Gila's Second Chance

By Churnok

Additional chapters by Bahamut-255


All characters other than Beacon are the copyright of Marvel and Fox and are used here for non-profit entertainment purposes only. Beacon and the multi-dimensional organization he works for, along with their powers, technology and abilities are my creation but I've tried to design them so that anyone can use them as long as they send me a copy of the resulting story. Permission is given to anyone who wants to archive this story as long as they let me know first and give me a link to their site. I welcome any comments, questions, and/or constructive criticisms. This story takes place within the 1994-1998 Spider-Man: The Animated Series continuity during the Lizard King episode.

The mysterious gentleman known only as Beacon watched from the shadows as Spider-Man escorted his friends and fiancé out of the section of sewer that the lizard people had been using as a crude gladiatorial arena. Once the humans were gone he entered the arena and out of the numerous normal looking lizards he picked up the one that had been Gila, the one member of her infant race who wanted peaceful coexistence with humanity. Her people wanted to fight the human race for dominance. Such a battle would have destroyed them. This savage goal, combined with what she found out about her races accidental origin, left her understandably depressed. So when the neogenic bomb rolled into her hands she sacrificed herself to commit genocide. They were now almost completely restored to the simple reptiles that they had been before drinking Dr. Connors' failed experiment. In a matter of days all trace of what they had been would be gone from both their minds and their bodies.

But Beacon had another fate in mind for Gila.

"Well my dear," he said as he stroked the small reptile. "Your people may not have been ready for the gift they received from Doc Connors, but I think you are." A dimensional gate opened up silently behind him. "No reason we can't give you a second chance," he said as he turned and walked through it. Soon she would be restored to her humanoid form and gain the one thing she wanted in her short life. She would finally have a higher purpose.