Approval Chapter 1

She was the girl with pink hair…sort of ditzy, mind you.

She wasn't all too domestic, and nor was she the most serious, but she was the one who had on the diamond rock nicely settled on the finger in between her pinky and middle finger presented by the arrogant Uchiha.

No one, not even her, could figure out how she managed to win him over. She was the girl who loved him ever since she set her eyes on him and the first thing he had ever said to her was, "You're annoying."

Approval Chapter 1

So here she was now, sitting on his rather comfy couch admiring the two caret diamond on her hand. It really was quite lovely, from Tiffany's it was and out of curiosity, she kindofsortof looked into Sasuke's credit card bill to see how much it had cost only to be caught snooping by his Highness…whatever.

She giggled thinking of how no one could ever claim him now. Those crestfallen faces of his stupid fangirls had been a delight to her.

A scowl formed on her pretty face, remembering Aya flirting with him just the other day. Flirting with an engaged man, now that was terribly rude. She should have marched right up to Aya, sticking the heart shaped diamond that cost a fortune that would bind her to Sasuke forever, right in front of her pale face..

Oh, now she could torment his lame fangirls. Pay back for those plots set to break Sasuke up with her.

"You're thinking?" an exasperated amused voice she knew all too well broke into her thoughts.

She shrieked, half out of embarrassment at being caught thinking of evil plots, and the other half just plain scared out of her wits.

"S-Sasuke-kun!" she gaped at him, "Don't do that!"

He gave her the dazzling smirk that made her heart go all gooey. Sitting down next to her, she scooted closer to him. "Ne, ne, Sasuke-kun! We're really getting married!" she squealed happily, throwing her engaged-ified hand in front of his face..

He moved her hand away, as the smirk grew on his face, "I had no idea," sarcasm oozed out of his mouth. "I didn't hear you say so this morning…yesterday evening…yesterday afternoon…definitely didn't hear you shouting it at that woman at the mall."

"Hehe…"A guilty look formed on her face, "she deserved it! She was all over you!"

He gave her a knowing look and she turned away pouting. It was true. That girl would not leave Sasuke alone. Really. Did she honestly not see someone with pink hair latched onto his arm? Of course it was way within her rights to remind the lady to back off.

"Sakura…" he drawled, "I can think of a way to use that anger in a different…activity," his hand trailed up her arm and under her tank top's strap.

She turned bright red, as expected, whirling on him. "S-Sasuke!"

So not fair, he was using that incredibly sexy eyes hooded look, she always fell for. She scooted back on the couch, moving away from him.

A hand stopped him from leaning any closer. She looked at him, "No! You're not coming any closer! I know what you want to do!"

A look of fake confusion formed on his face, "What?"

She looked at him darkly, ignoring her flaring hormones, "You know what," she pressed her hand against her heart to slow her heartbeat.

Going back to the comfortable silence, Sakura pressed herself against Sasuke's chest. Mmmm…

Grinning into his chest she let out a muffled, "We're really getting married!" excitedly.

"Aa…" she felt him tense underneath her and she looked at him worriedly.


He sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair. She pushed herself up to face him.

A frown formed; up close she could see the dark circles underneath his eyes. Resting a hand on his cheek, "What's wrong Sasuke-kun?" Worry clouded her eyes.

He mumbled, "…family wants to meet you."

A laugh nearly spilled from her mouth, "You're so weird Sasuke-kun, I've already met your parents!" to herself she added 'soon to be my parents too!'

He looked at her with the "do I really look stupid" look. "The whole family," he emphasized looking at her as if she should have caught on to what she was saying by now.


He eyed her, not saying anything.

She still couldn't see the problem. She was sure she would love his family, after all how could she not love someone of the same genes as Sasuke? "I'm sure I'll love them." She leaned over to peer into his face. She scrutinized his eyes carefully.

He turned his eyes muttering, "It's not you loving them I'm worried about."

Her face fell once again.

A sniffle.

"A-Are you saying y-you don't think they'll like me!" Her innocent green emerald eyes welled up with big fat crystallized tears.

He looked alarmed, "N-no."

The tears were fake. Her face glowed again, "Really?" She was a sucker for compliments.


"Sasssukee-kun!" she playfully punched his shoulder.


"Really really?"


She giggled and hugged his arm. He continued to look up at the ceiling knowing Sakura would have much to do, to impress the family of his. He sighed wearily.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun? What if they don't like me?" She had to know...just in case.

He looked at her, "They will…" It sounded as if he were trying to convince himself more than he was her.

She gave him a weird look, "Sasuke-kun, really, what if they don't approve of me?"

He closed his eyes, knowing all too well that his family may just scare her out of the commitment.

"Mou! Sasuke-kun tell me!" She punched his chest. He grabbed her wrist and glared at her.

She pouted.

Giving in he sighed, "…Then we elope." He flashed her a confident look.

Her mouth fell open, "?"

He smirked and placed his lips on hers for a short sweet kiss. Her eyes remained open for a few fluttering seconds before she slowly responded. He pushed her down on the couch and kissed her again.

She pushed him off; he grunted unhappily.

"Are we really going to elope, if they don't approve?"

"So annoying," he huffed underneath his breath, not at all annoyed.

"Hai!" she chirped, knowing within her heart that he would never leave her.

He looked serious as he answered her question, "Aa. Now where were we?" She felt his lips reach her clavicle.

"Heehee!" She pushed herself away from him before things got too heated.

He tossed her list, "Study this."


