happened the previous night.

Naruto himself was thinking on the words the headmaster had said to him. It was true that if Evangeline did make friends with them, she may shy away from attacking/harming any of them. though a test of Negi's combat skills was a nice way of subtly telling him to not interfere and let things play out on their own.

He snorted at that. Knowing his luck regarding trouble, something was going to get him involved.

He also thought about her possibly teaching Negi. That was impossible based on how she reacted towards him in regards to the boys father.

He smiled, seemed like the sins of the father were passed on to his child.

He looked over as Ako spoke up over the book in her hands. "Ano, Negi-sensei, I've finished reading."

Negi was broken from his daze and thanked her. His face took on a slightly melancholic look, before he turned back towards Ako smiling lightly. "Ako-san, may I ask a personal question? Let's say that there is a boy a few years younger than you, would you consider being his partner?"

Naruto choked on a bit of spit he was about to swallow.

The girls gasped as they were still caught up in the whole 'he was supposedly in Japan to find someone to marry' episode.

Ako, blushing madly, waved her arms back and forth in front of her. "S-s-sensei! Wh-what do are you?! I-I mean, I'm flattered, but I-I-I'm not interested at the moment! I-I mean, there is s-s-someone else I l-l-l-l-like!"

Negi nodded his head slightly before turning to the blushing girl beside Ako.

"What about you Miyazaki-san?"

Nodoka's face turned completely purple. Struggling to speak she tried to give her answer. "I-it's ok—"

"Sensei! Over here!" was the shout from Ayaka, drowning out Nodoka's response. As Negi turned towards her, Yue and Haruka consoled their friend in the bad timing of the others.

Ayaka's hand was straight in the air. Stars were floating around her, she was blushing and had an odd glint in her eyes. "It's super okay with me!"

Naruto, having recovered from choking on his spit, walked behind Negi and slapped him hard on the back. "Alright Negi! Didn't know you had it in you."

Negi realized what was going on, quickly waved his hands back and forth while shaking his head and went towards the doorway. "I guess this was all a misunderstanding. I shouldn't have talked about it at school. Forget I said anything, okay? Class dismissed."

He tried to exit only to smack against the wall, looking back at the class he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly before sighing in defeat and leaving the room. The girls were concerned and began muttering amongst themselves to figure out what was wrong. Ayaka noticed Asuna trying to follow after Negi.

"Asuna, do you know what happened?"

Asuna paused in her pursuit of the ten year old and turned back to face Ayaka. She shook her head slightly and with worry evident in her voice said. "Not… not really. All I do know is that Negi needs a partner or something bad is going to happen." With that, she left the room in a hurry, leaving a class full of eccentric girls to let their thoughts run wild on what was really happening.

Naruto slowly got up, the smile on his face hidden from view, and moved towards the doorway. He yawned loudly and stretched his arms above his head and spoke to himself loud enough for the class to hear. "Man, I could use a bath right now. Nothing like a good soak to alleviate ones problems."

He left the classroom in a happy mood as he heard the girls suddenly hush in thought over what they heard him say before turning to each other and discussing amongst themselves quickly.

Eva sighed as she lay upon the roof of the academy pondering about her current situation.

Being so weak was annoying beyond belief. She missed being able to do anything she wanted with a snap of her fingers; almost anything anyway.

She wasn't that powerful.

But now, thanks to that bloody curse the brat's father had used, she couldn't even perform the weakest/most basic of spells without being drained. Forcing her to rely on cheap tricks and items to get while not exactly the same thing, but the effect anyway.

And soon…

Soon, she would be free from this stupid happy go lucky prison!

Eva had almost gaped in surprise when Springfield had walked into the class, looking like a well dressed miniature clone of his father. She hadn't believed that he was really there. The headmaster had all but broken Nagi's curse on her by sending the brat to her class.

That had stopped her from jumping him then and there. It was too easy. The old man knew the curse; knew how to break it. She had been there when Nagi had told the headmaster himself about the spell. So why did he do it? There had to be something she was missing. So she had decided to wait it out and try and see if she could figure things out.

