Chapter 86

The smell of blood filled my nostrils. I had to keep myself from throwing up. Émile slipped off my shoulders, stepping off to go and throw up. "Jake told me that he's scared of blood. Maybe since his senses are more acute, the worse it is." I gulped. Émile staggered back into our group.

It was quiet. Too quiet. Nothing was stirring. I couldn't hear a mouse stirring in the grass or a bird's wings flapping.

What the hell was this place?

Better yet, how the hell do we get in here?

A snarl rose from Pep's throat. A woman approached us. She looked like one of the people that had tased us.

"Peyton?" A shocked voice rose from Mac's muzzle. Stella gasped. The two approached her.

"Mac? Stella?" Peyton questioned. "Is that you?"

"Yes," the two said in unison.

Peyton gasped again. "I can understand you."

"Excuse me, ma'am. I'm Clay. You probably understand us because we're humans, or we're; we aren't at the moment, of course." I wasn't sure what I was saying, but I didn't care – she understood us, which was good!

"I guess you're right," she replied. "Come on. I can help you guys. I know a way to get in here without being seen." She turned around, urging us to follow her. She had led us to an area where there weren't any cameras. However, there appeared to be a broken ladder. I could sense frustration rising through her skin.

"I could lift you up," Jasper suggested. "It's okay." He ruffled his feathers reassuringly. She nodded, hesitating and eventually climbed onto his back. He flew up and landed on the roof quietly.

Suddenly, we could all hear roaring. A purple and orange streak flashed past us. I instantly knew what it was! It was Janet. She landed with a thud. "Janet!" Émile called.

She slowly got up while blood dripping from the corners of her mouth and her wings. "Émile…?" she said weakly. "I-I escaped…"

"Y-you did…?" he stuttered. I gasped. Before she could say anything, I felt a cooling sensation flowing through my veins….

I woke up with nothing but a prison jumpsuit on. I noticed that my fingers were long and pink. No drill, no long, pink nose, no short fur, not anything I could recognise as being an Excadrill. I was a human again.

We were caught. We should have been more careful…

I then noticed I wasn't alone.

Some of my friends were with me, huddled up in their own area on a floor. They too, were wearing prison jumpsuits.

Grunting, I stood up. I wasn't used to my legs being so long. I saw Émile was there. I collapsed and crawled over to him. "Émile." He opened his eyes, staring at me and eventually sitting up. He rubbed his head. "Émile… how did we become humans again?"

"Yanick… T-they must have a cure or something… ugh… my head."

"I wonder if they hit us on the head and that's why we're humans again."

"I doubt it, because they would have to remove the DNA somehow."

"My head hurts too…" I sighed. I rubbed it. I felt something warm and sticky on my hand. "It's bleeding a little…" I stared at the blood on my hand. I rubbed it off onto the suit. "Émile – we need to find a way to get out of here."

"I never would have figured I'd have to use this…" Émile reached into his mouth and picked his teeth. Out popped a pokeball. "Let's wake the others up."

I nodded and stepped over to Sherwood while Émile went over to the bars. I shook him. "Sherwood, wake up."

"Ugh…" he moaned, opening his eyes. "W-what happened…? Why are we humans again?" He looked at his hands.

"I don't know, but we need to find a way to get out of here," I stated. I looked around and noticed we were the only ones here. "Looks like the girls might be somewhere else."

"Where's Jasper?" Émile asked, gritting his teeth. "They better not be torturing him!"

"Mac's not here either," Sherwood noted.

"Go Scolipede!" Émile tossed his pokeball.

Jasper's POV

"Tell me how you became a Pokémon, NOW!" a man questioned me, slamming his arms against a table.

"No," I stated adamantly, with vehement. I growled slightly. Another man approached with a needle. I squirmed slightly. The man that was interviewing me held me down while the other jabbed a needle in my arm. I screamed bloody murder, but the pain died down.

"W-what did you do to me?"

"Truth serum," the man chuckled evilly.

Oh, shit.

Émile's POV

"Émile… are you okay?" Clay asked.

"I'm all right… Just remembering I promised I would help Dusty and Jerry, this train crew their Ampharos back…" I gritted my teeth. "If we ever return."

Short flashback

"Émile! Will you look for Ampharos for us?" Dusty asked.

"Of course," I agreed. "I promise. Even with my life. You're my friend. I can't have my friend's Pokémon missing."

"Thank you, Émile!" Dusty smiled, running off to go tell Jerry.


"'Even with my life'…? That's a bit extreme, Émile…" Sherwood said. Clay just shrugged; I don't think he knew what to say. I sighed.

"It was the spur of the moment," I replied. "Let's keep going down this hall."

"That Scolipede is responding to you well."

"I have a name," Scolipede grunted. "It's Sacheverell."

Clay and Sherwood looked at me. "What? I named him that."

"I don't remember you catching him," Clay said.

"You were asleep," I replied. I heard footsteps. "Shh!" We all pressed our bodies against the wall, even Sacheverell tried to do the same, despite his size. I sniffed the air… It was… Jasper? "It's Jasper," I whispered.

"Is he okay?" Clay asked. "I can sense that he's scared…"

"He definitely smells scared… He's definitely running away." I heard the footsteps approaching closer. "Wait for it…" Jasper ran passed, screaming his head off. Some men ran passed us, but before they could walk any further, I knocked them out.

"Nice, Émile!" Clay commented.

"Excellent work!" Sherwood cheered.

"W-whoa…" Jasper blinked.

"Perfect." I smirked. "There just happens to be three of them." I grabbed the black jacket of one of them, putting it on. I also stole his ID. "Émile has his own attack – disguise!" I smirked. "Come on, try it."

"R-right." Clay nodded.

Émilie's POV

"Ugh…" I touched my head. "Wh… where am I?"