A/N: Response to an old challenge on another site that is as follows

this really is not a challenge, more like a plot bunny that won't go away!!

Hermione is stuck/trapped as an animagus and used as "entertainment" for Voldemart when he is angry at his followers. No one knows who she is in her animagus form, not even harry so she is essentially missing from the order. She is given to a "faithful" death eater to take care of and he takes her to the order and story goes from there. I do have one requirement, She can not be involved with Ron or Harry. Let's just say that I have a thing for the bad boys!! :) . No length or time restrictions.

Below are the suggestions that I came up with on my own, you can either disregard them, use them as a holy relic, or go in between, either way its up to you.

Pairing Suggestions

Sirius Black/Draco Malfoy/Severus Snape (any one person, not intrested in an triad)

Lucius/Narcissa/Rabastan/Remus as support characters

Not all Deatheaters are bad, Severus has his own little "Slytherin Trio" and they all spy for OTP.

Some deaths can be discarded (See Sirius Black up above)

Whoever Hermione's caretaker is doesn't know she is an animagus initially but does figure she is one, but not who she trully is until MUCH later in the story.

She does have some animalistic urges, mainly blood lust since she is used by Voldemort to punish his deatheaters.

I hope that clarifies what is the challenge and what is mine.

this takes place post HBP early DH. There will all spoilers involved in story including DH so if you want to be surprised than do not read this.

Hermione Granger was sitting in a cage by unknown people and in an unknown town. She never knew why she always gets into situations like this. She went away from the house to get some fresh air and to get away from a hard situation, to her favorite place to think the Forbidden Forrest. She had found a book on how to become an Animagus, and was quickly learning to become one. She did not know why, but she ended up as a white tiger. It felt good being something else, other than a girl. It helped a lot to escape her life and troubles. She barely had a chance to react before all four Death Eaters stunned her.

She was in a cadge now, someone in town that she did not recognize. She did not know why she was taken; it was probably better not to guess either. She was forced to stay in her form knowing that things can get worse for her if she revealed herself. It was no secret that she was a Muggle and best friends with Harry Potter, two facts that could make her situation a whole lot worse. She would have to stay the way she was for now until she could figure out a way to escape.

The Death eaters decided to give their master a present, a very pretty white tiger. They thought that they had found some exotic animal to give him as a gift, a choice that they probably regretted every moment since.

The room that they took her was wide and circular, painted all in black. There where black robed men around probably the rest of the Death Eaters. Voldemort was seated on a throne made of bone, with a huge snake around his neck. To his left stood Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape to his right stood Bellatrix Lestrange.

The Death Eaters came forward and knelt. " A present for you my lord. We found her in the forest we thought that you might like her"

Snape was looking at her in awe, Malfoy and Lestreange looked bored.

Voldemort rises and goes down the steps and looks down at her. " Fascinating creature, anyone know what it is?"

"My lord, if I may it appears to be a tiger, a creature not usually seen in the wizarding world. " replied Snape in an awestruck voice.

Bellatrix moved forward at her and looked at her. Before she could say anything Hermione roared and went after her with a paw nearly ripping all her skin off. How she hated that bitch!

Voldemort grabs her and pulled her away and put her in her husband's arms to get help

He takes her in his arms and runs to the healer with Bellatrix cursing the entire way.

Voldemort smiles a cold cruel smile. " It likes flesh eh? This should be interesting."

"Snape you seem to know how to care for this creature you may have her. But I still may want her for my purposes " said the dark wizard with a sadistic smile.

"Yes my lord, thank you. " replied Snape.

This keeps getting better and better thinks Hermione

Merlin please help me

Over 24 hours Later

Order of the Phoenix headquarters

It was more than 24 hours since the Order heard from Hermione, making them all, Harry and Remus in particular very worried.

Mundungus, Kingsley Sirius and Remus where looking over Hermione's movements before she disappeared, hoping to find some sort of clue of what happened to her. She disappeared days ago without a trace. No one has seen or spoken to her in ages and everyone was worried now. There were no signs of violence at her home, not that it mattered much she was hardly there since she sent her parents away. Neither where there signs of violence in the room she shared with Ginny at Grimmauld Place. She appeared ok to Kingsley when he saw her leave in the morning, telling him she was going on an errand. She did not appear to have fought with anyone, or seemed to be depressed about anything. She never got into trouble with anyone so it could not have been someone taking her or hurting her for revenge. There was no Death Eater movement in the area, ruling out that she was taken.

Sirius got up and started to pace. He was angry and frustrated, the woman he loved was gone, into thin air and nothing was being done about it.

"Come on Kingsley you are a Auror! You can't find one eighteen- year- old girl? You are better that that for fucks sake!"

"Padfoot that is enough!" exclaimed Remus. "Yelling at Kingsley is not the answer. We are all worried about Hermione, fighting like this will get us nowhere!"

Sirius growled. He could not take anymore. He turned into his dog and ran into the dark cold night.

Remus just sighed and shook his head. Sirius screwed up his and Hermione's relationship badly. He must blame himself for whatever happened to her. Remus wished that he could tell what he knew, but Hermione made him promise, as well as Tonks and Ginny not to. He sighed and sank down into a nearby chair and poured himself a glass of

firewhisky. He prayed that she was alive and could find a way to communicate with them somehow. His hands where tied and they where out of leads.

1625 Spinner's End

Draco Malfoy was pacing the sitting area of Severus Snape's modest home waiting anxiously for Snape to make his usual return to his home.

Why Snape still has this place it was beyond his understanding. Not that he was in any position to criticize him, he saved him from doing what he dreaded and was hiding him from law enforcement all this time. It was their routine for months now, he would met him then he would portkey him to another location that he knew nothing and stay put for a designated amount of time before it happened all over again.

Draco hated that he had not contact with his father and mother, or anyone he knew for that matter. He hated to feel so isolated, with only Snape for contact. He fully believed in what he was taught since childhood, the values of a death eater. But when it came down to it, he just could not do it. Now he was a disgrace and a fugitive. He had not choice in where to sleep what to eat whom he can be friends with if ever. He wondered if he would ever get out of this situation, live a normal life. A life he took for granted but wants more than anything right now.