She had had Chachamaru study the effects of the curse and try to find out if there was something she was not aware of regarding the removal of the curse, or if there was a way to strengthen it. She wouldn't put it past the old man to trick her into thinking she was going to be free only to find out she had only strengthened the spell and become even weaker herself.

And here she was. Chachamaru had gone over the spell and found that there was no known way of strengthening the spell; and that the blood of a family member was needed to break it.

In lemans' terms; she had wasted her time and should have just jumped him for his blood at the beginning.

She growled at the thought that she had missed her chance at freedom.

Though she would soon get another chance if everything went the way she planned.


Eva shot up and wildly looked around at the sound of Naruto's voice. Seeing herself alone on the roof, she tentatively walked over to the railing to look down at the courtyard.

There standing oblivious to all the passing students stood Naruto who was facing away from her.

He was another problem. Since his first class, Naruto had been a large jagged thorn being twisted about in her side. Everything about him just rubbed her the wrong way and pissed her off.

And she had no idea why regardless of his actions. Hell, whenever she was around him, his actions constantly reminded her of…

Eva's eyes widened as she stared at Naruto in a new light. It couldn't have been a coincidence could it. He showed up just after the brat. No one knew what he looked like, first because of the mask, then the book, and now the scarf. In classes he put garlic in anything that had water to be used against the students. He had said that 'what better motivation for girls was there, than to smell bad and have boys not want to come near them.'

She didn't buy it since she was usually the most drenched of the entire class. And what a coincidence that there was a vampire in the class, her, and he happened to use said garlic, on her, the most.

Eva shook her head. She was simply letting her thoughts run wild. There was no way it was possible. Regardless of what she thought, she would enjoy getting rid of the annoyance when she was through with Negi.


Eva looked down towards Naruto to see him on his knees clutching his head in his hands. Using her magic, what little she currently had, to enhance her hearing.

She tried to listen for what was happening below her. As a few of the students near her teacher approached him, she and a few of the closer students heard what Naruto was mumbling.

"Moe… senses… tingling!"

He suddenly stood and turned around to point straight at Eva. "OVER THERE!"

Everyone present face planted.

As Eva recovered she heard Naruto shout out "Stay right there Eva-chan!" and watched him walk into the building. Turning around quickly, Eva made towards the roof's entrance not intending to stay and find out what the idiot wanted.

Going past the door, Eva felt a slight tingle pass over her. Looking to the side she mumbled out to herself. "Something passed through the academy barrier. Guess that is a good enough excuse to avoid finding out what he wants."

He was close. It had taken a while but he had finally made it to the location that his aniki had been assigned.

All he had to do was find Negi, convince him to make him his familiar, and he would be safe.

Entering an open area he caught a whiff of Negi's scent that was recent. Following it he wasn't paying too much attention to what was in front of him.

Turning a corner he ran head first into a person's foot knocking him back.

As he recovered he felt a hand grab and lift him up.

Looking at the person holding him, Chamo found himself looking at a scarf with a pair of dark sunglasses looking back at him.

"What are you doing here animal-san?"

Deciding to play it safe, Chamo went with the innocent ermine routine number 34; Mewing pathetically and giving the human holding him giant watering eyes, he hoped to be let down safely.

Naruto himself stared at the creature in front of him. He couldn't remember the last time he had found himself a weasel. He found it fortuitous that after losing track of Eva, Naruto was not in the happiest of moods, added to the fact that he was now hungry. Finding something to eat was very heartwarming. And since he couldn't remember what weasels tasted like. Lunch was going to be a lovely affair. Maybe he would invite Negi to join him.

Gods knew when the kid last let loose. And what better way to let loose than eating weasel?

"Sorry buddy."

Chamo, who had started thinking that the human was about to let him go, started to panic as the grip that was being placed upon him, seemed to be increasing. A large rumbling sound from below caused the panicking ermine to look down at the human's stomach before looking back at Naruto's face. Horrific realization dawning on him, he began struggling with all his might.

"Its been a while since I ate and you do look delicious. So no hard feelings, kay?"

