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I want to scream I love you from the top of my lungs. But I'm afraid that someone will hear me…

A head of snowy-hair and a wrinkled black arm poked out from under the crimson comforter and started to feel the compact, ringing cell phone. When his fingers brushed against it, the boy flipped in open and smiled at the name of the sender.

New text message from: Lavi

Now, Allen Walker knew that it was Lavi without that, the ring tone was proof enough, but he couldn't help but feel butterflies whenever his name flashed across the screen.

Hitting the 'read' button, Allen begin to groggily read the message out loud.

"So I know you're lazy ass is in bed but wake the hell up! I'm coming to get you in like, fifteen minutes. If you're not ready, I'm still dragging you out of the house. Even if you're naked."

Exiting the message, Allen looked at the time on his phone. It shown that it was 9:13 pm and if Lavi was punctual like always, the redhead would be there at 9:28.

Throwing the comforter off his slender body, Allen trotted over to his dresser and started to look for something to wear.

At exactly 9:28, Allen heard a car horn blaring outside his house. Peeping between the living curtains, Allen's eyes were met with Lavi's maroon Tahoe. Slipping his shoes on and grabbing his keys, Allen headed out the front door towards Lavi's vehicle.

"Hello Lavi," Allen cheerfully sang as he buckled his seat belt. Allen noted lying on the dashboard was a tape recorder and video camera. He brushed it off and stared out the windshield as the SUV started to move.

"So it's just us two tonight, Allen," Lavi sighed while looking over at the younger teen. "I asked Yuu and he said 'fuck no, I'd rather slit my wrists then hang out with you', Lenalee's grounded, and Krory and Miranda are on a date."

"Oh, I'm so sad BaKanda couldn't come," Allen said while rolling his eyes.

"You're being sarcastic, aren't you?"

"Whatever gave you that idea? Anyways, where are we going?"

"Ah, I was waiting for you to ask!" Lavi chirred while a wide grin broke out of his face. "We're ghost hunting."

"Ghost hunting," Allen deadpanned. "No really, Lavi, where are we going?"

"I'm being serious!" the older boy huffed in offense.

"You actually believe in ghost?" Allen exclaimed, staring at Lavi in disbelief.

"Of course I do! Why-"

"Have you ever seen one?"

"Well, no but-"

"And yet you still believe in them?"

"Yes, because-"

"What makes you believe in them?"

"Jesus Christ Allen! Just because I haven't seen them doesn't mean they don't exist! We can't be the only ones out there."

"True," Allen agreed. "But ghosts Lavi? I mean I believe in aliens but ghosts? No. Once you die, you die. Soul and all."

"Have you ever seen an alien?" Lavi mocked the younger boy.

"No," the younger chuckled. "But other forms of life are more believable then deceased one's spirits roaming the earth."

"You wait and see," Lavi said, pointing an accusing finger at the younger boy. "I'm going to make you believe."

"Okay, sure," Allen giggled. "We'll see."

"Where are we?" Allen questioned after Lavi put the vehicle in park. They had been driving for almost two hours, making it close to midnight. Lavi had parked the SUV in a clearing in the woods. Allen was starting to become uneasy. Not because they were 'ghost hunting', he didn't believe in ghosts, not all, but he did believe in psycho masked murderers lurking in the woods, waiting on unexpecting teenage victims.

Allen shook the thought out of his head before he freaked himself out any further. He watched the redhead reach into the backseat, producing a black back pack. He pulled out a flashlight and grabbed the video camera and tape recorder off the dash. He threw the tape recorder at Allen, holding onto the camcorder and flashlight.

"You ever watch Ghost Hunters International?"

"Once or twice," Allen replied, now understanding why the boy had brought along the video and tape recorder.

"Okay, good," Lavi nodded. "So I didn't need to tell you why we need these?"

"I've got an idea," Allen rolled his eyes. "You do know that stuff is fake, right? We're not going to get anything."

"You not scared are you?" Lavi teased as he opened his door and climbed out.

Allen sighed, copying Lavi's actions. "Of course I'm not scared. How you be scared of something that doesn't exist?"

Lavi chuckled as he turned on the light. He pointed it all different directions, trying to find the right way.

"According to the legend, you just follow the path and it'll lead you straight to it," Lavi stated matter-of-fact, shining the light on a narrow, weed covered, path.

"What legend?" Allen asked, following in step beside the older boy as the trudged forward.

"The Bunny Man."

"The Bunny Man? Who or what the bloody hell is that?"

