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"Hey Sasuke, isn´t there another way to do this?"

"I already told you a million times no"

"Etto..and are you sure you know what you are doing?"

"Of course yes dobe, I have done this a million times"

"You tell me that now but what if not?"

"Keep still or I will hurt you"

"Hey, but can´t I be in another position?"

"What´s wrong with that position?"

"I can´t see what happens-ttebayo"

"Hn, and why for would you like to see?"

"Because I wanna se what you do to me"

"You are scared, that's why"

"I-I-I´m not afraid!!!"

"Then why are you trembling?"

"Because....because i´m cold"

"Yeah, sure"

"I would like to see you in my position-ttebayo"

"I will never be in your position, now stay still"

"But are you sure there isn´t another way i can lay"

"Your anatomy doesn´t let me put you in another way and insert you this!!!"


"Usuratonkachi, haven´t you seen one like this before?"

"Of course I have seen one before, but never from that size-ttebayo!!!"

"Hn, now keep still or i swear you i will tie you to the bed"


"Ok you wanted it I'm going to tie you"

"No, gomen gomen I will keep still, but treat me gently this is my first time in this"

"Hn, good, now I need you to hold on, even if I have prepared you this may hurt you the first time, and I advise you that you will not be able to sit downs or walk for a few days because of the pain"

"But weren´t you supposed to help me with that???"

"Hai, but every person is different, and as I already told you with will only hurt the first time, after that you will not sense any pain, nw calm down, count to 10"


"Usuratonkachi, i told you to hold on!!!! Stop moving or I will hurt you!!!!"


"if you were still i could do it better!! RELAX DOBE!!"


"Good, it´s endure the pain a little"

"Hurry up it hurts a lot!!!!"

"Urusai, stop being such a baby, I going to take it out, but I will introduce it again, this time it will not hurt that much…I hope"

"What?? You said that you have made this million times!!!!"

"Hai, but never with someone so crying and noisy like you, everyone else endures the pain and stay QUIET"

"And why you blame me for feeling this pain"

"Ok, here we go again, be calmed"

"It´s going to hurt It´s going to hurt It´s going to hurt"

"It´s in, see? Everything is easier if you are still"

"Sasuke someone is knocking the door "

"Hn, just in time…Come in!!!"

"How can I help you, Dr Uchiha?"

"Take this to Dr Hatake, tell him this is the extraction of spinal cord of the patient Uzumaki he asked for"

"Hai, with your permission Dr, Uchiha"

"See Dobe?? It wasn´t that difficult"

"Teme, take off that smirk you practice a lot and help me stand up"

"Ie, I told you that you weren´t going to stand up on a couple days, now stay like this or I will make Sakura come to take care of you, did I made myself clear???"

"Li-Like water-ttebayo"

"Good, i will go to tkae care of my other patients"


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