Title: Cravings
Author: Hikari Hime
Theme: "Watermelon" Challenge by Nobody.
Genre: General / Friendship
Universe: Canon
Rating: K
Warnings: none
Word Count: 596

Sighing happily, the petite dark-haired woman submerged into the murky waters of the hotspring, followed closely by her female companion.

''It's heaven,'' she murmured.

Rin nodded in acquiescence, opening her friend's yellow old monstrosity of a backpack to extract twin bottles of shampoo. There wasn't much left of the delicately scented soap, but this day was special, and she knew Kagome had kept them for such occasions. Humming softly, she began lathering the young woman's hair, smiling at the contented moans escaping from the Miko.

''You know, Rin,'' she said dreamily, ''I think this day would be a perfect one if I could satiate this particular craving I've been experiening lately.''

''And what is it you wish, Kagome-sama?'' the girl asked, a bright smile splitting her face in two. Still the same smile from years ago, but different, more mature.

''Watermelons.'' The word escaped her like a prayer to the Heavens, bearing a feeling of memories long past. If you looked at the young Miko really closely, you could see the golden brightness of sand and sun reflected in her cerulean orbs, and hear the quiet rhythm of the ocean filled with the chimes of children's laughter.


She couldn't move. The weight was just too much.

Her shoulders sagging in defeat, the Miko from the future submitted to her fate, namely spending the next few weeks secluded in a small hut.

In no way could she escape the incessant bickering of her hanyo husband and her kitsune friend, as they never wanted to leave her out of their overbearing and overprotective sight. She understood their nervousness, but heck!! She was not a sick woman, what she had was no illness, it was just in the natural order of things.

And she needed to rest. She craved silence nearly as much as she had craved a round juicy fruit nearly eight months ago.

Unfortunately, Inuyasha had always been anything but calm and collected. Some days, she would have preferred him to resemble his half-brother a little bit more, in that area at least.

Speaking of the youkai... she hadn't seen her 'Onii-san' for quite a while. Perhaps he was avoiding her? She frowned. She couldn't say she was feeling any attachment towards the silent and ruthless inu, but he was family now, whether he liked it or not.

There was no hate between the two siblings as of late, but it didn't mean there was any affection or brotherly love either.

She sighed, remembering her own family left beyond the old well. She would have liked for Sesshomaru and Inuyasha to understand the value of these kinds of ties.

Suddenly, a powerful aura blanketed the small dwelling she was in. She wasn't worried though, she knew who this youki belonged to. She was safe from him, even if he would probably never admit it out loud.

After the usual cursing, the hanyo's way of greeting his half-brother, a broad and tall figure appeared in the doorway.

The pale youkai frowned at the prone figure of the Miko, assessing her state of wellbeing with a discreet quiver of his nostrils. He went closer to her side and kneeled, leaving a rounded fruit near her head.

She beamed at him, nodding her gratitude and knowing the powerful being didn't need words to understand her.

''You're going to be a wonderful uncle,'' she stated.

He glared at her and exited the hut, surrounded by the laughter of the future mother.

Perhaps he had his own way of showing he cared about his family, after all.


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