The hole morning was filled with gossip with Starfire, Car topics with Cyborg, crime update with Robin, and settling them in for the week for there visit. Seeing as they spent most of Ravens time, the three Titans decided they'd find something to do and leave there other two team mates alone for awhile.

"So how have you been Gar?" Raven asked as the two walked. Ravens clock flowing with every step.

"You know same oh same oh." BeastBoy said in a cheery voice. The two stopped together at a balcony. He looked at her, letting his face fall, "Okay, do you want the truth, the hole truth, and nothing but the truth?"

"So help you Azar."

He hugged her tightly, "I've been beyond miserable. When....when Terra left and betrayed us... I felt heart broken, but when you left." BeastBoy released her half way to let her look him the eye, "When you left it felt like some one not only broke my heart but they also stole my sole." He embraced her again, "If I hadn't found something to distract me who knows what would of happen."

"Garfield." Raven hugging him back. Nearly at tears. They stood there for awhile before finally separating. BeastBoy wiped away a few tears she had shed and rested his hand on her cheek. Raven closed her eyes, smiled, and placed her hand on his. She reopened them and looked at him. He smiled back and eliminated the small gap between them, kissing her. Both there hearts leaped for joy at every second there lips stayed touching. Eventually they needed to separate. Why the mortal need for oxygen?

"So?" Raven blushed, "What was it that distracted you?"

"Oh." BeastBoy smiled and took his back pack off his shoulders, "There's something I want to give you. Is there a place we can sit?"

"This way." Raven lead him to a large flat marble rock. "It's suppose to be a bench."

They sat down on it. The sun was slowly setting in the evening sky as it streaked golden rays at them. BeastBoy set his pack between them. Zipping it open he put his hands inside, "This was, I guess, a birthday present for you Rachel, but... You know. So I'll give it to you now."

He pulled out a plushie about the size of a small dog. It was him. Raven took the doll from him. It had large anima eyes and a small smile stitched into it. It was hand made, one could tell, but it was well done for such a thing. Raven grazed her hand over it's hair. It felt real.

"Gar, did you use your actual hair for this?" BeastBoy lightly chuckled.

"Heehee Ya. I did. You can sorta still see where I cut it to." He tilted his head. If one looked close enough they could see where a chunk of his hair was shorter then the rest. He looked back up at her then pulled another doll from his bag. "I have one to."

There in his hand was a tiny Raven. It to had large eyes as well and a subtitle smile. "I found some of your old hair clippings in your room...I-I hope that's all right. You see, this way we're always together even where we're apart."

Raven smiled at him, "Oh Garfield." She hugged him tightly. "You seem to know jest what to say. I'll always keep him with me."

"I have names for them." Garfield said putting his free hand on her back.


"MinnyHe and MinnyShe." Raven pushed away and gave him a look, "Okay Okay. Minny Rea and Minny BB."

"Now that I can live with."

"Oh Rea. Hold yours up." She did. Holding MinnyBB with one hand. BeastBoy held Minny Rea up as well and brought the two dolls close to each other. Suddenly the dolls hands clicked together. "Magnets."

"Garfield they're wonderful." She hugged him again this time also kissing him. He returned both embraces. Dolls still in hand. They released lips and laid down together. Raven shivered, making BeastBoy look at her.

"You cold Rea?"

"Jest a bit." He sat her up and set his doll next to her. He quickly transformed in to a large wolf. He circuled around her a few times before wrapping his furred body around her laying down. She smiled and rested her head on him. He was warm, and shielded her from the coming cold breeze. Raven held the MinnyBB in her arms as she used her clock as a blanket. She felt suddenly drowsy. BeastBoy took Minny Raven in his mouth and set it down next to the real Raven before setting his head on it. He looked at her. Her eyes were shut and she breathing deeper. In her sleep she snuggled even more into his green fur. He wrapped his tail around her and close his eyes as well.

Unknown to the sleeping lovers enraged eyes glared down at them from a far, "How could she possible love an imbecile like him? Him and his corny affections. He doesn't even deserve her looking at him. Let alone her affections"