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Pai got out his weapon and dived at Koki. Koki dodged and raised his sword. Koki drove his sword into Pai's side. Pai yelled in pain and fell to his side. Koki pulled his sword out and held it up, the blood dripping towards the floor.

Koki smirked and held up the sword, Koki shoved the sword downwards, aiming for Pai's heart. Pai stiffened waiting but it never came. Pai opened his eyes and Lettuce lay beside him, fresh blood running down her back, Koki's sword rammed in her back. Pai's eyes widneed and he felt his eyes water.

Pai stood up and Koki pulled the sword out.

"Why?" Pai yelled, "WHY ARE YOU HURTING LETTUCE?!"



Koki dropped his sword and dived at Pai, Koki rammed Pai into the wall, his hand around Pai's neck. Koki tigthened his grip on Pai's neck and Pai thrashed about, lashing out at Koki.

"Hehe, you think your so smart now, don't ya?!" Koki yelled in Pai's face.

Pai flinched and his body started to go numb. Koki let out and Pai fell to the floor. Koki picked up his sword again and held it over Pai.

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!"

Koki dodged and then stared at Lettuce, "Why?! Why won't you die!?"

"I can't die, not yet," Lettuce answered, "I'll die when I know Pai's safe."

Lettuce jumped at Koki and he rammed the sowrd in her side. Lettuce fell to the ground and Koki stared at her for a few seconds, then yanked the sword out, Lettuce whimpered and flinched.

"You must be sad to want to save Pai."

"Don't say that about Pai!" Lettuce yelled, jumping towards Koki.

Koki held the sword in front of him and the sword went though Lettuce's chest.

"Hehe... I lost." Lettuce whispered.

Koki pulled the sword out and threw Lettuce back.

"Lettuce!" Pai yelled.

Lettuce landed beside Pai and he slipped his arm under hers and pulled her close.

"Lettuce." Pai whispered.

Lettuce opened her eyes, her breathing was getting weaker. Pai placed his hand on Lettuce's check.

"I'm glad I found you again, Paiie-kun."

Pai choked, holding his tears back, "I am too Lettie-chan."

Lettuce smiled softly and then she closed her eyes, never to be open again.

Pai gently laid Lettuce down and then stood up. Pai glared at Koki.

"You killed Lettuce."

"Oh did you just work that out, my god, well done!"

"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Pai snapped.

"Oh but it is little brother and you die next!" Koki yelled, then flew towards Pai.

Pai dodged but the tip of the sword got him on his side. Just as Koki landed, Pai kicked him in the back of the leg hard. Koki fell to his knees and Pai grabbed the sword. Pai closed his eyes and then rammed the sword forward, straigth into Koki's heart. Koki made a gasping soung, then he fell to the floor, dead.

Pai let go of the sword and then walked towards Lettuce. Pai got on his knees beside Lettuce and pulled a glowing ball out of his pocket. Pai held it over Lettuce and the ball fell and went inside of Lettuce. Pai held Lettuce close and buried his face in her hair.


Pai pulled away and Lettuce looked back at him, her eyes half open. Pai lightly smiled and held Lettuce close again.

"Your alive." Pai whispered.

Lettuce wrapped her arms around Pai and hid her face in his chest.

"I love you...Lettuce."

Lettuce smiled at his words and tightened her grip on Pai.

"I love you too."


After two years Pai and Lettuce got married and had two children. Kisshu and Ichigo had one and so did Pudding and Taruto. Masaya married an girl in england and he ended up being rich. Masaya is the father of three children.