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4 weeks later.....

Piper ran to the washroom with one hand over her mouth, the other over her stomach. The others watched her with concern, but only thought that she had a caught the flu...all but one anyway.

" I'm telling you guys, Piper had the deadly stomach virus. She'll slowly waste away until she's nothing but skin and bones! Then the virus will kill her!" Stork said as he steered the ship through some clouds, right eye twitching. He had her necklace in a drawer of his desk, but he still had no idea has to how it got there.

" Ah, come on Stork. Piper probably has the flu, that's all. Some rest and she'll be good as new." Aerrow said as he stood up and walked out of the room, calling over his shoulder. " Take us down for the night. We should all get some rest. You never know when there's going to be another attack." With that, he stared to walk away, Radarr jumping up on his shoulder for a free ride. He stopped and looked at Finn and Junko. " You two, get to your quarters now. Don't think for a second that I've forgiven you." Then he was gone.

Finn grumbled under his breath. " It was four weeks ago! Can't he just get over it already?"

Looking over his shoulder for a brief second, Stork started to lower the Condor. " What, exactly, did you do?"

Junko answered as he and Finn got up to leave. " Finn had a whole bunch of feathers in his room, so we glued them all to Aerrow's face and arms, then wrote on his back, 'I'm a giant chicken'...Night Stork." Junko said as they left the pilot alone.

Just when he thought he was completely alone, Piper spoke up from behind him. " Finn is such a bad influence on Junko sometimes." She laughed slightly when Stork jumped about a foot in the air, then turned to look at her with wide eyes. " Sorry Stork, I didn't mean to frighten you like that." She couldn't look him in the eyes, not after waking up in bed with him four weeks ago.

Turning his head back around so that he could see where he was landing the Condor, Stork started to list all the things that could happen when you sneak up on someone that's trying to land a ship. " I could suffer from a heart attack and drop to the floor dead....or I still be alive, but die in a fiery crash....or I could catch that deadly stomach virus you have and slowly stare to death..."

" Stork, I don't have a deadly stomach virus, I just caught the flu is all. I'm sure of it." Piper said with a smile, when really, she was scared out of her mind. She had missed her period about two weeks ago and now she was being sick whenever she had something to eat. In the back of her mind, she knew what the problem was, but she was in denial. She couldn't be.....For crying out loud, she was only fourteen years old! Sure she was fighting the Cyclonians, but then again, who wasn't? But...she had taken so many of those tests...and they all said the same thing. That was when she realized that Stork was talking to her. " I'm sorry Stork. What did you say?"

" Um...Piper, do you remember what happend four weeks ago? I thought I had brainworms but since I haven't died yet..." He trailed off when he saw Piper go pale and shake her head rapidly before turning around and quickly walking away, saying that she suddenly felt really tired and should get some rest. Blinking in surprise, Stork looked in the direction she had gone. Never in all the time he had known her had she just left right when he was talking. She would always stay and listen to him, even if he was ranting about how many different ways he could die.

Turning back to the controls, Stork made on final check to make sure everything was in it's proper spot for the night then headed down the hall. Was he was about to do was completely unlike him, but he felt it had to be done.


Shutting and locking her door behind her, Piper went over to her bed and climbed onto it before curling up on her side. This was turning into a nightmare! There was no doubt about what had happened, even if she couldn't remember what it was. She had woken up naked with Stork in his room...and for the first week, she could even stand to be in the same room as him. But when he hadn't tried to talk to her about anything out of the ordinary, she was relieved. Like her, maybe he didn't remember what happened that night either. When she missed her period a week later, she brought it all down to stress. It wasn't like that didn't happen before, it just came a few days to a week later is all.

But when she became sick every morning, as well as sometimes in the afternoon or at night...and the strange cravings she had been getting, there was no more lying to herself. Especially when she took several of those tests...

She was pregnant...with Stork's baby.

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