Matters of the Heart

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Severed Feelings

"Ohayo Yuki!!!"
Yuki Eiri groaned and applied pressure to the cloth on his head. His fever had cooled down, but it didn't help having a hyperactive nineteen-year-old playing doctor.


"Yuki!!!" said Shuuichi as he bounced into the apartment. He found Yuki leaned over his laptop, breathing heavily.
"You okay, Yuki?"
Shuuichi walked over to him and put a hand to his head. "Oh my God! You have a fever!"
Yuki slapped his hand away. "No I don't..."
"Yes, you do! You shouldn't be typing, you should be in bed!"
"Shut up, baka! I..." he groaned and grabbed his head.
Shuuichi threw Yuki's arm over his shoulder and made him stand up. With Yuki protesting the whole time, Shuuichi brought him to their room and plopped him onto the bed.
"I'll call a doctor," said Shuuichi and left the room.

The doctor says you have the flu," said Shuuichi as he dampened the cloth and placed it on Yuki's forehead. "He says it's nothing serious, and that you should rest for about three days."
Yuki sat up. "Three days! My deadline's tomorrow and I have to write the ending!"
"Oh, you can leave that to me!"
"...Fine. But only because of the deadline. If you screw with my story, I'll kill you."
"Don't worry. I won't do anything wacky."

::end flashback::

Yuki felt a bigger pain in his head as Shindou Shuuichi, his lover, came into the room cheerfully. He placed a bowl of rice porridge in front of Yuki. "Here ya go."
Yuki eyed the porridge. "Did you make this?"
"Of course I did! Um, why?"
"Because I remember what you did to the miso soup you served me yesterday."
"So I put a few shakes of salt in it. So what?"
"It tasted like you poured the whole thing in."
"Well, eat this. It'll help make you feel better."
Yuki took the spoon and had a little of it. It tasted surprisingly good. But he said, "This tastes like crap."
Shuuichi grinned. Since Yuki didn't look disgusted or anything, which showed that he like it.
He took the cloth off Yuki's head and felt his forehead. "Hmm, your fever's gone down. But stay in bed, okay?"
Yuki rolled his eyes. He really did appreciate the fact that Shuuichi was taking care of him, but Shuuichi was being too hyper about it.
Shuuichi dampened the cloth and applied it to Yuki's forehead again. "Well, I have to go to work. Be sure to eat something before taking your medicine, okay?"
"Fine, just go," said Yuki. Shuuichi gave him a kiss on the cheek, then left the room. Yuki reached up to wipe the kiss away, but reconsidered and went back to eating the rice porridge.

"After my doctor's appointment, I'll be going to see Eiri."
Seguchi Tohma looked up when he heard that. "You're gonna go see Eiri-san?"
Seguchi Mika walked back into the room. "Yes. He's had the flu, and I want to check up on him. He's my little brother, after all."
"Um, Mika-san, be sure to tell him I hope he feels better..."
Mika stopped fixing her hair and turned to her husband. He looked flustered and somewhat embarrassed.
Even love my brother, she thought sadly as she turned back to the mirror. She loved her husband with all her heart. But Tohma loved her brother with all HIS heart. Even though he was married to her. Even though Eiri had a lover, one that Eiri had strong feelings for. Even though...
Mika stopped thinking about it. Tohma may have feelings for Eiri, but he obviously felt SOMETHING for her. Otherwise, he would've...
She walked over and gave Tohma a peck on the cheek. "Well, I'm gonna get going. You should too."
"Oh I will, Mika-san. Also...I might go see Eiri-san during my lunch hour."
Mika straightened back up. Why? Why did her husband have feelings for her younger brother?
"I must go, Tohma. I'll see you tonight." She picked up her purse and headed for the bedroom door. She stopped on the threshold. "I love you."
"I love you, too." Mika winced as she walked towards the front door. It might've been her imagination, but it sounded like Tohma forced out those affectionate words. She held her chin high. She was strong. Tonight, she would question Tohma about how he felt.

Tohma took one more glance into the mirror before he headed out. Mika had been acting...strange. When she talked to him, it sounded like she was about to cry. And she was going to the doctor's today. She wouldn't tell him why, and he didn't know why.
Maybe she's upset feelings...he knew how upset she might've felt when she figured out his feelings for Eiri-san. Her own brother, no less. But she had come to accept it, even though that really didn't fix everything. Even though it hurt her inside to do it...
Dammit, I don't want to hurt her. But I can't deny what I feel for Eiri-san. Maybe I shouldn't have told her I was planning on visiting him...

At noon...

