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Five year old Midorikawa Lettuce padded down the stairs of the children's home. Lettuce tripped over thin air and found herself falling. Lettuce let out a small yelp. Two arms shot out and grabbed Lettuce by the waist. The owner of the arms, pulled Lettuce close before walking down the rest of the way.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Lettuce looked up and smiled.

"Thank you, Paiie-kun." Lettuce whispered, before jumping out of his arms. Pai grinned, at the nickname Lettuce gave him.

Lettuce looked up at Pai and smiled.

Honda Pai, eight years old, wasn't like most boys, but they didn't know that, only Lettuce did. On Pai's finger was a sliver ring, to hide his ears. Pai was wearing a dark purple shirt and baggy jeans. Lettuce took hold of Pai's hand and smiled shyly.

"What do you want to do Lettie-chan?" Pai asked.

"Ano....dress up!" Lettuce said exictedly, her little chibi face turning red with delight. Pai laughed softly and picked Lettuce up.

That was another thing, Pai was a real push over when it came to Lettuce. Once they had a little cat-walk show at the children's home, Lettuce got Pai to have a go, wearing a light purple dress and make-up. Pai did have fun doing it, even through his face was red and he glared at anyone who laughed.

Pai walked into the dressing up room, with Lettuce and then placed her down gently. Lettuce walked across the room and started looking through the big box. Lettuce pulled a sliver mini-skirt out and a bikini top. Lettuce turned to Pai, a big grin on her chibi face and Pai sweatdropped.

Pai stared into the mirror, looking at himself. The sliver mini-skirt was too short and the bikini top was too tiny and he looked like a clown! Lettuce had put make-up on him. Lettuce had outlined his lips with the lipstick and put too much blush on. Around his eyes were dark blue smudges. Lettuce watched Pai was the chair, looking so proud in her work.

The door opened and Naru, their carer walked in. When Naru saw Pai, she quickly slapped her hands over her mouth trying to hold in her laughter. Pai let out a growl and wiped his face, ruining his maek-up. Pai realized what he done, when he heard light snliffing, that turned into sobs. Pai turned to Lettuce and she had tears running down her face.

"Oh no, Lettie-chan please don't cry." Pai pleaed.

Naru watched them, a smile on her face.

Lettuce rubbed her eyes, "Paiie-kun r-ruined m...my work."

"We can do it again tomorrow, I promise."

Lettuce's head snapped up to look at Pai and there was no traces of sadness. Lettuce clapped her hands happily and jumped off the chair. Lettuce ran up to Pai and took his head.

"Paiie-kun we'll go outside, ne?" Lettuce asked shyly. Pai nodded and smiled.


Lettuce ran around the garden laughing as Pai chased her, Pai went outside after he wiped the make-up off and got changed but not before Naru took a sneaky picture.

Lettuce squealed, when she felt Pai's hands on her waist. Pai pulled Lettuce back gently and Lettuce giggled. Naru walked into the garden and smiled. In her hand was a carema. Her smiled faded, when she remembered why was had a carema.

They don't deserve this. I wonder how they'll take it.

"Lettuce, Pai!" Naru called.

Pai and Lettuce looked up before running up to Naru.

"Yes Naru-san?" Pai asked.

"I'm gonna take some pictures of you two, ok?"

Lettuce smiled and nodded. Lettuce pulled Pai to the tree and sat down. Pai sat down behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Lettuce smiled softly and Naru took a picture.

About ten minutes later Naru had took a lot of pictures and led them back inside.

A couple stood near the stairs, with the manger.

They stared at Pai, idly and had they had the same rings as Pai on thier finger. They moved their gaze to Lettuce next and seemed to be glaring at her. Pai felt protectiveness coming over him and he pulled Lettuce close glaring back at them. Pai was very protective of Lettuce, as Naru had found out when two of the boys ganged up on her.

Beside the couples feet was a suitcase. Naru took a deep breath, before breaking the news.

"Pai...this is Tajki and Uo, there your foster parents."

Lettuce burst into tears and Pai tighted his grip on Lettuce, he already made up his mind, there was no way he was leaving Lettuce.

"No." Pai growled.

The manger grabbed Pai's hand and yanked him away from Lettuce. The manger wasn't very nice, Naru was the only kind one at the children's home. Lettuce shot forward, reaching out to grab Pai's hand but Naru pulled her back. Lettuce screamed and thrashed about in Naru's grip.

It broke Naru's heart to do this to them. Tajki grabbed Pai's hand from the manger and pulled him to the front door. Uo picked up Pai's stuff and followed. Tajki opened the door and roughly pulled Pai along. Uo shut the door and Lettuce broke free of Naru's hold.

Lettuce ran into the living room and started banging on the window. Pai looked at Lettuce from outside and placed his hand on the window. Lettuce placed her hand on the window too. Tajki saw what Pai done and that earned him a slap. Lettuce gasped, they were hurting her Paiie-kun!

Pai was yanked into the car roughly and Tajki slammed the door shut. Uo climbed into the car and Tajki got in the other side. Pai looked out of the window sadly and Lettuce looked back. Tajki started the car and drove away. As the car disappeared out sight, Lettuce collasped. Lettuce started hitting the floor, while sobbing.

Naru watched sadly from the doorway.

Kisshu: Jazz is unable to speak cuz she locked herself in her room

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Kisshu: -sighs- She can't beleive what she tore Lettuce and Pai apart and now she feels quiltly

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