Operation Babe Hunt 2

It was the third day of SEEs's trip to yakushima and after two disappointing days no "action", junpei was getting thoroughly depressed.

"Damnit! we've been here two days now yet I still don't feel fulfilled."

"What the hell are you talking about junpei?" said akihiko.

"You pigged out on that kirijo buffet spread last night and you've been on the beaches since you got here. what more do you want?"

"Um, did you forget about our failed ,mission also known as operation babe hunt? Dude! how can you be so satisified with not being able to pick up chicks how can you be so satisfied with failure!?"

"Hey why the hell did you have to say it like that? your giving me regrets."

"And don't act as if you don't share some of the blame minato!" Junpei said.

"Huh?" said the bluenette.

"Just because you have a super cute robot girl who "wants to be by your side dont mean you can just leave your troops behind.\

Minato was still a bit confused.

"Remember? You accepted the role as leader. So you just cant leave your troops hanging, you have to set an example!

Minato was at a loss for words because technically junpei was right.

"Jeez junpei it was not a real real mission. Said the grey haired boy, you're taking this to serious."

"No I'm not!You appointed him leader so he has even more right to hold up to his duties!"

And……… said junpei as he turned around.

"I guess your contempt with losing to me senpai!"

"What did you just say!"

"I mean its obvious you're giving up so that means I win seeing that we both considered it a tie."

"Like hell! fine, lets do this!"

"You're on!"

Akihiko and junpei continued the bickering for a while until minato stepped up and attempted to say something.

"um guys."

(unison) "And you're coming to!"

"Yeah! said junpei, you're tagging along again so everything can be exactly thr same as last time so senpai cant complain!"

"tch, you don't have to worry me. I'm positive I'll beat you!"

"Whatever you say senpai. I had a good rest and I trimmed my goatee this morning. Sorry senpai but you cant compete with me now!"

"W'ell see about that!"

After the two finished their talk, everyone was ready to commence operation babe hunt 2.


Wow I'm so relived that I got around to complete this. Operation Babe hunt was the most funniest moments in the game for me. And this fic was always stuck in my head whenever I reached this part in the game. Chapter 2 is coming soon! (in like a few minutes btw :P)