Chapter 7

"Hey, look," I pointed to all the drugs, but the one that intrigues me the most is LSD. I mean come on; I wonder what it's really like to get high? My best guess why Cyrus left it here could be that he wanted to test the effects of acid on Pokémon… but I wanted to try it.

"Stan... Stan... CASS! Wake up... please..." I heard the sweet ringing in my ears. It must have been a dream... what a weird dream indeed.

"Uggh..." I opened my eyes and everything came into view. I noticed that she wasn't wearing her pants. "How come you aren't wearing your pants...?"

She giggled. "Look underneath, silly."

"Oh?" I turned my head to see that she had put her pants under my head, to use as a pillow. "Thank you, honey." It was all I could say. For some odd reason, her pants are a lot softer than mine (bastard Cyrus...)...

"No problem." She smiled and giggled. "I'll help you up." She grabbed my arm... damn she has the strongest grip of any woman I had ever seen!

"Damn Marie, you're strong! How did you get so strong?"

She pointed to where the kidneys are supposed to be. "Adrenaline!" she said sarcastically. We couldn't help laughing... we haven't laughed in a while. She quickly grabbed her pants and put them on.

"Hey! Take your pants back off, it turns me on...," I snickered. She slapped me playfully. "Hey! I'm a man! And men get turned on by extremely pretty ladies such as yourself," I winked.

"Stan...?" She waved her hand in front of my face.

"Huh? Oh sorry..." I wanted to blush. "So... shall we explore the cave?"

"That sounds great! Let's go!" She grinned. It wasn't too far from where we were. Though it was slightly passed the drug cabinet... any drug you can think of is in that cabinet! No kidding either. Sure, I may have only been here three times before, but it's a really nice collection of drugs. We walked past the drugs and passed a few hallways... then the cave just loomed in front of us. It was dark... and scary... I didn't like it at all! I was semi-claustrophobic. A few water drops hit the tiled floor below like a giant lizard waiting to eat us. Some wind also blew out of it like a dragon sighing really hard.

"...Wow." That was all I could say.

"I know."

"Well... let's go... I suppose." I pulled a torch out of my pocket.

"Yeah…" She led the way. We must have walked for more than an hour (through holes and puddles and tripping over stalagmites) before we were some echoing voices... I mentally laughed. She had her evil eye look on her face. The noise died down... I knew they were possibly asleep by now. We came up with an idea... we would sneak up on them and knock them out without them even knowing it! We both grinned evilly. We got closer and closer, being as quiet as possible to not wake them up and beat us up. Lord knows what a huge group of people would do to us? I took out a package of chloroform and threw it on the ground next to them. Luckily, we didn't breathe it in… we just breathed shallowly and slowly. But how were we supposed to move them all...? There were several of them.

"Go!" We both let out all of our Pokémon. Bronzor was the best at carrying people - with its Psychic attack anyway. Her Pelipper and Purugly had trouble carrying them. We did eventually get everyone back into the building. We all tied them up and injected them with the drug to turn them into Pokémon... we put them into a special room just made for Pokémon. Winona was last... only because she was the prettiest... and very attractive... she finally woke up.

"Hey, Winona…" I smirked. "Yes, we captured you last night. I guess that's what happens when you sleep so soundly?"

She growled. "Shut up!"

I had a needle behind me the whole time. "Go to sleep," I said condescendingly. I jabbed the needle into me and she fell asleep. "You might feel different when you wake up!" I laughed and walked off.

"Hey Stan!" Marie grinned. "Cyrus said Charon is bringing another peep for us to turn into a Pokémon!"


"Gardenia!" She chuckled. "He should be here in ten minutes."

"Good." I smiled!

"Well... Winona should be a Pokémon by now… Going to check if she is one yet or not."

"All right sweetie." I kissed her on the cheek.

Marie's POV

She woke up, finally... "Why do I have feathers?" she yelped.

"Look who's awake!" I laughed. "I'm Mars; I'm the one who developed the drug that turns humans into Pokémon."

"You sick bastards!" she squawked.

"We've researched all of you, your favourite Pokémon is Honchkrow," I barked. She looked at myself and freaked out.

"You're coming with me." I picked me up and took her to a room… everyone else was there. I threw her on the floor and mentally chuckled. "You guys have fun!" I jeered and closed the door. "Now to go back to my lover boy..." I walked back to Stan; whom was contemplating, and still waiting for Gardenia.

Stan's POV

"I thought she would have been here by now." I scratched my chin, which felt bristly and needed to be shaved.

For some odd reason, Charon came out of nowhere! It made us jump. "Special delivery for you…!" He just cackled and walked over with the fainted Gardenia on his back.

"Ooh! Perfect, thank you Charon!" I grinned.

"Great!" Marie grinned. He set her on the ground and I immediately injected her with the awesome drug. She immediately turned into a Turtwig. I grinned and grabbed her. She was groggy and groaning. I opened the door and plopped her in and she landed with a thud. I looked in the window and I could see that they were conversing. I decided to have a little fun and knock on the window and stick my tongue out. I walked off and went back to where Marie was. She happened to be watching them with a camera and eating a chocolate bar.

