Not Good Odds

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

The sound of her shoes rapping against the vinyl is the only sound that meets her ears. Strangely, the hall is very nearly empty and those who do occupy it are silent. Must be the weather, she decides.

She continues on her way, drowning in the similarly still depths of her mind until she reaches the door to House's office.

"...and the odds aren't in your favour," she hears him say. She pauses for a moment, waits to see if he will go on.

He doesn't.

She takes a step toward the door and sees that he's on the phone.

He glances up, shrugs at her. Seconds later, he mumbles something she can't make out and hangs up the phone. "Prostitute," he says flatly in explanation. "Wants me to drop by her place instead of her coming to me."

"Of course," she mutters.

"Did you want something?"

"No, no. Nothing." She frowns slightly, turns to leave. She had been going to ask him about the kiss, the second kiss they had shared since she had lost... Yes. Well. She was going to ask him about it. But now...

She swallows and makes her way to the door.


She pauses, doesn't turn around.

"I was kidding. It was Wilson. He wanted to sleep on the couch tonight. Something to do with that flood and his apartment getting trashed, I think."


"I told him I have plans." His tone is soft, surprisingly so, and finally she looks at him.

"And what might those plans be?" she asks.

Her breath catches in her throat at the look he gives her. "You."

"Do I get any say in this?"

"None whatsoever."

She gives a short burst of laughter, shakes her head. "Right."

"My place at eight?"

She almost says 'yes', but settles instead on, "I'll take a raincheck. Call Wilson back, tell him he can stay with you."


"Would you be up for a threesome?"


"Fine, fine. Tomorrow then. A twosome."

She rolls her eyes wearily and pinches the bridge of her nose. "If you're lucky."

He grins at her and she wants to jump him right there and then. She holds back. "Oh, I'm lucky," he says. "I'm very lucky."

"Well, let's see how lucky you are tomorrow night then." She sucks her bottom lip into her mouth. "After we've talked."


"Oh yeah."

"Maybe not so lucky then," he mutters half-jokingly.

She shakes her head in mild disbelief and leaves. She'll get her answers from him. She will. It is only a matter of keeping her emotions in check the next night and keeping her wits about her.

Not good odds if her urge to run back and kiss the hell out of him had anything to do with it..