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Ceroro, I want Mom and Dad de arimesu!

Chapter 4

Night at Hinata House

"And that's how we become his 'parents'." Pururu finished, while Garuru gently patted his 'son' head in his slumber.

After hearing this, everyone was in tears, even Kururu has a slight sadness beneath his glasses.

"And to answer your question, Giroro. Pops has already known this and he is okay with this." Garuru replied to his little brother. Giroro said nothing but lowered his head and eyed at Ceroro who was sleeping peacefully in his brother's laps.

He had never seen this side of his old brother before, well of course when he was young as a tadpole, but rarely to anyone. Perhaps Pururu and Ceroro were meant special as he was to him.

"So what are you going to do? Are you going to leave?" Natsumi started.

"Well, yes and no. Since Ceroro ran to Pekopon, we had already sent two days absent report to the commander, just in case." Garuru said.

"Hopefully you won't mind if we could crash your place." Pururu asked, sheepishly.

On the other hand, Keroro was completely understand the situation that Garuru and Pururu having, just because they were forced or willingly to be Ceroro's adopted parents, that didn't mean they really liked each other, or did they?

"Um..., if you don't mind I'm asking, Pururu-san?" Keroro asked, "Do you and Garuru are...um...a-no... like each other? I mean like-like de arimasu." Then he saw the blush on the two kerons' cheeks, apparently that had replied Keroro's answer. Garuru could show his emotion when he wasn't in work.

That gave him a mental crush as he cried in the corner, like Dororo had when his trauma's twitch on.

"Are you sure he's okay?" Pururu worriedly asked.

"Nah, no worry, he's been through more than this. Once I'll teach him a lesson..." Nastumi replied with her snickering.

"Okay..." Pururu said with sweat-dropping.

"I'm home!" A voice came from the entrance of the house, and there was no one else but Aki Hinata. When she came into the living room, she was surprised that there was a crowd in one small place. "Oh, what's with the crowd?"

When she saw Ceroro beside Garuru, her eyes were lit, "OH! Aren't you adorable! You're such a cute thing!" she said as she hugged the little Keron tightly as he could almost hardly breathe.

"Uh...Mom, you're suffocating him!" Fuyuki tried to warn his mother.

"Awww, I can't help with this adorable around." Aki replied with a pouted face.

Mora kneeled before her uncle, and started to comfort him, "Don't be sad, oji-sama, Mora will always be here by your side." then she gave him one of her famous smiles as it warmed Keroro's heart.

Keroro let a tear fell on his cheeks and threw himself into Mora's warm embrace, 'Mora-dono!"

Tamama, on the other hand, was not pleased at these two events. Besides Mora, Ceroro was his next target in his enemy list. As his jealously grew, he growled, "Grrrr, he is so much cuter than me! I can't accept this!"

Accidentally, Tamama released his Tamama-blast at Ceroro. Everyone wanted to stop it but they couldn't, not even Taruru. However, Ceroro remained calm as he rose up one finger and when he approached the Tamama-blast, he stopped it and reflected it back on Tamama, which sent the black Keron into the sky.

Ceroro laughed in Aki's arms, "That was fun! Do that again!" although he wasn't aware of it, that everyone was staring at him in awestricken, except the Garuru platoon for they had already known what Ceroro was capable of.

"Now I understand why he's called a "weapon lifeform"..." Dororo said with impressive in his tone.

"Ceroro, how many time we have told you about the power you had?" Pururu scolded.

"They are not toys unless it is necessary." Ceroro said with a pout.

"No, I think that was totally necessary!" Giroro muttered, with sweat-dropping.

After repeating the story to Aki, she enthusiastically let them stay. "Well, I couldn't say to this, now could I?" she said with a smile.

"We are very grateful for your invitation." Garuru replied with a slight bow.

"Why, isn't he a catch or what?" Aki said to Pururu, insulating her as she blushed madly.

While during the conversation, they didn't realized that it was nearly evening, Natsumi was first to speak, "Oh my, it's evening already! The dinner's gonna be late a little while." since there were too many to serve.

"Let me help you." Pururu insisted.

"Me too." Koyuki added.

"I guess more help would be make things progress much more smoother." Garuru volunteered.

Giroro was surprised, "Oh! You help to cook? I haven't tasted your cook in years, this should be good."

"Wait until you try it, Giroro."

"Yea, mom and dad's cook are the best!" Ceroro cheerfully said in Aki's arms.

After a several hours, the supper was done and everyone was in their usual seat, except they had to put more chairs for their guests. Since Garuru wasn't on his duty as a captain of his platoon and work for the Headquarter, he came as a normal Keron just to visit his friends and brother, everything was warm like a crowed family, only an unusual one.

"Hey, after the dinner, we could have watched the meteor shower, what do you say?" Keroro suggested.

"There's going to have a meteor shower tonight? I didn't know that." Aki asked.

"You Pekopoens can't detect these meter, only other space species can. Lucky you. Kuku..." Kururu replied, more like mocking.

"Man, you have to be that irritating, aren't you?" Giroro complained.

"Well, if this attitude could piss you off, I'd say it's spot off. Pupupu..." Tororo snickered, everyone was sweat-dropping.

While they were focusing on the yellow and orange freaking-weird-genius Kerons, they didn't notice the little lifeform tadpole was eating his food harshly, and nip-picking his food.

"Ceroro, you have to eat fish!" Pururu urged her 'son'.

"Nugh!" Ceroro childishly pouted. "They're so yucky!"

"Oh come on! Their taste aren't that horrible. If you don't eat it, you won't be as strong as daddy is." Pururu encouraged him with a grin. "Or, you would prefer having my special vitamin shot."

With that small 'encourage', Ceroro complied and ate his fish. Then Garuru secretly gave Ceroro his meatball, which was Ceroro's favourite. Pururu tried not to notice it, Garuru gave Ceroro a wink and the little tadpole giggled and gave him a slight nod. He smiled back and went on eating his food.

To be continued...

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