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Piper woke up feeling sick and with a pounding headache. She groaned as she cracked open her eyes, only to shut them tight when the sun started to shin through the window. " Ow, my head..." Piper said as she sat up in the bed, " That was some party, but I don't think I'll try drinking any time soon." After rubbing her hands over her face, Piper carefully opened her eyes again and looked around.

" Wait a minute, this isn't my room. Where am I-" Piper stopped as she recognized the clean white walls and blue prints of inventions lying around on a desk. Eyes going wide as she slowly turned her head to the other side of the bed, she confirmed whose room this was.

It was Stork's.

He was lying on his chest with the blankets pulled up just past his waist. Stork didn't have his usual uniform on, nor did he have a shirt on. He continuously told them that you could catch a deadly cold if you didn't have a shirt on while you slept, and on the rare occasions that they did see him in his night wear, he always had a shirt on. When she saw him without his shirt, she knew that with the way things were going, he probably didn't have anything on at all. His bare back rose and fell with each breath he took as he continued to sleep peacefully; with the exception of his twitching hands and eye.

Pressing her hands against her mouth, she looked down at herself and almost screamed when she saw that she too didn't have anything on at all. Pulling the blankets up to her neck, Piper looked around the room to locate her cloths. ' This can't be happening, this just can't be happening!' She thought to herself over and over again as she found her cloths and quickly started putting them on.

She froze when she heard a groan followed by a mumble come from Stork. He rolled over onto his back and started to stretch and then yawn. Piper quickly ran to the door and pulled it open just as Stork started to open his eyes.

Had she looked more closely around the room, she would have seen her necklace lying ontop of Stork's shirt.

As soon as she was safely in her room with the door shut and locked, she pressed herself back against a wall and slowly slid down until she was sitting. ' What happened last night? Why can't I remember?' Tears started to spill over as Piper tried to remember but couldn't. Pressing the palms of her hands against her eyes, she rubbed the tears away. " Work, work will help me..."

Getting up on shaky legs, Piper grabbed a couple of crystals she was working on and picked up where she left off yesterday morning.


Stork raised his head slightly when he heard his door close, only to lower it back to his pillow when he felt a throbbing behind his eyes. ' Brainworms. Wasn't throbbing behind the eyes a sign of brainworms?'

Grumbling about how he was going to have to check the rest of the crew, Stork through off the blankets. He was surprised to see that he wasn't wearing anything at all and came to the conclusion that it had to be brainworms. Unfortunately, when the throbbing behind his eyes increased in tempo, he shoved that thought out of his mind. Pulling on his boxers and pants, he reached for his shirt but stopped when he saw what was lying on top of it.

Blinking in confusion as he picked up Piper's crystal necklace, Stork tried to figure out how it had gotten into his room and on his shirt.

He frowned as he sat down on the edge of his bed and continued to look at the necklace. When he tried to remember last night, all he got was a bunch of blurry and fuzzy pictures. Then he remembered part of what had happened.


After landing the Condor for the night, Finn had Junko bring out a couple barrels of beer in honor of them winning their 100th battle. At first Aerrow had refused, saying that there could be another attack and that they were to young to be drinking anyway, but Finn said that they had kicked butt and that they deserved a reward.

Piper, knowing that Stork would start listing all the things that beer could do, went into the kitchen and brought out a big bowl of punch for him.

" Here Stork. It just has juice and some carbonated water to give it a little kick," Piper said as she handed him a small glass of the punch.

Cautiously taking the glass, Stork sniffed the contents to see if it was indeed, alcohol free. Confirming that it was safe, he looked at Piper and gave a small smile. " Thanks Piper."

Returning the smile, Piper raised her glass in a silent cheer. There was no way she going to try and yell over the music that Finn had just put on. Stork raised his glass as well and took a sip. When he saw the others eating up all of the sandcakes, he put his glass down so he could get some before they were all gone.

As he tried to get the pot away from a jabbering Radarr, he heard Piper laugh and gave another small smile. Maybe tonight wouldn't be so bad after all.


Stork knew that after his third drink of the punch, his memory started to go fuzzy, but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't remember anything else. " Stupid Brainworms..." Was all he said as he put his shirt and boots on and walked out of his room to see if he still had the right antidote to get rid of the little practise.

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