Yuki poked at the bowl of...something that Shuuichi had made for him for lunch. It looked good in the fridge, but after heating it, it smell weird. He was afraid to taste it.
He sat on the bed, putting the blankets over up to his waist. He would have to try it. There was nothing else to eat, and he needed his medicine.
Yuki took a spoonful and ate it. It shocked him. For something that smelled so horrible, it tasted great. Or maybe that was his cold talking.
"Eiri-san?" a voice called from the front door. Yuki winced as he recognized Tohma's voice. He knew how the older man felt for him. And Yuki hated him for it. He was putting Mika, his own sister, through a total emotional hell, and only cared for his own feelings.
He heard the front door open. He silently cursed Shuuichi for forgetting to lock it. He heard footsteps through his apartment and then Tohma's over-cheerful face appeared in the bedroom doorway.
"Hello Eiri-san," said Tohma. "I came to see how you're doing."
"Fine," said Yuki, and went back to eating. "You didn't need to. Shuuichi is gonna come check on me. He's due here in a few minutes."
Tohma walked into the room, eying Yuki. It made his blood boil, knowing that an idiotic kid was sharing a bed with Yuki. "Eiri-san, do you honestly think your relationship with Shindou-san will work?"
Yuki shot him a look. "Shuuichi and I have been through a lot. But we've survived it, and I know he's right for me."
"Do you, Eiri-san?" Tohma moved in closer, making Yuki move away. "Do you? No, I think that's your fever talking."
"Unlike you, Tohma, I actually care for the person I plan to live my life with. When you married Mika, you made vows. And right now, you're breaking all of them."

Shuuichi cheerfully skipped up to the apartment building. Obviously Yuki was feeling better, but he needed to check up on him.
As he entered the elevator, he saw Mika step in beside him. She wore a cheerful expression as well, and had a wrapped box of cookies with her.
"Um, hi Mika-san," said Shuuichi.
"Hello," said Mika. "How is my lug-head brother?"
"Oh, his fever has cooled down. And he's back to his usual self."
"That's good. I just got out of a doctor's appointment, and it's put me in a cheerful mood. I bought Eiri some cookies."
The elevator stopped and they walked down the hall to Yuki's door. Shuuichi opened it to hear loud voices.
"You don't know what you're saying!"
"I do know! And I'd appreciate it if you leave!"
"Why is Seguchi-san here?" asked Shuuichi.
"He wanted to pay Eiri a visit," said Mika. They both walked to the bedroom door, which was slightly ajar. Making sure no one could hear them, they peeked inside.
Yuki looked angry and Tohma looked desperate, trying to talk to him.
"If you would understand how I feel-"
"I don't want to, so get ou-"
Tohma grabbed Yuki's shoulders and planted a huge kiss onto Yuki's lips. Yuki reached up and gripped his shoulders, trying to force him off. But because of his fever, Yuki wasn't successful.
When Tohma broke the kiss, Yuki shoved him as hard as he could, which wasn't much. He wiped at his mouth in disgust. "What the hell is wrong with you?! You're married to my sister!!!"
Shuuichi gritted his teeth in anger and pressed his face to the ajar door. How dare Seguchi-san assault Yuki when he was sick!!
"But I love YOU, Eiri-sa-"
He never got to finish because the door slammed open so hard; it nearly fell off its hinges. Shuuichi yelped as he fell to the floor.
Mika stood tall, her hand still on the door. Tohma looked at her in complete shock. Yuki also looked at her in shock.
With much grace, she walked into the room without looking at her husband. "Here, Eiri. These are cookies and I thought they would make you feel better."
Yuki took the cookies. "Mika-"
"I really must go. I have a busy schedule. If you need me, I'll be at HOME." With that, she walked out of the room. Shuuichi stared at Yuki and Tohma, then went after Mika.
Tohma stood. "I-I really must go. Bye." He left, praying that Mika would forgive him.
Yuki leaned back and sighed. He hated this. Mika was mad. Shuuichi was mad. How could things get any worse?

Shuuichi had to run to keep up with Mika. He managed to get in the elevator with her.
"Don't worry, I don't blame Eiri for this. He loves you. As for Tohma..." he voice trailed off and she stared at the door. They didn't talk until the elevator reached the bottom floor.
Shuuichi followed her outside, where she finally spoke. "Tell Eiri when you talk to him...I'm sure later...that if he wants to find me, I'll be in Kyoto."
"Kyoto?!" asked Shuuichi. "Then-"
"Yes. I'm leaving my husband."

Tohma didn't know what to expect when he got home. He heard loud thuds from the bedroom, so he went to see what was up. Mika was there, and she was packing everything she owned.
Mika looked up. "Oh, look who's here. My cold hearted, cheating husband!"
"Don't say anymore, Tohma. I've had all I can stand. If you want to keep pursuing your hopeless 'crush', then go right on ahead. But guess what? I don't have to deal with it anymore."
Tohma stared at her. "What do you mean?"
"I'm going to Kyoto. And I'm leaving you."
Tohma felt fear shoot through him. He grabbed Mika's shoulders. "Please don't! I-"
Mika wrenched away. "Don't touch me! And don't act upset. You've never loved me! Only Eiri! Only my brother! You said so yourself!"
Mika grabbed her suitcases and walked past him. "Don't talk to me anymore. I loved you! I still love you! Why do you put me through so much?!"
Tohma walked after her. "Please-"
Mika shoved her suitcases into her car. She turned around and faced him. "Like I said, I'll be in Kyoto. And if you love at all, then come and get me." With that, she hopped into her car and sped off, knocking a hole into the garage.
Tohma collapsed to his knees, tears stinging his eyes. How could things become so terrible?

To be continued...

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