"The Bunny Man!" Lavi exclaimed, pumping his fist into the air. "The tale of the Bunny Man goes back many years. Though it didn't start until 1931, after many murders had already been committed. You want the extended or shorten version?"

"Spare me," Allen deadpanned. "Just tell me the shorten one."

"Well," Lavi started, placing a finger to his lip. "Back in 1903 deep in Clifton, there used to be an Asylum buried deep within the wood. Pretty soon after the Civil War, people started inhabiting the area, population-wise around 300 even though it was a very small town. Nonetheless, people didn't like the idea about having an Asylum miles down the road. So they all got together and signed a petition, stating for the Asylum to relocate elsewhere. The petition passed and anew Asylum was built which is now known as "Lorton Prison", a temporary facility until convicts are appropriately sentenced."

"Is the Prison still opened?" Allen asked, intrigued by the tale already.

"Nah, it's closed years ago. Now let me finish my story!"

"Okay, okay! Sorry."

"Now, where was I? Oh, yeah! In Fall of 1904 the patients were gathered and piled into the bus which was to transport them to Lorton. Somehow during the drive not too far from where they left, the driver had swerved to avoid an animal in the road and the bus had started to tip and soon was rolling in a terrible collision course."

"So he risked of the lives of all those people, just to avoid an animal?"

"They were insane anyways."

"They were still people, Lavi!"

"Well…just shut up and let me finish."

"Most of the patients were injured but had managed to escape the bus and had fled into the night woods. Later on the next morning, a local police investigation had begun and they had begun rounding up the escaped patients. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months. Everyone was recovered after 4 months, except for 2 people, Marcus A. Wallster and Douglas J. Grifon. During the search for both men, the police randomly found dead rabbits half eaten and dismembered every now and then along their search."

"They ate rabbits? Oh, that's disgusting."

"Are you going to let me tell the story or keep bitching?"

"I'm just curious, Lavi. Sorry for want to know these things."

"ANYWAYS, they had finally managed to find Marcus. Dead and hung from the Fairfax bridge, now named the Bunny Man's bridge. They thought nothing and cared little of how he died, only that he was apprehended and no longer had to worry about him. They where soon to call Marcus the Bunny Man. Later on, while still searching for Douglas, the half eaten rabbits would reappear every so often. They soon realized that they had named the wrong man Bunny Man."

"So that's why it's called the Bunny Man's- sorry! I'll shut up now!" Allen exclaimed after the death glare the redhead sent his way.

"So, long story short, Halloween Night comes around and nothing happens until midnight. Right before midnight supposedly a bunny or two enters the bridge. Right before midnight his soul, a dim light, walks the tracks above the bridge. When Midnight hits, his soul stops right above the bridge, dead center, and disappears, only to reappear inside the bridge. From then on it's his soul which lights up the whole area, so brightly that you can't even see him. That's when he instantly kills you by slitting your throat and slashing your chest, only to hang you at the edge of the bridge. They say you can even see the rub marks that have worn away at the rock where the bodies were swinging. Whoever happens to be inside the bridge…ends up…DEAD!" Lavi exclaimed dramatically, coming to the end of his story.

"Well," Allen started, grinning. "That was actually a pretty good urban legend."

"It's not a legend," Lavi sniffed in offense. "It's so true! Everyone in Clifton believes it."

"Really now?" Allen sarcastically said. "Because they actually seen him, right? Because in the legend you said his 'soul' is so bright you can't see him. It's just a made up legend by locals to attract tourists."

"Whatever! It was even on Scariest Places on Earth!"

"And that shows just as fake as Bigfoot."

"Bigfoot's so not fake!"

"…Lavi, you can't be serious."

"As serious as a heart attack."

"Whatever," Allen sighed, rubbing his temples. He felt a terrible headache coming on because of all this nonsense. "Now, why are we in the woods? The bridge should be on the main road."

"It is."

"Okay? Then why are we in the woods?"

"We're going to the old Prison first. Scared yet?"

"No," Allen murmured. "You're not going to be able to scare me. And it's not even Halloween, not even close to it. It's the middle of May."

"There it is!" Lavi exclaimed in a whisper. His finger was pointing ahead of him. Allen looked up and saw a looming, dingy, three story building. They were about thirty feet away from it and Allen had a good view of it. He wasn't going to lie, the way the moonlight hit the abandoned prison was rather creepy. The visible doors and windows were all boarded up and he assumed the rest were too. He wondered how in the world they were going to enter it when Lavi answered his question.

