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Chapter 5: Questions and Answers Part 2

Hermione took a deep breath and thought through the pain that she had been through over the pervious summer. The hurt that had cut through her like a knife and chiseled away a piece of her heart. All because of the fact that she'd put her trust into some boy she was positive would run off with it, but she still did it because of love. What was love anyway? A chance to get hurt? A chance to be played? A chance to see other's in a critical stage?

Love was nothing to her now, well as far as she could tell. Could she or could she not trust Blaise to not do the same thing?

"Um, Hermione, I don't want to put any pressure on you but, I'm dying here!" Blaise's voice brought her firmly back to reality and she knew that she had to make a decision right, then, and there.

She took a deep intake of breath and spoke the one word that she never thought she'd be able to say again,



Ronald Weasley loved a lot of things, but three things in particular. His mothers cooking was the first thing on his list, who didn't love his mother's cooking? Second was quidditch, the best sport on the planet, a hell of a lot better then that weird thing that muggles called 'football'. And third was sleeping. He could never get enough of it. The calming sensation as your head hit the pillow, and the feeling of each bit of your body melting into the mattress. Your eyes slowly closing and your brain switching off.

During the war there had never been time for sleep, what with planning the next move and worrying about everyone else's safety, let alone your own. He had spent most of his time worrying about Lavender Brown. At the time they were dating, but whilst he was on the run with Harry and Hermione she had been at Hogwarts safe and protected. He'd think about her every night and pray to
no one in particular that she'd be kept safe. When he'd been reunited with her again, he'd spent every moment with her, promising her things like marriage, kids, and damn near the world. He'd thought that he loved her, and he did, didn't he?

If he loved her so much why had he suddenly started thinking, a lot, about Hermione Granger? About what it would be like to, instead of kissing Lavender, be kissing her, his best friend. His…his sister, almost!

It had to be lust. Hermione had been his friend for years, someone to rely on, someone who he had hardly ever thought about unless it was her birthday or Christmas. And all of a sudden she'd become the object of his thoughts. All he could think about was kissing those soft pink lips of hers, and holding her curvaceous body. What the ** was happening to him?


Draco sat on a couch in the Room of Requirement, watching as various people danced in the center of the room. Sexist boys trying to get up close and personal with beautiful girls. Skin on skin and lips on lips. Normally he didn't mind parties, occasionally he would have taken the form of one of those horny boys, but somehow tonight he wasn't in the party mood.

"Someone's looking good!"

Draco looked up and his gaze was met with a pair of long, tanned legs. His eyes snaked up her short, tight, silky red dress and at last he saw her face.

"Why thank you, Pansy. I made an extra special effort tonight," he said smirking.

Pansy smiled back and sat down proximity to him, twirling her dark brown, almost black, "That effort wouldn't be for me would it?" she said, her big green eyes flicking between his eyes and his lips.


Before Draco could finish his sentence Blaise burst through the door with his arm around Hermione. She was smiling from ear to ear and his eyes' were shining with delight.

He stood on an empty box and held his wand to his throat so that his voice echoed all over the room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he boomed causing everyone to jump. "I just wanted to let you all know that the sexiest female in Hogwarts A.K.A Hermione Granger is now in a relationship with the sexiest male in Hogwarts A.K.A me! So, I would like you all to raise a glass to us and then carry on with whatever you were doing!"

Everyone raised their glasses and obediently went back to doing whatever they were previously doing, everyone apart from Draco. He watched intently as Blaise led Hermione away and slowly leaned down to kiss her.

Anger boiled inside of him. Great bubbles of fury rapidly rushing around his body like a bolt of adrenaline. Why was this happening to him? It wasn't as if he cared!


His attention was brought back to the beautiful woman practically sitting on top of him, Pansy Parkinson. An ex-girlfriend who was always up for anything, always willing to take the pain away. An ex-girlfriend who had never gotten over him.

"Sorry what was that Pans?" he said turning his body towards her.

"I was just saying that maybe we should go somewhere a bit more, private, for old times sake?" she said in her seductive voice, eyes drifting between Draco's face, his lower regions, and the door.

For old times sake, eh? That's what it was always like with those two. It was like an excuse to cover up Pansy's strong feelings towards him, and Draco's not-so-strong feelings towards her.

Who was Draco to deny such a gorgeous woman with a tempting offer?