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This is my first Keroro-fic, so don't flame on me instead give me reviews as giving me some advices or something like that. I don't own Keroro Gusou. This is the story about that a new member of Garuru Platoon, used to be an experiment of Kiruru Project, and adopted son of Garuru and Pururu! Truth will reveal soon!

Ceroro, I want Mum and Dad, de arimasu!

Chapter 1: Shock in the Morning

It was a sunny day in Japan, and so as the sun shined on one small, Hinata family. But something they didn't expect has arrived…

Nastumi woke up and walked to the balcony, it was Sunday as she and Fuyuki were no need go to school, "Yawn…that was a good sleep, huh?" suddenly something has caught her eyes as she looked upon the sky.

A giant fireball fell towards to their house! "Wow!!!" she screamed.


The mysterious fireball has landed on Giroro's camp, again, Giroro has survived and climbed out of his destroyed camp weakly. When everyone was out in the garden, and the haze has slowly faded, there was a shock, a spaceship!

"This must be one of that stupid frog's no good invasion plans!" Nastumi grunted her teeth and clenched her fist.

"Nei chan, calm yourself down. Maybe this is not one of Gusou's plans, I think." Fuyuki unsurely said.

Suddenly, the door of spaceship has opened, everybody stared it with their hearts beating faster and faster, and slowly a small figure came out. In a second, everyone was eye-widened, a young tadpole Keronian!?

To be continued...

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Next Chapter: Garuru Platoon Arrived!


"HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS???" she yelled as she pushed Keroro in front of the young Keron tadpole.

"This kid is named Ceroro First Solider, a new member of Garuru Platoon. He is also used to be one the experiments of Kiruru Project." He simply explained.