Chapter 1

Team Galactic…

What's so great about them?

Well nothing really.

I have an ass for a boss; he has a hot wife named Jade or Jupiter which is my cousin (I find her quite sexy despite being related to me); there's someone I love… her name is Marie, or Mars; Charon is an old hag that invites strange people over, including some I don't even know; Nix is stupid and annoying; Janus is very nice to everyone, I cannot really describe him because he hides a lot; Alcyone is an interesting character, she's very beautiful and sassy; Dag or Mr Biglot as some people call him… well, I can put it this way: he's very adamant, gets angry easily and he's fat; there's also Elektra… I don't see her often enough to really know her.

…And then there's me: Stanford or Saturn as I'm called. I hate that name. I don't mind Stan or Stanford or Cass for that matter, my middle name.

I'm fairly tall – 6'1" to be exact. Cyrus in the past has called me a basketball player… I can see why.

(Lately Cyrus has had a few mood swings here and there. This in turn makes him hard to deal with. Him and his damn alcohol…! I just hate his guts. It's so annoying. (Sure I love alcohol but not as much as him… I'm not a binge drinker!)).

I don't like my hair exactly… it's too Purugly-ish to me. Some say my hair looks like this because I'm in love with Marie. This is true… but still. I hate it. I've tried straightening it… but NO! Cyrus comes along and says "put your hair back up!" Ugh… what a jerk. I've also tried to get rid of this stupid dye in my hair. I hate its blueness… but Cyrus comes along and says the pretty much same thing again!

I have a knack for mammal-likes, reptile-likes and amphibian-likes. I find them fascinating. I cannot really describe them though… I think they're really cool. I'm not fond of birds really – they always tend to peck me or defecate on me. Fish are alright… but it's too bad that I can't touch them or walk them. Plants are all right… they just sit there sometimes and do nothing.

Machines are something I love… I'm quite good with them. I know how to fix things such as air conditioners and fly aeroplanes. I just love Bronzor (I know they aren't a machine but close enough!)… They're so cute to me.

Sadly, I have a terrible memory from lack of sleep. Cyrus almost always bothers me when I'm trying to sleep (ever since his mood swings). I usually get four hours at the most.

I bet you're wondering where I'm from? Well, I can answer that. I'm from Britannia but I moved to Sinnoh when I was just a young kid… hence my accent. I've almost completely lost it though…

I tend to get hungry easily… but it soon disappears if I work on something for too long. I used to weigh 180 pounds until Cyrus gave us food rations… stupid… though Marie has gotten away with that – giving me food occasionally.

Oh… I have to go… and stop typing this… I think Cyrus is coming!

Bye everyone!

A/N: Sorry it's short... more like a prologue. I wanted to give a brief introduction to him.