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This takes place in season 3, a few weeks after Wannabe in the Weeds and before Pain in the Heart. You know why I don't want that-Zach! We love him! I really hope he comes back more, and soon. Don't you just love the fact that he's innocent?

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Couple Pairings: BoothxBrennan, HodginsxAngela

Rating: T for now, M for later chapters.

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Chapter 1-The Breakfast

Brennan sighed as she looked through the case file in her hands. It was Sunday, nine in the morning, and she was being stressed out over their current case.

Booth was with Parker, so Brennan hadn't wanted to call him to interrupt his time with his son.

Of course, there wasn't much she could have told him just yet. The anomalies would have to be examined further in the lab. They were useless here in the confines of her home. She was useless here.

Brennan sighed again and looked at the clock. Nine-oh-one. Had she really expected time to jump twenty four hours in the past minute? Yes. Irrational as it was.

Angela had taken the liberty of ensuring that Brennan wouldn't go into the lab on Sundays by every means possible. From phone calls to impromptu girl time, Angela would do it, especially since Hodgins was with Zach for the weekend, visiting Zach's family. Brennan was expecting Angela to show up at her doorstep, actually.

This was what was keeping her from grabbing her coat and heading straight to the lab. She sighed, dropping her head in her hands as she sat at the kitchen counter. What exactly was she supposed to do for the entire day? She was having a writer's block, effectively ending any thoughts on Kathy and Andy for the time being. She couldn't focus on the case file any longer or she would go insane. And she had finished everything she was supposed to be doing today yesterday.

Her stomach grumbled and Brennan perked. Maybe she should go out, get breakfast, drive around for a bit. What was the point in being bored and cooped up?

She reached for her coat and went out the door. She could go to the Royal.


As soon as she parked and went inside, she heard, "Bones!"

Brennan's eyes searched the place until she found Booth and Parker sitting at their normal booth. Brennan smiled when Booth gestured for her to come over. "Sit with us, Bones," Booth grinned at her. Although she could feel herself melting-a figure of a speech, Angela had once told her-she fought it back. This was Booth she's talking about. There's nothing but a platonic affection for one partner to another.

"Booth, I really don't want to interrupt your time with Parker…" she smiled at the blonde-haired boy.

Parker grinned at her as well, the smile a match with his father's. Brennan almost rolled her eyes. It seems that Booth's charm smile was hereditary. "It's okay, Dr. Bones," he exclaimed. "Come sit with us!"

Dr. Bones? It seems the boy has his father's like for using nicknames, as well. "Are you sure?" Brennan looked from one Booth to another. Parker nodded his head enthusiastically, his curls bouncing on his head. Brennan chuckled and slid into the booth, sitting opposite Booth and Parker. The waitress came over and Brennan ordered coffee and omelet.

"What happened to good ol' American breakfast?" Booth teased. "You know, pancakes, waffles, bacon…?"

Brennan rolled her eyes at him. "They make you fat and cause heart problems as you get older. You know, a man your age really needs to take care of your health, Booth," she sipped her coffee.

Booth's teasing smile slipped from his face and he scowled at her. "I'm thirty five, Bones!" he exclaimed.

Parker giggled as he watched his daddy and his partner quarrel. Booth glanced at him and smiled. "You find that funny, huh, bub?" Parker nodded his head, still grinning widely. Booth leaned forward, and tickled Parker's sides. Parker squealed and squirmed in Booth's arms. "Daddy!" he gasped, laughing. "Dr. Bones! Help!" he giggled.

Brennan chuckled, shaking her head at the duo. The waitress came over again and set her breakfast on the table. Parker frowned at her plate. "Is that all you're eating, Dr. Bones? Because daddy says that you have to eat pancakes and bacon to be strong," he recited.

Brennan glared half-heartedly at Booth, who flashed her his charm smile. "Omelets make you strong and healthy," Brennan declared, digging into the eggs.

"Don't corrupt him," Booth mock glared at her, pointing his index finger at her. Brennan rolled her eyes as she chewed. "So what made you come here for breakfast?"

"Didn't know I couldn't." He only smiled, so she sighed, putting down her knife and fork. "I got bored. I can't go to the lab because Angela would get all mad. I've got writer's block so I can't work on my novel. I'm was flown over the wall at home."

Booth snorted. "Driven up the wall, you mean?" Brennan shrugged.