"Hey… the screen is black!" I pointed. She looked up to see what I was seeing.

"Oh my God… our camera is out!" She blinked and looked up with me. "Let's see what's going on."

"Right." I nodded and we walked off to see what was going on… they had escaped by breaking the window somehow, I wondered how… I twitched and blinked. "You g-g-uys… e-escaped…?" I stammered.

"What the hell is going on here?" She pointed at them.

In the blink of an eye, Winona flew onto Marie. "Give us the cure!" She drove her talons into her arms, causing them to bleed. Marie shuddered from the sight of blood and so did I. She just glared at me… I was shocked. "GIVE US THE CURE!" She drove her talons deeper.

Marie just grimaced from the pain. "Please… just… let go…"

"NO!" she growled. I was too shocked to move or say anything. I hate blood… a lot.

"I'll give it to you under one circumstance… join Galactic…" Good thinkin' there Marie!

"HELL NO!" She slapped her wing across her face. "Give it now, dammit!"

"Go to the lab… only three doors down." Marie passed out. She loosed my grip and glared at me deep into my eyes.

"Saturn… go, and get it now or the same thing will happen to you as Mars!" she growled.

"Yes ma'am!" I shuddered and ran off. "…I have no choice…," I muttered and grabbed the cure. I returned with twelve needles (plus their clothes). The bleeding in Marie's arm miraculously stopped. (I think it was the coagulant [drug] she was taking? She happens to have Von Willebrand.) "Here you go ma'am." I was still a bit scared of her. "You might want your clothes though." I laid them down on the ground.

She got off of Marie. "Take me to the bathroom, NOW!" She glared at me again.

"Yes…," I shuddered and picked her up, with her clothes and a needle. I took her to the bathroom; I jabbed the syringe into me and shut the door. I sighed. I thought I was going to go into a panic attack. I went back to Marie was; she was still lying on the ground. I sighed and looked down at her. Winona came rushing out; glaring at me… everyone else looked at her.

"I'm myself again! But there's one problem." She glared at me again. "Vomiting is a side effect."

I began to sweat. "I forgot to mention that."

"Like hell yeah," she growled.

"Winona," Volkner said. "I think Saturn wants to say something."

"All right… what is it?" She lessened her face at me, and also stopped glaring.

"Winona… this whole time, I've quite liked you, and I want to change. I'm tired of being a bastard, a Galactic member!" I clenched my fists.

"So am I." Marie got up and rubbed her head. "I'm tired of being bossed around."

"We'll change!" We both begged on their knees.

"Really, really, REALLY, I doubt it…," she huffed.

We both had tears in their eyes. "PLEASE!" We both pleaded.

"All right, only IF you can prove it," she crossed my arms. "You guys should go get cured." She turned around and looked at everyone.

"Yes!" The others all said and nodded.

"Saturn, Mars," she looked at us. "You can prove it right now by helping them out. All right?" She smiled.

"Sure!" We both nodded.

"Good!" She smiled again.

One by one, we helped everyone. Everyone was back to normal, it made me grin slightly. I could somehow sense that no one trusted us completely. But we'll change… just like I said. We were all exhausted and collapsed on the hard floor. I mentally sighed.

"So how do we get off this island?" Winona asked me.

"Our plane crashed as we were about to land." I shrugged.

Gardenia cleared her throat. "Maybe we can send a message, to my father, Crasher Wake?"

"Great idea!" Winona let her Gyrellow out. I'd never seen such an interesting Pokémon. It looked like a giant Swellow… but with longer wings and tail and a lot taller. "Where does he live?"

"Pastoria City," she replied.

I dug into my pockets and just happened to find a piece of string, a piece of small sheet paper and a pencil… "Here's some string, a pen and a sheet of paper." I handed it to her.

"Thanks." She took it. She started to write.

"No problem," I replied.

She had almost finished. "What's the name of this island?"

"We're not sure, but we think it's called Glass Island. Coordinates are 33° west and 64° south," I replied. (Cyrus never really told us what it was really called, so we just call it Glass Island because there are pieces of obsidian scattered about around here, because of volcanic activity. Obsidian is a type of natural glass. I had also forgotten there was a volcano on this island).

"Thank you." She was finally finished.

"You're welcome," I said and smiled.

She cleared my throat. She read what she had wrote, "Dear Crasher Wake, please save us, we're trapped on an island. I believe it's called Glass Island. Coordinates are 33° west and 64° south."

"Sounds good to me." Gardenia smiled. We all nodded.

"Thanks." she smiled.

"You're welcome," we all said.

She tied the string to Gyrellow's leg. "Please go to Pastoria and please come back," she patted him.

"Gyr!" He flew off, through a hole in the ceiling. I never noticed that before… there must have been a storm while we were knocking them out.

"What do we do while we're waiting?" Winona asked.

By this time, I was very sleepy and not really paying attention to what anyone was saying. I yawned. But there was something I had to ask… mainly because I noticed a huge wound on Roark's back while he was a Pokémon.

