Well, it's come down to this. The final chapter. I hope everyone's liked what's been portrayed so far, as this chapter will be very funny. I hope everyone enjoys it!


SEVERAL months later...

--Madoronda noise ga asu o keshisaru mae nii
Yabou ni hibiku
Kutsuoto o oikaketa
Doko ni mo tomaranai
Mitasanai emotion
Shikato kimete oikouse yo
Furueteru shy na sekei o
Nukemichi o neratte
Tadori tsuku basho e
I want a new world!-

"Whoo!!!" sighed Shuuichi as he leaned on the mic stand. "It's been too long since we've done 'Rage Beat'!"
"No kidding," said Hiro.
There was loud clapping. Amano Chizu was cheerfully clapping. "Wow! That was cool!"
She was Suguru's new girlfriend. She was fifteen, and Ayaka's best friend. When Shuuichi first heard that Hiro and Ayaka would be setting the two up he was scared. Ayaka was a bit bossy and pushy, and he feared Chizu was like that. But as everyone found out, Chizu wasn't at all like Ayaka. She was cheerful and jumpy.
Chizu ran over to Suguru and glomped him. "You're the best!"
Chizu had strawberry blond hair that was tied in a braid, and big hazel eyes. She took an immediate liking to Suguru, always commenting on how cute he was.
"Chizu-chan, calm down," said Suguru.
"I can't, Suguru-kun!! You were sooooo cool!!"
"Really? I was?"
"Uh huh!!!! Better than anyone!!!"
"Well, if you put it that way..."
Hiro smirked. "She's got him wrapped around her pinky finger."
"Sure looks like it," said Shuuichi.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" laughed out Tatsuha.
Ryuuichi plopped down beside him. "What's so funny, Tatsuha?"
"The new book aniki wrote!! It's called 'Love Thread'. But it's so damn funny!!!"
Ryuuichi leaned his head against Tatsuha's shoulder, gazing into the pages. "Can you read it to me and Kumagoro?"
"I'd be glad to!!" said Tatsuha. He started at the top of the page. "'Midori raised the knife so it was leveled over her heart. With her love's name in her last breath. She got ready to plunge it into her chest. But then the shadows came alive, and...'"
Just then, Yuki opened the door to his room. He gave them a weird look and said, "I'm going home now."
"Okay! It was nice of you to visit for three days," said Tatsuha. "By the way, I love your book!!!"
"Thanks, I think. It was handed in on time, but the release date was delayed for some odd reason."
"Well, I love the ending!!!"
"The whole dragon thing was great!!!"
"Tha-dragon thing?!?!"
"Huh? Yeah! Here, read it!!"
Yuki took the book and scanned the pages, drinking in the words. He had stopped right before Midori was to commit suicide. Shuuichi wrote after that. But this wasn't the ending he expected. Or wanted.
It was suppose to be a sad tale involving a couple named Midori and Hiko. Midori got raped by a bunch of gangsters, and couldn't live with herself, and those same thugs kidnapped Hiko. Both were to die; Midori by suicide, and Hiko by murder. However, it didn't happen like that.
The 'shadows' around Midori turned out to be a pink dragon named 'Nessie'. Nessie convinced her not to do it, saying how much Hiko loved her. Hiko, on the other hand, suddenly obtained full samurai armor and a flaming sword. With the sword, he slew the gangsters. As it was put, "He was quite the flamer."
Nessie flew Midori to Hiko and the two reunited. Nessie flew them to the mountains to a cabin where they made love all night. By morning, they both decided to stay there forever, away from the horrors of the outside.
Yuki felt a huge vein on his head. He was sooooo angry. Shuuichi messed up his novel!!!!!
"I think it's great," said Tatsuha.
"Kumagoro likes it!!!" said Ryuuichi.
"I'm gonna kill him," muttered Yuki.

