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Raven slowly opened her eyes. Her vision at first blurred, but after a few blinks her room became clear in sight. The sun light beamed in brightly through the large windows warming the room. She sat up, holding her blanket to her chest to stop it from revealing her breast, and did a quick look around. Every thing looked completely normal, besides the close that lay thrown on the floor. Raven sighed happily as she laid back down next to Beastboy who, still in his sleep, had his arm wrapped around her naked body. She smiled at him as he slumbered.

It was only a few months ago where she couldn't stand his cockiness, his lame jokes which, she had to admit, where getting better, and most of what he did, but now she found it all charming, sweet, and cute. It had also been only a few months ago when the two had found themselves alone in Titans Tower. With nothing to do, the Changeling and Empath decided to hang out and talk which led more days of hanging out. A bond grew, feelings increased, they never mentioned it or talked about with each other or anyone els. Last night had been the first time they had come to terms with their feelings.

Raven sighed happily then curled back up next to Beastboy. After she had grown close to him she found it easier to show emotions and control her powers at the same time. She enjoyed the freedom so much. Raven looked around her room till her eyes landed on her clock. It was 7: 45. they had to get up before Robin, or any of the other Titans, came to see what was keeping them. Raven lightly taped her finger tip against his nose.

Bestboy blinked his eyes open before closing them and stretching his body. He looked up at her. They gave each other warm grins of affection.

"Morning, Raven." He grinned.

"Morning, Garfield." She replied. Every time a Titan turned 17 the others started addressing them by there real name: First Victor (19), Dick(18), Kory(18) then Garfield(17). Raven still had a month till her 17th birthday, but she doubted any of them where going to truly start calling her by her real name. She felt they would only call her her real name on occasions, sins she had always shown a disliking of being called Rachel Roth.

Beastboy pulled Raven into a kiss. She let him. Raven felt it strange kissing him. For so long they had been 'rivals', and now they where lovers. They separated and she looked at him. He had changed over the years. Both mentally and physically. He had matured, he was still cocky, but was now more tolerable. Physically He had grow taller and now had to look down to meet Ravens gaze. He had toned his muscles and even had little peach fuzz growing over his lip.

Raven had changed too. Her body fully matured. She had loosened up, and had become more outgoing. But she could still be clammed as the 'Dark Titan'. Raven sat up, and smiled.

He gave a large grin, "I told you you liked me." He rose his eye brows up and down.

Raven rolled her eye's and simply said,"Come on Gar. We have to get dressed."

"Awww! But why." Beatboy wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back to the bad, "I'd rather stay right hear. If we're lucky there will be no end of the world crises and we can jest stay hear all day"

Raven giggled, "Garfield I'm serous."

"And I'm not?"

"What if Dick or Victor comes looking for us to see why we're not up?"

"Uhmm..." Beatboy thought a moment then shuddered, "I see your point."

They got up a started getting dressed. Now only shirtless, Beastboy looked around. It was true, he had been in Ravens room more times then any of the other Titans, but he had never really looked around. The first time he had ever been in there he thought it all looked creepy, but now he found it all beautiful in some way or another.

There wasn't much in the room actually. The two mask use manly in theater, a globe of the earth, books that lined the shelves, a book stand, a trunk at the foot of the bed, a desk with a mirror on it and misalliances items used for magic in side it, and some thing that partly surprised him.

"You kelped that thing?" He said out loud.

Raven turned to him, putting on her cape and hood sens she was now fully dressed, "Huh?"

Beastboy put on his uniforms shirt as he walked over to the corner of the room. With a smile a picked up and showed Raven a giant chicken stuffed animal. Raven slightly blushed.

"ya, I kept him." He chuckled and set it on the bed.

"Shall we go?"

"That sounds like a good idea."