"Roark." I didn't want to sound rude. "I hate to be rude… but…"

"Yes?" He looked at me.

"Wh-what… happened to your back…?" I shuddered, mainly because I had no idea how he'd react.

He looked down and sniffled slightly. "It was the worst day of my life… my Cranidos head-butted me…" He stopped. I could tell he didn't want to talk about it.

"Oh… All right." I felt stupid. I decided to fall asleep instead.

"Gyrrr!" Gyrellow landed. This made me wake up immediately. I had no idea how much time had passed.

"Gyrellow, you're back!" Winona smiled. Everyone else did, including me. She untied the letter from his leg and read it. "'I'm coming guys!'"

"Wow, that's good!" I smiled.

"We need to go to the shoreline and light a fire," Lorelei said.

"That would be wise," Byron said.

"Then let's go." Winona smiled. Her stomach was so loud I could hear it. "I'm starving though…" She frowned.

"Here, have some chocolate," Marie handed her a chocolate bar. Where does she get all this damn chocolate out of nowhere? Honestly!

"Thank you!" She smiled.

"You're welcome," Marie replied and handed everyone else some, too.

"Thank you," we all said.

"You're welcome." She smiled. We all wolfed down the chocolate, hey, who could blame us?

"We should go now," Winona stated.

"Right on!" We all nodded. Marie and I showed them the way out. Winona led us… I thought she was an excellent leader. Most of us were quiet the whole time. I was still half-asleep and didn't know how long it took us to get there.

Winona looked at me when we reached the shoreline. "Which direction would Crasher Wake come from?" she asked, fumbling for the right words. I looked for my compass.

"Probably the east," I said while looking at my compass. "We just happen to be east."

"Good," she replied, looking at the water. I noticed how calm it was! There weren't any williwaws (storms) or choppy waves or anything of that matter today. We were quiet for a few minutes.

"Umm guys, I think you forgot about making a bonfire." Lorelei broke the silence.

"Right," we all said and started gathering some old, dry firewood. We had enough to make a nice, huge fire so that Wake could find us.

"Go Magmortar, use Flamethrower!" Flint commanded. I grinned, waiting for something to happen…

"Hey," Maylene spoke up. "I wonder where Lucario is?" She looked around hastily.

Suddenly, we could all hear a rustling noise in the bushes behind us. "Lu!" A Lucario jumped out of the bushes, it was hers. She looked plump.

"Luu!" Another Lucario jumped out of the bushes as well. It must have been her mate. I smiled at the two Lucario. I always thought they were interesting animals.

"Lucario's mate," she said to him. "Would you like to come with me?"

"Luu!" He nodded.

"I guess that's a yes." She smiled. "Go poke ball!" She chucked it at him; it wobbled a few times and dinged – she had caught him! We all congratulated her; she looked excited.

"Hey look," Winona said, pointing. We all looked at where she was pointing… Wake was coming. He steered his boat close as possible.

"Hello!" He waved. "Quite a group we have here." He looked at everyone. I smiled again.

"Father!" Gardenia poked her head above Volkner's shoulder.

"Hello sweetie!" He smiled at her. He got out of the boat. Water lapped around his legs, soaking his blue jeans.

"Hello!" we all said and shook his hand.

Winona looked out over the water. There appeared to be a group of Gyarados! "Wake! Look behind you!" She pointed.

I dug in my pocket again and found a scope; it looked similar to a riflescope. "It's Cyrus," I shuddered. "He's going to kill us for leaving Galactic." I gulped.

"How the hell did he escape?" Winona uttered. Escape from what exactly…?

"What's she talkin' about?" I whispered to Marie. She shrugged.

"Dunno," she whispered back.

"He's my father…" Winona paused. Eh? Cyrus is only 31…

"He'll definitely be angry with me," Lorelei stammered. I wondered why...

Maylene's female Lucario jumped in front of us and started to speak, in English. "Calm down, please. I can sense you are all scared. There's got to be a way to defeat Cyrus. Maybe reverse psychology or something? Maybe he can even confront his own fears? What do you say?" She looked at all of us. Our jaws dropped! She knew English? "Calm down," she said calmly. "All Pokémon know English, not just me, we happened to just be too scared to say so…" She looked up and saw Elecros. "What's wrong, Elecros?"

"Everyone is so scared of me," he replied and we all turned around.

Winona blushed… big time. "I'm so sorry."

"Me, too," Flint, Captain (Lt. Surge to be exact), and Volkner said.

"It's all right," he replied. "I want to help you fight Cyrus... he created me over ten years ago," he growled.

"That doesn't surprise me, he's an evil genius." She clenched my fists and bared her teeth. I totally agreed with Winona there.

"Elecros!" Roark smiled. "You don't know how much I love dinosaurs! You want me to command you?"

"Command me?" He thought for a second. "Sure!"

"I have an idea," she must have noticed that Cyrus was getting closer. "We'll have to use ALL of our Pokémon to defeat him... Lord knows what he's got."

"Right!" We let out all of their Pokémon. We all waited for him to arrive… with our teeth and fists both clenched.