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Enkidu07's Drabble Challenge
Prompt Word: Skin
Word Count: 100

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Disclaimer: Of course, none of this Supernatural goodness belongs to me. Darn it.


By: Vanessa Sgroi

He felt the feather-light ghostly touch drift across his bare chest, leaving goosebumps across his hot water-warmed skin, a split second before the temperature in the bathroom plummeted to arctic depths.

Having just stepped from the shower and clad in nothing more than the pink towel wrapped loosely around his hips, he felt distinctly exposed and vulnerable—completely unprepared to take on a spirit. He gasped, shivered as the bitter cold, and possibly something more, caressed and pressed against his still-damp skin. Movement suddenly seemed impossible.

He yelped plaintively for his brother, hoping he'd returned quickly from his food run.