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I sat on my bed idly passing the time. I had a small black novel propped up in my right hand, lazily skimming through the pages. I had no current missions that needed to completed and I had just got back from the dining hall after feeding my protesting stomache. And as of right now, (unless you wanted to read or play some random game) the Black Order was rather boring seeing that our only source of entertainment was on a mission at the moment.

Lavi and Yuu Kanda had been sent on a mission almost a week ago to see if the rumors of Innocence in Amsterdam were true. But as of two days ago, all communication with both exorcists had ceased. If it were any other exorcists, this would seem rather odd. Seeing as it was Kanda, the hot headed Japanese pretty boy who choose to do things his way, and Lavi, who was blessed with a photographic memory and could tell you anything that has happened in history so far off the top of his head but couldn't even remember to contact HQ, no one seemed that worried about it.

And I felt the same. I knew Lavi and Kanda were more than capable of completing a mission. Even if they had encountered any enemy, they wouldn't go down without a fight. They were skilled exorcists who I have seen destroy plently of Level One and Two Akumas. I knew they were fine.

But as these thoughts ran through my mind, I was startled from my book and almost tumbled to the floor (I was able to keep myself from doing a nasty face plant by placing my hand on the nightstand in the nick of time) when my room door opened up with a loud bang. I looked up, alarmed that there could be possible trouble. Standing in the door frame was Lenalee, a look on distress etched on her face. Her wet cheeks shone in the dim light and more visible tears wer streaming down them.

"Lenalee," I started, my tone worried. I stood from my position on my bed and rushed over to her. I draped a comforting arm around her shoulder. She silently tilted her head so she could look at me, a deep frown on her face. "What's got you so upset?"

If possible, her frown deepen. She shook her head, placing it in her hands.

"Oh, Allen!" She spoke through them, her voice higher than usual and the tone grave. "It's awful! Kanda-kun and Lavi-kun just returned from their mission. Both are injuried, though Lavi's worse..."

Her voice trailed off as she let out a loud cry, wrapped her arms around my neck, and started to sob into my chest. Her tears started to stain my shirt, though I would never say anything to her. I started to quietly shhh her while I brought a hand up to rub her back gently, trying to comfort and calm her at the same time. When she calmed some, I took that as it was safe to ask questions.

"What about Lavi, Lenalee?"

"Oh, Al-al-allen..." I had to listen closely, seeing as she was still crying a considerale amount, making it somewhat hard to understand.

I swallowed the lump that I didn't know had formed in my throat. What if...?

"He's not...you know."

"No, no!" she yelped, pulling away. I felt relieve wash over my entire body. If Lavi would have...I didn't even want to think of the word. She made eye contact with me as she continued. "No Allen-kun, he's not dead. He has...amnesia."

"Amnesia?" She sensed the confusion in my voice. Taking a hold of my wrist, she pulled me out of the room. Swiftly walking down the corridor that led to the infirmary, Lenalee filled me in on some of the details.

"I don't know all the details yet, after I heard he had amnesia, I quickly rushed out and came and told you. All I know is that he was knocked out. Kanda-kun said he woke when they were ten miles away from headquarters. And he doesn't remember anything or...anyone."

Before I could say anything in response, we were at the infirmary. Standing in front of one the rooms was Komui, Bookman, and Kanda. Rushing to her brothers side (still pulling behind her, mind you) Lenalee quickly started to ask the questions we were both wanting to know the answers to.

"How's Lavi-kun?" she asked almost breathlessly. Komui placed an arm around her and squeezed her shoulder in a comforting manner. She let go of my wrist, letting it fall to my side, and wrapped both arms around his torso.

"There's no need to worry, Miss Lena," Bookman spoke, turning to Kanda. "You can fill her and Walker in on what happened if you wish."

Both Lenalee and I turned towards Kanda, waiting for him to start his story.

With a loud 'che', his folded his arms over his chest. "It's his own fault. After we destoryed the Akuma, the baka usagi was carelessly swinging that over-sized mullet around and hit himself in the head with his own damned weapon."

Lenalee let out a squeak that sounded like 'oh no' and this time buried her face into Komui's chest. I felt my jaw drop. The word how kept repeating itself in my mind. To knock yourself out with your own weapon...honestly.

"Not to worry," Bookman piped up again, "it's very mild. I give it three days to fade, if that long. But," Bookman turned to stare intently at me. I felt myself shrink under his glare. "He keeps asking about a white-haired boy with a scar running down the left side of his face."

"Wonder who that could be," Komui chimed in, turning his head to smile at me. I quickly returned it and then turned my full attention back to Bookman.

"Can I see him?"

Bookman nodded. I quickly rushed to the door, placing my hand on the knob and pulling it open.

"But be careful, Walker. Walker? Walker! Bah, baka!"

Before Bookman could finish his warning, I was already in the room, the door shut. Lavi was sitting on the bed, legs strecthed out and crossed. He was in a pair of white hospital pants and a loose fitting orange tank top that clashed with his vibrant red hair. He was leaning against the headboard, one arm behind his head, his free hand holding a small black leather bound book. He was humming a tune I didn't quite recognize but knew I had heard it before.