"The list. Learn it. Become it."

He left her room, and stood outside the closed door waiting for her frustrated scream.

The Uchiha Matriarch Requirements

The Uchiha matriarch must be able to cook.

The Uchiha matriarch must be Five Feet Eight Inches.

The Uchiha matriarch must have small feet.

The Uchiha matriarch must have a proportional face.

The Uchiha matriarch must have dark eyes

The Uchiha matriarch must be patient.

The Uchiha matriarch must be kind.

The Uchiha matriarch must be able to control emotions.

The Uchiha matriarch must show respect for her elders.

The Uchiha matriarch must be able to take care of children.

The Uchiha matriarch must present her self with class.

The Uchiha matriarch must…

The list was endless. And she barely met half the requirements. "Aghh!!!!"

Mission succeeded. He smirked. But he grew serious again, thinking of the expectations listed on the paper his family members had of Sakura.

He sighed heavily. He was the spoiled one, the one his grandparents doted upon. They expected nothing but the best. A tiny smile formed on his face knowing that it would take much time for them to realize that Sakura was the one for him.

Approval Chapter 1

Today was the day, the very important day for Haruno (soon to be Uchiha) Sakura...the relatives were arriving.

She looked at herself in the mirror and applied the carefully chosen pink lipstick. She dabbed on eye shadow to liven up the eyes that held great weariness from the night of worrying.

Sasuke knocked on the door, "Oi, are you ready?"

She felt herself grow annoyed; she was a female, who essentially needed much more time to pamper herself. No male ever understood that. She slammed the door open to give him a piece of her mind.

She saw hearts. He looked so handsome. She felt herself let out an inward squeal. He looked at her with the superior look only he could pull off and instantly melted, forgetting her anger.

He frowned at her attire; she was still in her bathrobe. She looked at him with a questioning look and followed his gaze; she blushed and closed the door on him.

"I'll be out soon!" she yelled, flushing.

Approval Chapter 1

They arrived thirty minutes late. Sasuke was muttering about how much his family hated tardiness, and Sakura nervously shut her eyes, anticipating their arrival. After all, first impressions were everything.

So when they stepped foot into the airport, Sakura was sweating nervously and nearly tripped over the two inch heels she wore to meet the Uchiha Matriarch requirement.

Sasuke took one look at her and let out an exasperated sigh, "Relax."

"Easy for you to say." She glared at him, before taking a deep breath, and putting on a bright smile, ready to face the family.

She saw the faces, and immediately her face fell. She whispered, "They don't look too happy."

He smirked, "Your fault…we would have been on time if you hadn't changed your outfit five times."

She punched his arm. He leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Better not let Oba-chan see you attacking her favorite grandson."

In a few steps, she met the sight of an old woman, and from the looks of her face, she had seen.

She cowered behind the Uchiha's body and impatiently he pushed her forward.

"H-Hi! Haruno Sakura, n-nice too meet you!" She bowed.

The elderly man joined the elderly woman, "Tardiness is frowned upon in the Uchiha family."

So much for good first impressions.

She cringed.

Sasuke moved past her and greeted the two. "Oba-chan, Oji-chan…" he acknowledged.

Through her eyes, Sakura saw the elderly woman, scrutinize her grandson before saying, "Bah. That's not the proper way to greet your grandparents." She pulled him into an uncomfortably tight hug. Sakura shivered nervously, not looking forward to meeting the rest of the family standing behind the two elderly grandparents.

Sasuke pulled back asking, "Where's Itachi?"

Itachi! The super amazing cool brother of Sasuke-kun! She loved Itachi. She stood up on her toes searching for him through the sea of faces.

"He's coming next week…Bah! The air line didn't have enough room for all of us," Sasuke's grandmother complained.

"Now…now, where is that fiancé of yours? Did she disappear already?" Sakura stood to the sight smiling dreamily at the sight in front of her. There were only a few times Sasuke looked disgruntled and one of them was when his grandmother was pinching his cheeks.

"Ahh…There she is," Sakura snapped out of her dreamlike state when a woman standing at four feet eleven inches prodded her with a cane. Sakura was yanked down to meet the woman face to face.

"Hmmm…she does seem a little pale…" The pink haired fiancé had no idea what to make of this conclusion. She looked up at Sasuke for help only to meet half a shrug.

Sasuke pushed forwsssssaying he'd get someone to handle the many bags.

"S-Sasuke-kun! Matte! I'll come with you!"

No freaking way was she going to stay…it was awkward.

Sasuke looked back smoothly saying, "Iie, that's fine." That bastard. He knew all too well what was running through her head.

Nervously, Sakura turned to face the two elders, "O-oba-chan, Oj-ji-san, l-let me-"

"Michiko-san," the grandmother interrupted.

"H-hai! Gomen! Michiko-san, l-let me t-take your bags!"

The grandmother handed her bags to the pink haired woman and turned to mutter to her husband, "Good Lord, this child has speaking problems."

Sakura tensed, but before she could retort back, Sasuke returned and placed a hand on her shoulder. She felt the chattering from the family subside. She turned to look at them and saw the elders look shocked, before they began muttering, "Such public affection before marriage?!"

Sasuke quickly removed his hand and Sakura felt vulnerable once again without the strong arm supporting her.

"Come, the cars are waiting."

She trudged after Sasuke, hurrying to catch up to him.

She saw him move his lips from the corner of her eyes. He gritted out, "Just let them do the talking, and you'll survive."

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