Third times a charm! I hope...Anyway, because somebody is too blind and doesn't know how to read, I have once again gone back and rewritten the story. I'll be putting alot more detail into it and cover more of his life as well. It should be even better than version two, which many of you seemed to really like. So, this version, hopefully the last version of it, will be a smash hit. Anyway, Enjoy reading and looked forward to better written story with better written lemons.

Chapter 1 A Ninja Legand is Born

The peaceful night was shattered by the inhuman roar of the mighty Kyuubi No Kitsune. In the peaceful sleeping village of Konoha, a man with sun kissed yellow hair rushed through thr streets, long white cloak flying behind him, the red flamed hem a stark contrast compared to the dull brown and grey streets. Determination was set upon his face as he rushed to the hospital. His post was at the wall with his shinobi, but something had happened at the hospital...something had happened to his wife. He didn't even stop as he came to the doors. He simply slammed through the glass doors, shattering them. A surprised scream echoed through the empty lobby as the young man stumbled down the corridoor, blood dripping from the few cuts to his hands. He didn't even say anything to the nurses as he past the front desk. He didn't need to. He made his way to her room as fast as he could, pushing past doctors and other personell, and in one unfortunante man's case, knocked out as he was thrown head first into a wall. The blonde man walked past the Anbu guarding the door and entered the room, only to find it full of doctors and nurses.

"What has happened?" He demanded, walking over to the bed, expecting to see his wife holding their newborn child.

What he saw broke his heart. Laying in the bed, blissful smile upon her face was Kushina Uzumaki. But the monitor next to her showed that her vitals had flatlined. He moved forward like a man possessed and grasped her still warm hand. He slid to his knees. His wife was gone. Taken away from him. He closed his eyes, trying to not let the tears slip out. He failed. His frame shook as the doctors watched sadly. They had tried everything to save her, but had failed. It was a few minutes before he was able to control himself. He stood up, wipped his eyes and turned around, the sadness radiating off of him beyond measure.

"Where is my child?" He asked softly, as if fearing he might wake his wife.

"Here he is, Lord Hokage." A nurse replied, appearing with a small bundle.

The Hokage recognized the light lavander hued eyes of Hannah Hyuuga, Lord Hiashi Hyuuga's wife, and his former teammate.

"Hannah. Thank you. I will take him now." He said, stepping forward.

The Hyuuga nodded her head and passed the baby to the Hokage.

"Of course, Lord Hokage." She bowed and steped back.

The Hokage nodded and took one last look at his wife.

"I'll see you soon, my love." He whispered.

He looked back at the door and took a deep breath and let it out. He walked past the Doctors and exited the room. He covered up his son and sprinted back out the hospital, tearing down the streets at an increduible pace. He sensed a presance behind him that caught up rapidly.

"Saratobi." He said simply.

"Minato." The older man replied, his battle armor in place.

Minato and Saratobi continued down the street, rushing past homes and shops as distant sounds of thunder and screams of anger and rage reached them as the approached the wall of the village. The pair stopped at the gate. Minato looked down at his son, sadly.

"I'm sorry for what I am about to do. I hope that you will forgive me one day, Naruto Uzumaki."

Saratobi watched sadly as Minato made a series of one handed hand signs and summoned Gamabunta. The toad looked off to the fox. Minato turned to Saratobi.

"You know what I want to happen. Please. Keep my son safe."

"I promise, Minato. And I'll take care of the village." Saratobi said as Minato lept up ontop of Gamabunta's head.

The old toad nodded his head and lept off to face the fox. Minato closed his eyes as Gamabunta landed a bit more heavuly than he meant to. Minato opened his eyes.

"All shinobi. Fall back to the walls." He ordered. The leaf nin that could move helpped those who couldn't and fled the area.

"You sure about this, kid?" Chief Toad asked.

"Yeah, Bunta. I am. I am." He almost whispered the last 'I am' as he bagan the hand seals.