"They say on Virginia Ghost Hunters dot com that there's a door on the back that's not boarded up."

Allen nodded, staring at the spooky building in front of him. He was having a bad feeling about this whole trip now. What if they get caught by the police? Or worse…what if Michael Myers was waiting for them?!

"Are you coming Allen?"

Allen snapped his head up and saw that Lavi was already half way to the prison.

"Yeah, I'm coming," Allen replied, jogging to catch up with him.

"Ah, here it is," Lavi pointed his light at a single door at the very back of the prison. It was already ajar and hanging off the hinges like it had been forcibly opened. This caused Allen to inwardly scream thinking about Jason Voorhees looming in the shadows, waiting to chop them into tiny pieces with his machete.

"Saves us the trouble of breaking in ourselves," Lavi chimed, literally skipping into the building. Allen followed closely behind, because he had the light and if Hannibal Lector decided to show up, he wouldn't die alone.

"Alrighty," Lavi said as he put the light down on the ground and taking a seat. Allen sat down next to him, close enough for his own comfort but not too close to make to seem like he was scared to death.

"Turn on the tape recorder and sit it on the ground, Allen," Lavi said as he turned on the camcorder and sat it down next to the light. Allen followed directions, hitting the little red button on the device. Leaning over Lavi, he placed it next to the video camera.

"And now for this," Lavi said excitedly as he pulled off his back pack. Unzipping it and reaching into the large opening, he pulled out a rectangular piece of wood and a triangular piece as well. Allen instantly recognized what it was and scooted away from the older boy.

"Oh, hell no!" Allen exclaimed as Lavi sent the Ouija board on the ground. "I refuse to touch that thing!"

"Why?" Lavi blinked. Then his face broke out into a mischievous grin. "You don't believe in ghosts, right? Then you should have no problem using it."

"That things satanic, Lavi!"

"It is not! Are you saying I'm a devil worshipper?"

"What? No! But only witches and demonic worshippers use those things!"

"Allen," Lavi deadpanned. "You are so narrow-minded. You can buy these things at any department store. They can't be that bad."

"Then what makes you think it'll work then?" Allen grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. He shot the Ouija board a disgusted look, like it carried some disease.

"I don't," Lavi shrugged while placing the small triangular piece of wood on the board. "But it wouldn't hurt to try. Now stop being a pussy and place your fingers on it."

Complaining while he did so, Allen obliged. "What should we ask it?"

"Hmm…are there any spirits here?"

"So original," Allen mumbled while rolling his eyes.

"Shut up, it's moving!"

Allen looked down and to his disbelief, it was in fact moving. He watched as the triangle slowly move to the top left corner to 'yes'.

"Sweet," Lavi breathed, staring at the board.

"You're so moving it. You're not going to scare me like that."

"I am so not moving it, Allen! Here, ask it something I don't know about you."


"Aw, c'mon, Allen! Just do it!"

"No way."


"If I do it, will you shut the hell up and put this thing away?"


"Alright," Allen grumbled, thinking of a question to ask the supposed 'spirit'. Thinking up a perfect one, he let out a sigh. "What's uncle's total debt?"

The triangle slowly moved to the bottom of the board where the number where. He watched as it went to 9, then 2, 7, 6, 9.

"Dear God," Allen breathed, staring wide eyed.

"92,769? Is that right?"

Allen nodded, not taking his eyes off the board.

"Damn, Allen. I mean, I felt bad for you before, having to pay his debts, but now…I just pity you."

"What should we ask it now?" Allen questioned out loud, ignoring the other boys statement.

"What? What happened to it be satanic?"

"Don't know," Allen shrugged. "But it doesn't hurt to try."

"That's the spirit Allen!" Lavi exclaimed, pumping his free hand into the air. "Let's ask it what its name is."

"Okay, um, can you tell us your name?"

Both boys watched intently as the triangle moved and spelled out the name Marcus. Allen looked at the board with a quirked eyebrow and then the name of one of the escaped patients cross his mind.

"Dude, so you're the guy they found hanging from the bridge?" Lavi asked. It slowly went to yes.

"Are you a good spirit?" Lavi asked as they watched it move quickly moved to no.

"Oh no," Allen said while looking up at Lavi. They felt the triangle move again and watched as it spelled out 'ask me to give you a sign.'

"Now, I'm not an expert ghost hunter and all," Lavi stared as he raised a brow at the board. "But I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to ask a spirit to give you a sign.

'Just do it. I won't hurt you', Marcus spelled out.