Chamo had to act fast or end up this sicko's lunch. Feeling light headed, Chamo twisted and managed to bite Naruto's wrist. "Ow!" as Naruto let go of Chamo and reached for his wrist. Chamo took advantage of his newly acquired freedom and made a break for it as fast as he could.

Naruto looked around. Not spotting anyone he growled to himself. Here he was acting out in pain, going so far as to let go of his meal for authenticity, and no one was there to see his amazing acting skills.

Naruto kicked an imaginary pebble in front of him and sulked away quietly mumbling to himself.

"Wasn't hungry anyway."

Fox-kun was going stir crazy.

That, and Konoka hadn't petted him on the head or hugged him since she had left for the bathroom and wouldn't be back until she finished.

He looked up when he heard the click of the rooms lock before it opened. Quickly going back to his spot on the bed, fox-kun watched as Negi and Asuna came into the room led by what looked like a weird rat thing. Maybe it was a really small dog?

"—and that's how I met aniki, and he's helped me out a number of times since then as well."


Fox-kun, if he weren't acting like a stuffed animal and could blink, would have stared. The white thing had spoken. Maybe it was Negi's pet since he was a mage. Fox-kun started feeling giddy at the prospect of having a 'playmate' in the room besides Konoka's numerous stuffed animals.

"—partner, you'll never be a great mage!"

Negi sobbed at Chamo's words. "I know, and I've been meaning to find one. Really!"

Pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, Chamo took a puff from the smoking stick before adopting a smug look. "Well I guess it's your lucky day since I am here. And I'm sure that your partner is someone in your class!"

Negi looked excited while Asuna gave him a deadpanned look before taking the cigarette and putting it out. "How do you know?"

"Just call it a feeling."

Negi took out the class roster and laid it on the table. Chamo started looking at all the pictures with a lecherous grin on his face. A tingle in the back of his head caused Chamo to look behind him only to see a couple of beds and stuffed animals on the lower one. He shook his head before getting back to convincing Negi to let him stay there.

They were interrupted with the arrival of Konoka stepping out of the bathroom clad only in a towel wrapped around herself. "What's going on?"

Negi and Asuna panicked while denying that anything was going on. Seeing Chamo, Konoka immediately squealed before picking him up and hugging him to her chest. He would have enjoyed it had the feeling of impending doom not settled upon him. He oddly noted that the feeling seemed to want to drag his eyes towards the stuffed animals on the lower bed.

But that was just silly. A stuffed animal, alive, and wanting to hurt him.

That night Chamo suddenly found himself awake. Looking around he changed his position on top of the pile of pilfered panties to get more comfortable.

He felt the feeling of doom return suddenly and froze trying to consider what the cause could be.

Slowly sliding the door to his cabinet open, Chamo peered out into the room. As the door passed his field of vision, he found himself facing what appeared to be a gaping maw full of sharp teeth.

Panicking, he closed the door loudly, but not loud enough to wake the other occupants in the room.

Gasping desperately for air and only hearing the pounding of his heart, Chamo curled into a corner and waited for his doom to come to him.

After what felt like a hour, Chamo gathered his resolve and opened the door slowly allowing himself a sliver with which to look through.

The room was covered in shadows, the only light cast by the moon by through the window. Looking around Chamo found that there was a decidedly large lack of teeth present.

He slowly stepped out of the cabinet and looked around. Nothing looked to be out of place, and the feeling he had felt before was now gone. An impression of movement in the corner of his eye caused the ermine to turn around quickly only to see nothing there except for a stuffed fox sitting in the middle of the moonlight being cast in the room.

He was about to dismiss the sight when he looked at the toy more closely. He was sure that it hadn't been there when he had first looked in the room.

Chamo shook his head, he was letting his paranoia at being on the run get to him. There was nothing here that was dangerous.

"Heh. Can't believe I got spooked because of a toy." He swiped his tail against the fox's face knocking it over before turning around to go back to sleep.

Closing the door, Chamo immediately opened it afterwards and stared at the middle of the room in horror.

The fox had somehow righted itself and was facing him.

What truly frightened Chamo, though, was what was spelled out in front of the fox on the floor with various writing utensils.