Upon hearing the door open and closing, Lavi looked up. He smiled a toothy grin when he saw that he had a visitor.

"Oh, hey!" he chirped. Sitting his book down, he waved eagerly.

"Hey," I smiled slightly and waved back, though not as enthustically. "How are you feeling, Lavi?"

"I feel fantastic, thanks! Everyone here is so nice. Except that Japanese girl that wears her hair in a ponytail. She's hateful. She put her sword to my neck when I told her she was pretty when we were on our way up here! Do you know who I'm talking about?" I nodded while suppressing my laugther at the fact that Lavi had called Kanda a girl. "Though I have a slight headache." He brought a hand up to rub his forehead, the smile never faltered. "But it's fine."

"Well, that's good to hear," I replied while taking a few steps closer to him.

"How are you feeling, uh, wow." Then was when Lavi's smiled faded, turning into a small frown. "I'm sorry...it seems I don't know your name."

I sighed. Though I knew it wasn't his fault in way, shape, or form, it was still upsetting when such a close friend forgets your name.

"Allen Walker."

"Allen Walker?" Lavi repeated while his smile returned. Then his jaw dropped and eyes widened in a realization that I must have missed. "Oh, Allen Walker!"

Lavi picked up the small book he had been reading a few minute prior. Opening it, he flipped through the pages until he found what he was looking for. Now that I looked closer, I could see curvise golden words on the front that read 'Diary'. When he foud his desired page, he read aloud so I heard what was written.

"Sorry I haven't written in awhile. I've just been so busy with all the work the Panda's (I take it that 'Panda' is that old man with the funny hair and the dark circles around his eyes?) been piling on me lately and the missions for the Order. Nothing's really happened since my last entry. Panda says the war's looming closer (there's a upcoming war? Really?) and I could't agree more. Well, other than what I usually write about, I don't have much to say. So to make this entry longer, I'll write my usual. The boy who has stolen my heart. With his hair as white as freshly fallen snow, silvery eyes, and his innocence. Not his innocence in the sense of his left arm, in the sense that he himself is innocent. I'm so glad that I have met him. There's nothing about him that I don't love. I'm a future Bookman (I haven't the slightest clue as to what that is, do you Allen?), I shouldn't be having feeling like this! I'm not supposed to get attached to people, especially romantically. But the fact still remains: I'm completely and utterly in love with Allen Walker. You know, it's a good thing that Panda's clueless to the fact that I keep a diary. I'd hate to know what kind of physcial pain he'd inflict on me if he ever read this."

Closing the book and sitting it back down, Lavi had a wide grin on his face. Hopping off the bed, he took a few steps towards me to close the distant between us.

I was at a loss for words. How was I supposed to respond to someone that spilled their true feelings for me that didn't even remember me?

I stiffened when Lavi wrapped his arms around my neck, burying his nose into my neck.

"If you're as amazing as the entries I've written in that diary, then I'm extremely lucky to have a boyfriend like you."

Instinctively, I pushed Lavi away. His smile fell a bit, a confused look etched on his features.

"Boyfriend? You think I'm your...boyfriend?"

"'Course you are!" Lavi chirped brightly. "If you weren't, then why would I write about you like the way I did?"

"Lavi," I sighed while shaking my head. "I don't know. But I'm not you're-Mhm!"

My sentence died in my throat and eyes widened when Lavi crushed his lips to mine. Though I didn't respond, Lavi continued his assult on my lips. Shocked and confused to the fact that I didn't mind, I did the first thing that came to mind.

I punched Lavi in the head.

Pulling away from me quickly, Lavi looked at me with a look of pure confusion on his features. After a minute or two of silence passed with us just staring at one another, Lavi's face contorted in a look of...anger?

"What the hell was that for, moyashi?"

"You kissed me, Lavi! I-wait," I narrowed my eyes, staring accusingly at Lavi. "What did you just call me?"

Lavi's eyes widened in realization. "I, uh, I, I just, uh..."

"Baka!" I shouted, slapping Lavi upside the head, assulting him again. "You never lost your memory!"

"Yes I did!" Lavi shouted back in defense. "It just came back when you punched me!"

I sighed again, rolling my eyes. I turned on my heels, heading for the door. Even if his memory had just come back or not, it didn't matter to me. I was done visiting Lavi.

I felt Lavi grab my wrist. Oddly, instead of pulling away I stopped.

"It doesn't matter if you believe me or not that I in fact did lose my memory momentarily, Allen. But what I read from my diary was the real deal. I wouldn't jeopardize our friendship over a prank, especially not one like. Everything I read to you was the God's honest truth." He let out a long and tired sigh. He pulled on my wrist and I collided softly with his chest. "I'd never hurt you like that. You mean too much to me."

My only response was grabbing a fistful of his shirt and silencing him with a bruising kiss.