"Well, okay. Can you give us a sign?"

"What? You believe him, Lavi?!"

"Shut up and just listen."

They waited in silence, looking around them for movement and their ears opened for any sounds. Seven minutes passed and Allen sighed.

"I knew this thing wouldn't work."

"Aw man and just when it was getting good, too."

Both boys froze when they heard a loud bang that sounded like a cell door being slammed. They snapped their hands down to stare at the board again.

"Wa-was th-that you?" Lavi asked, voice shaking.


"Freddy Krueger?" Allen breathed. He wanted to scream bloody murder but held it in.

'No. Bunny Man.'

The next thing they heard and saw had the boys running for their lives, equipment forgotten. They heard heavy footfalls coming down the steps in the next room over. And from that room, a bright flash, temporarily blinding them. They scampered to their feet, running at full speed to the door without looking back.

And they kept running even when they reached the outside. They were having trouble keeping their footing on the rocky and overgrown path but didn't once slow down.

"Lavi!" Allen exclaimed while they kept running. "There are two things I want you to know just in case we die. I officially believe in ghosts now and-" Allen paused when he heard movement somewhere in the woods surrounding them. He quicken his pace, thanking the Heavens they were only a mere five feet away from Lavi's car. "And I'm in love with you!"

They both threw open the car doors and scrambled in. Lavi quickly jammed the key in and was relieved when it started. Throwing it in reverse he peeled out of the woods and headed towards the main road.

Both boys were silent the whole ride back to Allen's residence. He looked at the dark house and frowned at the fact he was by himself tonight.

"Well, that was interesting," Lavi chuckled, scratching the back of his head nervously.


"Hey Allen?"


"Did you mean what you said back there?"

"What? That I'm now a believer? Oh yes."

"No, I was uh, talking about the part after that."

"What? Oh. OH!" Allen's eyes went wide in realization at what the redhead was talking about. He mentally slapped himself for blurting out his own secret.

"Ha," Allen giggled while he scratched the back of his head. "We-we-well you see Lavi, I-I just got caught up in the heat of the moment. Yeah, that was it. You know how those things just-"

Allen was cut off as the redhead placed a hand on his cheek and leaned towards him, pinning Allen against the door. "Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?"

"I've been told that."

Allen cheeks where on fire as Lavi leaned in even closer. He gave the snowy-haired boy a small smile before he placed a gentle kissed on his cherubic lips. Allen's mind was swimming in his own thoughts. Should he pull away? Should he kiss him back? Should he punch him the face?

Allen went with the second choice, snaking his arms around Lavi's neck. Lavi's free hand wrapped behind Allen and rested on the small of his back and pushed the younger boy closer to him.

He felt Lavi's tongue brush against his bottom lip and he happily granted him entrance. They fought for dominance but in the end, Lavi won. Allen knew he had to pull away before things got too hot and heavy in the driveway. But he made sure he explored every last nook and cranny of Lavi's mouth before he did so.

"What was that for?" Allen grinned while his hands that were tangled in Lavi's messy hair, twirled the red locks between his fingers.

"Because I love you, too Allen." Lavi simply replied and planted a quick peck on the younger boy's lips.

"You know," Allen started, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "After that scare, I hate that I have to stay alone tonight. Uncle's out, so I'm going to be awfully lonely."

Lavi flashed a quick smile. "Would you like some company?"

Allen smiled as he lightly pulled Lavi away, opening the door and stepping out. Lavi repeated the actions and they walked hand in hand to the front door. They quickly entered the front and closed and locked it behind before they hurried up the stairs to Allen's bedroom.

"Man, wait until we tell the guys what happened tonight!"

"Do you think we scared them good?" Lenalee asked with a devious smile on her face.

Kanda smirked as he picked up Lavi's forgotten camcorder. Pressing the play button and watched the whole fiasco that they had caused. "Oh yeah, we scared the shit out of them."

"We better go get going."

Kanda nodded and the two of them headed towards the exit. When they reached it, Lenalee stopped and looked at Kanda.

"Hey, Kanda?"

"Yeah?" he asked, stopping as well.

"How did you make the Ouija board move?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You know, when the 'spirit' was talking to Lavi and Allen."

"I didn't."


Lenalee's sentence trailed off when she felt something furry rub against her legs. Frozen, she stared wide eyed at the small rabbit at her feet.

"I think we should go get Krory and Miranda out of the woods, they're probably waiting!" she squeaked and rushed pass Kanda.

"Yeah, you're right." And he followed close behind.


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