Chamo did not get much sleep that night, and in the morning there would be no trace of the threat on the floor, and neither Asuna or Negi believed him when he said the stuffed fox was evil.

Fox-kun grinned to himself, looked like he wouldn't be getting bored anytime soon.

Ku Fei was confused. Her friend Kaede was distracted by something during their weekly spars. And Kaede usually let nothing distract her.

She had also noticed that Kaede had seemed to be relatively stronger than the last time. But she was much slower as well. Ku Fei usually had to work hard to get a hit in, yet she was landing multiple blows against her taller opponent.

Determined to figure out what was going on with her friend and fellow fighter, Ku Fei stomped her foot and pointed at Kaede. "Kaede! You no focus during fight!"

Kaede seemed to snap out of whatever was on her mind before scratching the back of her head and chuckling slightly. "Sorry, Ku-san, I've had a lot on my mind lately."

Ku Fei simply tapped her foot impatiently with her hands on her hips.

Kaede sighed. It looked like she was going to have to explain herself. Maybe Ku Fei would be willing to join her in training. The two of them would have a easier time getting information of Naruto together than just by herself.

A nearby explosion which shook the ground cut Kaede off from speaking. The two looked over to see a column of smoke rising in the distance. Looking at each other the two nodded as they rushed off to see what was happening.

It was… confusing. Yes, confusing was a good word for what was going on, Naruto thought.

Ducking below another shot he made a break for a nearby wall to hide behind as more shots passed him by barely missing him.

He looked around at the lack of anyone else, save himself and his current aggressors. He couldn't understand. They were making noise equivalent to a small war time battle, and no one was coming to investigate.

Or maybe they simply didn't want to get caught up in whatever was going on.

He ducked as another shot bounced off the stone just above his head.

Banishing shots were a pain in the ass. One hit, and his body would be destroyed. Sure it would sting, and he could simply create a new one with no trouble. But he didn't want to recreate another human body. It was always such a hassle to keep on reforming the damn thing.

He called overout from his hiding place. "Look! I know classes were a little difficult, but that doesn't mean you have to kill me!"

"This has nothing to do with classes, sensei."

He peeked out from his cover. "Are you sure?"

He the two of them sweat drop.

"Sorry, Naruto-sensei, this is purely professional on my part."

Naruto looked at the other one.

Eva swept some of her hair behind her back, she suddenly pointed at him with an angry face and fire burning behind her. "OF COURSE THIS IS ABOUT YOUR CLASSES! YOU ALWAYS GET ME WET AND FORCE ME TO PARTICIPATE! AND ONCE I GET RID OF YOU, I'LL BE FREE FROM YOUR ANNOYING PRESENCE!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Naruto sweat dropped before returning his gaze to the first speaker. "I'm not that bad, am I?"

Tatsumiya Mana shrugged at him before pulling up her guns and firing at him once again.

A sound of something breaking next to him on the ground caused Naruto to look down in time to see two vials shatter on top of each other. Diving away from them, only a small part of his forearm was encased in ice.

Once again avoiding the various attacks from Eva and Mana, Naruto managed to hide behind a tree, using a bit of his yoki, the ice melted off of his arm.

He began mumbling under his breadth, his voice thick with sarcasm. "An easy assignment, Naruto. A civilian school with a few magical beings, Naruto. Don't reveal your abilities, Naruto. Consider it a vacation, Naruto."

Mana continued to fire at the tree Naruto was hiding behind to buy Eva the time to circle around soshe could capture him. While she was happy that she had gotten a large payment from Eva for helping her, she wasn't really sure what the big deal was.

Sure Naruto was eccentric at best and insane at worst. But he wasn't that bad. Mana herself, quite enjoyed his classes. They reminded her of when she and her partner visited various military training grounds. the fact that she found him attractive was an added bonus really.

She had to admit she was impressed with the blond/red haired teacher. Not many civilians such as himself could dodge so many of her shots.

Maybe she was getting rusty.

A sound caused her to look to the side and jump back to avoid a flying kick to the side, courtesy of Ku Fei.

Eva, Mana, and Naruto looked at Ku Fei who was joined by a smiling Kaede not a second later.

