My Best Mates Chick

Authors Note: Hey this is my very first fan fic so please be nice! Um, the story is basically self explanatory but I promise that there will be some surprising twists and turns that will set the story apart. It isn't based on the movie either! Anyways I hope you enjoy this first chappie and stay tuned for the next! One more thing: Please, please REVIEW!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1: You Were Saying???

Draco Malfoy and Blaize Zabini walked onto platform nine and three quarters their heads held high; kitted out in the wizarding world's finest designer outfits, identical mysterious black shades in place. Aftershave sprayed on, confidence and money radiating from them and identical smirks planted onto their devilishly handsome faces. The females of Hogwarts weren't half in for a treat this year.

They walked down the platform with their trolleys, eyeing up the girls, or rather ladies, in their year. It was the start of their seventh year and everyone had changed a hell of a lot. Even Millicent Bullsthroat had discovered a comb! The war was finally over, old enmity and prejudices had died along with Voldermort.

"Potter and Weasley seem to have found themselves some girls," said Blaize looking over to where the Weasleys and Harry were standing on the platform. He watched as Harry talked intimately with Ginny, and Ron played tonsil tennis with Lavender Brown.

"So what happened to Granger?" asked Draco, his eyes scanning the platform for the final member of the Golden Trio.

"Aint that her over there?" said Blaize pointing over to the left somewhere.



Draco blinked.

"Nah, that can't be Granger, there's no way..."

"You were saying?"

At that precise moment the mystery was revealed. Yes 'that' was Granger over there. And it wasn't just Draco and Blaize that had noticed. The majority of the males on the platform were staring in awe at the previous book worm that seemed to have transformed into a Goddess with throbbing hard-ons.

Hermione looked hot. Her once tangled mane of unruly hair had become sleek, soft, loose curls that trailed down her back; her straight side fringe framed her heart shaped face. Her eyes were a palette of browns, ranging from nearly translucent to almost black, her bow shaped lips were a natural deep pink and full. Her selection of clothing; denim mini skirt, dark pink cami top, black zip up hoody which was zipped up to under her bust and black leather knee high boots clung to her curves perfectly, outlining her fabulous figure. In short, Hermione Granger had turned from every guy's nightmare, into every guy's wet dream.

She walked up to Harry and Ron, full of confidence, knowing exactly what affect she was having, and hugged them both tightly with a dazzling smile on her pretty face. Every guy glared green with envy at them whilst Harry and Ron blinked in surprise. Ginny and Lavender grinned proudly at their best friend, knowing that they had contributed to the end result.

"It's so good to see you guys! I'm sorry that I didn't come to the Burrow but I was so busy at home with mum and dad, oh and I have read the whole book list for this year and personally...'' babbled Hermione as she and her friends boarded the train after saying goodbye to Mr and Mrs Weasley.

"She is so fucking hot!" exclaimed Blaize as his eyes followed her inside the train. "I swear down, if I don't get her this year..."

Draco wasn't listening. He was engrossed in his own messed up thoughts. Yes Granger did look good this year - that was un-doubtable. And he couldn't deny that he had felt more than jealousy when she had hugged Potter and Weasley. But what had brought on this sudden change? Most people grew up over the summer and changed slightly, but not that dramatically. Six weeks ago she had been this fragile-looking, bushy haired bookworm and now...? No, there was definitely something behind this, and he was going to find out what.


The sorting had finished that night and everyone had retired to their common rooms. Professor Mgonagle had decided that there would be no head boy or girl this year due to the damage that had been inflicted on the common room and the simple fact that no thought what so ever had been put into it. There were just selected prefects who took orders from Professor Mgonagle.

Everyone retired to their common rooms, eager to catch up with their friends and enjoy their last night of freedom before the all too familiar cycle of lessons and homework began. Draco and Blaize lounged in the Slitherin common room.

"I'm still tryna get over Granger!" exclaimed Blaize, his face becoming more and dreamier as he continued to think of 'Granger'. "Did you see the ass on her? Jheez!"

"Are you forgetting who she is?" Draco said staring incredulously at his friend who had seemed to have lost all his senses.

"I hope you're not going to bring up the whole mudblood issue Draco," said Blaize in a firm tone but with a not so serious facial expression.

"No but you're completely forgetting that 'Granger' is Hermione Granger! Since when was Hermione Granger interested in image? Since when did Hermione Granger make an effort to start looking that good? Since..."

"Since when does that stuff matter?" interrupted Blaize with raised eyebrows/ "Before if you saw a hot chick you would have concocted numerous ways of getting her into bed before the first conversation and suddenly Granger turns up looking like a Goddess and all you can think about is why! Who are you and what have you done with Draco Malfoy?"

Draco sighed and stared at his hopeless friend. When lust hit a man it some how managed to seep its way into the brain and cut off the link between knowledge and reason.

"Alls I'm saying is that something has to be behind this! And whilst you deal with your continuous erections, I will find out what!"