The fox turned and snarled, almost as if it knew what was coming. Minato took one last look at his son. It had to be this way. For the Villages sake. For his son's sake. Minato glared at the fox and finished. In a bright flash of white light, the fox vanished. A poof of smoke announced the dissappearance of Gamabunta. Minato Namikaze fell, eyes wide but unseeing as his body still had a firm hold on his son. Moments from the ground, Saratobi and several Anbu caught the Hokage's body before it hit the ground. Saratobi grunted from the impact, not being as young as he used to be. They lowered the body to the ground and Saratobi gently picked up the bundle. He looked at the blonde infant with a small smile.

"Well. What a way to welcome our newest member of the Leaf Village."

Saratobi saw one of the masked Anbu with a wolf mask step forward. He could sense the curiosity from the young man.

"Yes, Kakashi. It is Minato's son."

"Yes, Lord Hokage, I know. What has me curious is that I can sense his mother's blood limit in him." The Anbu lifted his mask to show a man with a black mask and his headband across his left eye. His right one was in the shape of a U. "Looks like I have a potential sparring partner in few years."

Saratobi chuckled untill he looked back at the body, sadly.

"Take his body to the Tower. He will be buired with a full hero's funeral."

"Hai." The Anbu replied.

They hefted the body and dissappeared in a swirl of leaves. Saratobi looked down at the bundle, smiling lightly.

"Well, Naruto. It seems fate has already both blessed and cursed you. But if you are your father's son, which I have no reason to doubt, you will be a ninja of great power and respect. I have no doubt you'll be a very splendid ninja, especialy since you have inherited the will of fire." Saratobi turned to the village and sighed.

If he hated one thing Minato had left him, it was the huge mountain of paperwork he had left. That man hadn't kept up with it either.


Danzo sat in his chambers, enjoying a cup of tea, feeling like nothing could go wrong. It was with a smile that he turned to the young Ninja infront of him.

"So. Yondaime is dead, a shame, but couldn't be helpped, and his son now holds the greatest destructive power anyone has ever seen."

"Yes, Lord Danzo." The dragon masked Anbu ROOT member answered.

Danzo nodded, satisfied. He may have failed in his previous attempt, but he wasn't going to this time. He set his cup down and rested his hands on his knees, the bandages still tight.

"Good. Now, all we have to do is wait for the council to demand something be done about the boy. And when they do, well, going to ones roots always seems to help." He said with a smirk. "Don't you think so?"

"Hai." The masked nin replied.

"Very good. With the Uchiha on my side, I cannot be denyed my prize. Kyuubi no Kitsune, the greatest weapon of Konoha. Has a nice ring to it." He turned away from the Anbu and silently made a list of those who would have to be removed from his rise to power. First on the list was...


"Saratobi! Have you gone mad?!" Lord Uchiha demanded, slamming his fist on the table.

Saratobi gave hima cool look.

"I have made up my mind. The infant will not be harmed. He will be allowed to live."

"It is a monster. It no longer was a child once it was sealed. Now, it is a demon." The Uchiha said angrily, balling up his fist, hated and anger radiating off of him.

"You say you trust Minato, yet you refuse to trust his son. The seal was designed by him. You stood by him, always trusting him. So now that he's dead, that trust no longer applies?" Saratobi demanded.

"Yes. That is a very backwards ass thinking, Uchiha. I for one am willing to give the child the right to live, and if any Uchiha moves against him, I will mobilize the whole of the Hyuuga clan against you to protect him." Hiahsi said coldly.

"Oh? Your eyes are nothing compared to mine! Sharingan!"


Both men rose out of their seats, prepared for a fight when a very old, but very angry voice thundered through the room.

"Sit down. Now." Saratobi hissed dangerously, trying to calm a crying Naruto.

Both men sent the other an intense glare and sat down. Saratobi was able to calm the infant and Naruto went back to sleep. Very few had ever seen the professor angry, but those that did knew when to listen. Saratobi took a deep breath and looked at the council, anger in his face.