Naruto sighed. Just what he needed; more people around. Sure he was curious why no one seemed to notice the fight, but that didn't mean he wanted anyone to actually show up.

Kaede looked from Mana, who was slowly lowering her weapons but not relaxing her stance, to Eva, who was frowning at the newcomers. Turning towards Naruto, she frowned as she saw him cowering behind a tree. He hadn't acted this way when she had approached him. She wondered what he was doing or what had caused such a change in him.

Ku Fei looked at everyone present. She was not surprised with Mana, having suspected the teen of being a skilled fighter of some kind. Eva was a surprise. Ku Fei hadn't thought the short girl was capable of fighting, seeing as she always seemed tired during classes. Looking at Naruto, she couldn't help but feel disappointed. She had thought that based on his training methods during P.E. that he was at least something of a warrior.

She was broken from further thoughts when Naruto, who was attempting to cause a distraction with which to escape, yelled out "I knew you would come to help me Kaede-chan! Now use the strength of your love for me to defeat you corrupt and malcontent classmates! And Ku Fei-chan, I didn't know you loved me as well! THE POWER OF LOVE COMPELS YOU!!"

Kaede and Ku Fei blushed and glared at everyone trying to use their glares to deny what Naruto had said. Mana was trying her best to not crack any ribs from holding in her laughter while Eva simply rubbed her temples in frustration.

As everyone looked back to where Naruto was they all saw that the spot was now unoccupied. Looking around Eva screeched in outrage as she caught sight of the runaway teacher making a break for it, before taking after him.

Looking back towards Mana she called out. "I'll increase your pay by half if you keep those two occupied!"

As Kaede and Ku Fei began to go after Eva and Naruto they stopped as Mana ran in front of them and fired warning shots at their feet.

Mana gave them a smirk before raising her guns again.

---Meanwhile with Negi---

Negi heard Chamo call out to him and looked to see his ermine friend running towards him looking distressed.

Negi looked down towards the white rodent. "What's wrong Chamo-kun?"

Catching his breadth Chamo looked up. "Nodoka-san is being attacked by karaage!"

Negi looked shocked. "What?! She's being attacked by fried chicken?!"

Naruto looked around wildly.

He needed a disguise to fight Eva with. If he were to 'accidentally' kill/defeat Eva, the headmaster would figure out that was the one who did it.

Then Minato would learn of him fighting in the open; which would lead to Naruto being annoyed with Minato nagging him about what happened. Which would cause Naruto to do things he may regret causing more nagging, which would begin a chain reaction of nagging.T

That was something he wanted to avoid at all costs.

It was amazing how annoying humans could be when they wanted to be.

If he had a disguise, he would be in the clear. not seeing anything truly useful, he dove for the nearest thing and forewent his scarf and glasses.

Eva followed behind Naruto at a distance, growling in annoyance at the fact that he seemed to be able to avoid all of her attacks.

It had been a simple plan. Hire Mana. Remove Naruto. Frame Mana. Then go after Negi.

That had mostly gone up in flames. She had not expected anyone to show up, nor did she expect that blasted idiot to be so damned evasive. She should have waited for when Chachamaru was done with her maintanence check up, but her impatience had once again gotten the better of her.

Eva promised herself to do some meditation to get back into shape regarding her emotions and actions.

She let a feral smile form when she saw her prey turn a corner into a dead end.

Increasing her speed she crossed into the open area only to freeze in shock. Her mind going blank as it tried to process what it was seeing.

A lone figure stood in the middle of the courtyard. Their face hidden by shadows cast from the hood of a white battle robe. black pants, shirt, and shoes underneath the robe. But it was the face that caused her to freeze.

Only one person looked like that, and the thought that he was standing here, right now, in front of her caused two thoughts to manage to get through her and all thought of Naruto fled her mind in a flash of vengeful fire.

The first was that, this was impossible. He was dead, there was no way he could be here.

the second caused all rational thought to leave her, and her face to morph into the epitome of fury. her shout causing echoes to resound around the two. Before blasting towards the man who was the reason behind her suffering.


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