Title: Statuesque

Disclaimer: Sadly neither House or Wilson belong to me.

Summary: House wins an award. Wilson has to make sure House goes to the ceremony to collect it. House/Wilson.

A/N: In the UK, there is a national newspaper which holds an annual 'Pride of Britain' award ceremony. The event is televised and celebrities hand out awards to people who work for the local community etc. I took that as the basis for this fic.

Mention of season 2 episode 'Autopsy'. This fic is set around the beginning of season 4.

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Chapter One: Just Doing My Job

Wilson was hoping for a quiet, uneventful work day. He didn't have any appointments with patients and only one departmental meeting in the afternoon. He had barely sat down at his desk, only glancing at the large stack of mail in front of him before the phone rang. On the other end of the phone was a harried sounding Cuddy, who instructed him to see her as soon as possible. He wasn't sure why he had been summoned to Cuddy's office, but he guessed that it had something to do with House. Wilson decided to go via the cafeteria to get himself a cup of coffee. It was far too early in the morning to deal with damage limitation without any caffeine in his system. He headed into her office, passing her a second cup of coffee which she took with a grateful smile.

"Do you know about this?" She asked handing over a piece of paper with a garish, bright red letterhead. He quickly scanned the contents as his eyebrows shot up with surprise. The letter stated that House had been awarded 'Doctor of the Year' by a national newspaper which held an annual 'American Pride' awards ceremony. Ordinary citizens were recognised for the amazing deeds they had done. According to the awards committee, House was one of these amazing, ordinary citizens.

Wilson shook his head. "This is going to do wonders for his ego." He commented, chuckling with disbelief.

"Well I'm guessing that House doesn't either considering he doesn't read any of his mail." Cuddy added.

"You do know he has a phone in his office. You could call him and tell him the good news yourself." The smile from Wilson's face disappeared as he soon realised that Cuddy was in no mood for his smartass comments.

"That's not why I called you." She said sternly, as she went into full Dean of Medicine mode. It took Wilson a moment to understand what Cuddy meant before he jumped out of his seat, practically burning himself with hot coffee which had escaped from the paper cup.

"No way!" Wilson said emphatically, wagging his finger at her for extra effect.

"I have my cousin's wedding to go to that weekend. I can't get out of it." Wilson thought she didn't seem too upset at the thought of not accompanying House.

"I am not babysitting House to make sure he picks up his award!" Wilson continued to protest.

"He has to go. The publicity will mean that the hospital will get a huge increase in donations." Cuddy looked at him expectantly. She knew how effective that argument was; the hospital always needed new medical equipment.

"He won't care about the good publicity or the award either." Wilson sat back down and pushed the letter back across the desk towards her.

"Andie nominated him before she died. She said that House had given more time to be with her mother."

"That is true." Wilson conceded. " But as far as he is concerned, Andie was the same as any of his other patients."

"Tell him he can have a week off Clinic duty." Cuddy replied in a calm, business-like manner.

"Is a whole week off the best you can do?" Wilson laughed outright at her offer.

"Are you negotiating on his behalf?!" Cuddy crossed her arms with a displeased expression on her face.

"I'm only preparing you for what he'll say to you." Wilson shrugged his shoulders. Cuddy could promise House the world and he still wouldn't obey her.

"If he doesn't want to go, tell him I'll fire you both." Cuddy wrote a brief note outlining her offer and attached it to the letter before passing it over to Wilson.

"Threatening to fire House doesn't really work." Wilson said when he saw the harsh red handwriting on the note.

"That's why I included you. I don't care how you make it happen, but he's going. It's a national newspaper with a televised ceremony." Cuddy stated.

"You're the boss." Wilson replied as he stood up.

"Yes, I am." Cuddy allowed herself a small smile as her mood thawed.

"Well, it was good knowing you." Wilson walked out of her office, cup of coffee in one hand and letter in the other. He spent the time it took to reach House's office to wonder when exactly House wrangling first became part of his job description.