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The bell rang for break and we were all immediately hustled into the common room, where we could 'chill'. For me, I went there to replay what Edward had said to me, over and over again. I couldn't get bored of it, it buzzed through my head every second of the day, until I was interrupted by a girl called Alice, new to the school, but she didn't act like it. Alice was pretty intimidating; she was like a fairy, or a pixie, small and petite, but still ferocious and quite scary. So, when she waltzed up to me as I was listening to music on my brand new ipod touch, I was puzzled.

"What are you listening to?" She asked, squeezing herself into the space beside me, she glanced at my ipod screen.

"Buttercup Baby? Isn't that song about one million years old?" Her voice was harsh, but still beautiful. In defence, I rambled.

"No. This is the Busted version." (You guys have heard of Busted, right? They were an English band in like 2003, and everyone who was about eight loved them. Hence the fact that I know they did a cover of this song. Btw, now they are NOT cool.) I blushed, realising that that statement had not made me look better.

"What do you want, Alice?" I asked her, the embarrassment making me irritable and annoyed.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out together, in town." She smiled sweetly, and I knew something was wrong. Since when do the pretty, already popular girls want to 'hang out' with the girls who stay out of their way at all costs?

"Umm… I…. er…" My mumbling was unintelligent, and soon I flushed beetroot, again.

"Cool. So I'll pick you up in my Porsche." She beamed, and bounced off to chat to Rosalie. I looked around me, confused and flushed.

So, that was why at 4:15 I was being pushed into Alice's Porsche, just me and her.

"So… what do you want to do?" I asked, trying to be casual but ending up sounding embarrassed and hesitant, as I was.

"Lets go to Ralph Lauren!" She squealed, as she punched the accelerator and we went flying forward, crashing into a couple of bins, she giggled nervously, but had reversed before anyone important saw.

"Erm.. Alice. Why are we going to Ralph Lauren?" I asked, and she responded by looking me up and down, and sighing.

"No reason. Now, Bella, we're going to play a game." Oh God, she had brought me here so that the popular people could throw stuff at me or something.

"Pick out whatever you want! Maybe a party dress, or just a pair of jeans. Oh, and shoes. Trainers, are a no, high heels are yes and it doesn't matter how much they are." She smiled and pulled out a credit card from her clutch. I stared at her, open-mouthed.

"I'm alright." I sighed. She swung round and held my hand quite tightly.

"We might see Edward Cullen." She whispered into my ear, making me giggle uncontrollably for a minute. "I know you love him, and if you buy something pretty, and then he comes here with his friends, which he always does, he will go weak at the knees." I gave her a look – I'm not sure what kind of look as although I was trying to look cool, my insides were going crazy.

So, because I had been blackmailed by a certain Alice, I was being dragged about Ralph Lauren, praying that this girl would never ever take pity on me again. She pulled me over to another section, and began flicking through the garments, occasionally holding one out, signalling for me to take it. Suddenly, I noticed someone in the crowd who I did not want to see.

"Alice, is that Mrs Barber?" I whispered, and she looked up, squealing.

"She might talk to us. Okay, Bella, shuffle out, shuffle out." We were 'shuffling' when Mrs Barber turned around, looking at us. She looked horrified, and I glanced down to see what I was holding, an assortment of lacy, sexy underwear which I'm sure my maths teacher wouldn't be caught dead in. She turned away, and Alice, being the goody-goody she always appears as to teachers, had to go straighten things out and trust me, it did not go well.

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