"All of you have voiced your opinions. And, as I am happy to announce, the council has ruled in favor to let the child grow. Only one, has voted against it. Now, as of this night, no one in this room may reveal what truly happened to Kyuubi no Kitsune. The penatly for breaking this law is...death. Do not think I am making idle threats."

The clan heads waited for him to finish before they nodded their heads in agreement. One by one, they filed out, with Hiashi brining up the rear. He walked up to the Hokage and bowed low before standing up.

"Lord Hokage. I request the privalige to adopt Naruto. It would be easy to protect him with all the Hyuuga's in our compound." Hiashi said as he gently ran a finger over the blonde infants cheek.

Saratobi looked at him thoughtfully.

"Hmm...yes. It would be easier. But, I cannot allow it. It would draw too much attention. Besides, Kakashi called, oh what was the expression? 'Dibs' I believe. After all, Minato was like a brother to him." Saratobi smiled.

Hiashi chuckled.

"Yes. Like an older brother and a younger brother. Both just as perverted. Both huge fans of Jiraiya-sensei's books."

Saratobi gave him a knowing look.

"Don't you read them as well?"

Hiashi shrugged.

"Only for tips to use on Hannah. Well, I guess I can live with that. At least my daughter will have a playmate once she's born." Hiashi said with a smile, taking the infant.

He looked down as the baby opened his eyes and looked at him in wonder. Hiashi looked back into the twin cobalt pools, smiling.

"Well, welcome, Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki. Your in for one wild ride."

Saratobi didn't disagree. Kami knows how much this infant would have to suffer as he grew.


Saratobi gave the orphanage caretaker a small smile.

"His father was one of the many brave shinobi who died defending this village. Unfortunatly, his mother died giving birth."

The woman looked at the baby sadly.

"Poor thing. His father was one of many heros. I'll make sure he is raised properly. And thank you again, Lord Hokage for the donation to the orphanage. It will help us greatly."

Saratobi nodded his head.

"Yes. Now, I must be going. Be aware, Hiashi Hyuuga and Kakashi Hatake will be checking in on him from time to time, as will I, to make sure he's alright."

The woman nodded, but something caught her attention.

"Why don't they adopt the boy?" She asked curiously.

Saratobi didn't look at her. He simply walked to the window and looked out, seeing the children playing with one another.

"Because I have ordered them not to. It was his father's wish for him to grow up, not treated like a hero, but as a normal happy child. I know that no matter how much the other two would try, just being in the same household with them, sharing their family, would make him cocky, arrogangt, and egotistical." Saratobi said, tempted to light his pipe, but knew it wasn't the right thing to do in a housefull of children.

"Like the Uchiha."

"Like the Uchiha." Saratobi said with a nod.

Saratobi looked at the woman.

"I will send you the dates that Hiahsi and Kakashi would like to see him. Preferably, at the park with other children. Perhaps feildtrips would be appropriate in a few years?" Saratobi said with a smile.

The woman nodded, smiling.

"Hai. I think it would."

"Good. Well, I will expect a weekly report on the boy. You can deliver it in person if you'd like. I'll be at the tower pretty late for the next few months. Good day, Kira."

Kira the caretaker bowed to the Hokage.

"Good day, Lord Hokage."

She waited for him to leave before turning to the crib that held the sleeping blonde infant, sadly.

"Why would anyone confuse such an innocent child with that monster? He's nothing more than a little angel."

In years to come, she'd remember those words each time some one called him a demon. And noone wanted to cross Kira Motou. Being one of the most feared konouchi, besides Red Death of course, had it's privaliges.


Danzo fumed angril in his chambers. The power he needed had slipped through his fingers yet again. Now, it was of no use to him since it was under the Hokages thumb. He'd just have to find away to get it away from the village and...dispose of it. Maybe making it a ninja would help. After all, how powerful could he be? Danzo had no idea...