Shuuichi made ramen noodles, and was about to eat when he heard the front door open. Yuki was back.
"Yuuuuuuuuki!!!!!" squealed Shuuichi as he bounded to the front door. Yuki didn't look happy.
"I told you not to mess up my story!!" Yuki said coldly.
"But I didn't-"
"You gave it a happy ending!!!"
"I know!! So?"
"How the hell does a dragon fit into the story?! It makes no sense, dammit!!!!"
"B-But it's selling well!!! And-"
"No more. You...selling well?"
"Yeah!! I saw people clear the books off the shelves in minutes!! Uh, are you still mad?"
"Of course I am! You screwed up my book!! It makes no sense!! The main characters were supposed to die!!"
"But Yuki!! How can I write about something so...gloomy? It just isn't me!!!"
"So you screw up MY story because YOU don't like gloomy things?!"
Shuuichi gave Yuki an innocent look, one that made Yuki's knees grow weak. "Okay, I'm sorry. Can I make it up to you?"
Yuki thought about it for a moment, then shoved Shuuichi onto the couch. He leaned in and gave Shuuichi a quick kiss.
"I guess I can forgive you," Yuki murmured. "But I think you still need to make it up to me..."

Tohma stepped out of the elevator, wearing his usual smile. Numerous people had congratulated him on being a new father. A month before, Mika had given birth to their first child, a baby girl.
Everything seemed to be getting better. Their daughter was a healthy, lively baby, not to mention very cute.
"Sir!!!" someone called out. Tohma turned to see Sakano rushing towards him. "I wanted to ask your approval on-"
"The new Bad Luck CD?" asked Tohma. Bad Luck's producer nodded. "Okay, I approve."
"But, don't you want to listen to it?"
"I don't need to. I already know that Bad Luck is an excellent band. They're very close to the same status as Nittle Grasper."
Sakano's eyes lit up. "T-Thank you, sir!!!"
"Bad Luck is bringing in a lot of popularity. Make sure it doesn't fade off."
"Oh, I will, sir!!!"
"Thank you. Well, you'll have to excuse me, I'm heading home."
"Okay. And congrats on the baby!"
"Thank you, Sakano-san."
Tohma checked his watch as he left NG. He would be about fifteen minutes late, but he knew Mika would understand.

Mika gently cradled her daughter to her chest. She was seated in a rocking chair next to the baby crib. And she was so fascinated with her daughter. She had Tohma's platinum blond hair, and soft blue-green eyes. A cute little thing.
She heard the front door open and Tohma announcing he was home. She didn't answer him, as she didn't want to disturb the baby. She knew Tohma would know where she was.
She was correct. Within a few moments he was walking into the room and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I'm home."
"Welcome home," said Mika. Their daughter still remained asleep.
"How is Hikari?" murmured Tohma.
"Oh, she's fine. She fell asleep a few minutes ago. Do you want to hold her?"
"As a matter of fact, yes."
"Okay." Mika gently eased their daughter, Hikari, into Tohma's arms. Hikari slightly stirred with this, but didn't wake up.
Tohma gently held her, completely entranced. Hikari was so beautiful, so much of him and so much of Mika. From having his blond hair to having Mika's features, Hikari was definitely theirs.
After gazing at her for one last moment, he gently put her in the crib. Then he turned to Mika. "You look tired. Let's go to bed."
Mika nodded wearily and stood. Suddenly, Tohma scooped her up into his arms. "T-Tohma!"
"What?" he asked as he walked into their bedroom, which was right next door. He gently laid her on their bed.
"Oh...nothing," said Mika. Tohma settled down next to her, while putting his arms around her. "I guess we're both tired."
"Yeah, I guess so," said Tohma. "But Hikari was worth it."
"...I love you."
"I love you too. And I'll never get tired of hearing that."
"And I will keep saying it forever because that's how I feel."

Yuki puffed on his cigarette as he stared at the ceiling. After 'playing' with Shuuichi, they moved to the bed. Shuuichi raised his head slightly.
"You went to go see Mika a few days ago, right?"
"Uh huh."
"Well, how is she? I know she just had a baby, and I've only seen the baby once, but how is she?"
"She very happy. Not just because of Hikari, but because she's finally gotten a solid relationship with Tohma."
"Yep. I'm so happy for them."
"Uh huh."
"Can we go visit them sometime?"
"I dunno."
"Okay...remember when you said you loved me?"
"Not really..."
"Say it again!"

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