Parker slid under the table and a moment later, his little body popped up next to Brennan. She gazed at him, surprised. His eyes were dancing with excitement. "Then come with us, Dr. Bones!" he cried, reaching over to tug at her hand. "We're going to the park. You can come play with daddy and me."

Brennan shifted uncomfortably. It sounded like a family event. She wasn't fond of that. The last memories she had of ever being surrounded by family in a park were right before her parents disappeared, right before winter, and Christmas.

Booth saw her struggle and came quickly to her rescue. "Uh, bub, I don't think Bones would want to come…" he said, trailing off at the hurt look in his son's eyes.

Parker looked from Booth to Brennan and back again, confused. "Why not? Daddy and I always have fun when we go to the park. If you're bored, then you should come, Dr. Bones. We'll play a game!" his face lit up entirely as he spoke.

Brennan tried not to smile back at him, but it was hard to do that. He was wearing Booth's charm smile, and she could never resist whenever that happened. "Well…I wouldn't want to interrupt your time with your daddy," she said, peeking at Booth as she said this.

Booth smiled at her and shook his head. "You can never do that, Bones. Come on, it'll be fun," he said, trying to persuade her, as well. He flashed her his infamous charm smile as well.

Brennan groaned internally. Why on earth would he do something like that? He knows that whenever he smiles, he could get any woman on earth to do his bidding. Did he think it wouldn't work on her? Apparently so, as his smile broadened when he realized her will crumbling right before his eyes.

"Alright…I'll come along," she said, her voice wavering slightly in uncertainty.

Parker clapped his hands together. "Dr. Bones is coming!" he said giddily to his father. He reached across the table and slapped Booth's palm, giving him a high five.

The three of them finished their breakfast together, chatting about everyday things. Parker was their catalyst. He talked about everything in his life, giving her avid descriptions of his week in school. He was particularly interested in what they were studying in science recently. Booth groaned when it came up.

"Really, Parker? What about?" Brennan shot Booth an evil smirk, to which he glared at.

"Dinosaurs!" Parker exclaimed excitedly, throwing his hands in the air. "We're learning about the fosis of the dinosaurs. We get to learn their bones! And how big they are!" To emphasize his point, he spread his arms out in front of him to prove his point.

"Great," Booth grumbled. "My son, the future generation of the squint squad."

Brennan chuckled, shaking her head at him. "You should be so lucky, Booth. What's wrong with him being intelligent?"

Booth couldn't help it-he grinned. The thought of Parker being the next squint was, he had to admit, nightmarish. It took all he had not to shudder at the thought. But Bones had practically praised his son, something he would never thought could happen. And, sure, he'd want Parker to be smart. There was nothing wrong with that. Absolutely nothing.

"Daddy, let's go to the park," Parker whined from across the table. He had still not moved from his position beside Brennan. He was practically sitting in her lap at the moment. Brennan hardly noticed this, nor was she uncomfortable with it. Parker was a different kind of a child. He understood, had empathy, and his intelligence was outstanding. She didn't spend a lot of time with children, but if she had to, she'd wager that Parker was smarter than an average five year old.

Booth looked at the table-all three plates were polished. He grabbed his wallet, and paid for all three of them. Brennan looked at the money, shocked. "Booth, I am perfectly capable of paying for my own breakfast," she said, glaring at him slightly.

Booth chuckled. Same ol' Bones. "I know, Bones. How 'bout you pay the next time we eat together?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

Brennan considered his compromise then smiled. "Deal."

"Daaaaddddyyyyy. Dr. Boooonnnneeessss. Let's goooooo," Parker whined, glaring at the two of them the way only a five year old child could.

They laughed, and slid out of their seats. As soon as they were out of the diner, Parker latched on to Brennan's hand. Both Booth and Brennan looked down at him, surprised, but he was oblivious. "We've got to take daddy's car to go to the park," he informed Brennan matter-of-factly.

Brennan regained her composure and smiled down at him. "Alright, let's go then," she looked up at Booth, who was still a little shocked by his son's display of affection, and smiled tentatively. Slowly, he smiled back. There it was, Booth's charm smile again.

She allowed Parker to lead her to where Booth's black FBI-warranted SUV was parked, and slid into the passenger's seat while Booth buckled Parker in the child's seat in the back. He came around to the front when he was done and slipped into the driver's seat. "Ready, Bones?" he asked, his voice light and teasing.

She nodded, and he started the engine. As he was driving away from the diner, she scrunched up her face and asked, "Booth? Are you ever going to let me drive?"

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