Hi, I was just sitting at my computer, wondering what to write, and suddenly this popped into my head, and so i began to write it down just as it came to me... So, I just wanted to let you read this little bit of what would be a HUMAN story about Bella and Edward. I know this kind of thing has been down one million times but I think I can make my version different. Or maybe not, I'll see what you think.

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My day is not going well.

Alarm didn't go off, toast burnt, tubes broke, buses on strike, at school late, got a Saturday detention, couldn't find my gym shorts…. The list goes on. Luckily, there is one thing in my life that I can depend on. Edward Cullen. Oh, God, now I blush every time I even think his name! How embarrassing. No, what's worse is how he doesn't even know that I exist. He doesn't even hear me when I talk. That is worse.

I sighed as I thought this, and that was why I didn't think this very often. It made me depressed. Like, if I could let myself think that I had a chance with this God then my brain immediately goes off into a fantasy land; what I would wear on our wedding, what our children would be called (Edward Junior, he could pick the girl, and then Anthony,) where they would go to school.. It was madness really, but sometimes the only way to cheer myself up when he ignored me in a corridor, or walked straight into me, and didn't seem to notice.

It was, by any standards, a bit sad. I was the school nerd, always handing in perfect homework, playing the flute in the school band and not going to any parties. And he, he, was the popular boy, the supreme football player, the fit one, the cool one. We didn't match, but one day, one day, I could hope that maybe he would see the real me; and not just a nerd.

I was abruptly snapped back down to earth when the teacher, Mrs Barber, said my name in a stern, yet quiet voice.

"Bella? Answer to question two?" She asked, and I fumbled about in memory. I don't think I had done number two.

"Six." Edward's honey voice whispered into my ear. Oh my God! This was the first time he had ever spoken to me! The answer evaporated in my mind as I replayed his voice over and over again in my mind. Mrs Barber was still looking at me, but I was off in another dreamland. All the things that seemed impossible a minute ago seemed likely now. I said I was sad; remember? Or maybe not sad, just, in love? That sounded good. In love. With many, many other girls.

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