"I'm sorry." Edward said.

"It's okay, I know you guys have to hunt."

"But I'm still sorry that I have to leave you with Emmett."

"It won't be that bad."

"He's blocking his thoughts, Bella."

"So he can be planning something incredibly… insane."

"Oh, Edward you worry too much, it's only spending a week with my soon to be brother-in-law."

"You don't know Emmett like I do."

"Your family's waiting."

"My family can wait."


"I'm still not sure of this."

"C'mon Eddie let me take care of Bella." Emmett said, making a pouty face.

"When did you get here?" I asked.

"Just now." he replied.

"Oh fine." Edward said.

"I love you." I said, kissing him quickly.

"C'mon Edward!" Alice yelled from the car.

"Don't do anything stupid or dangerous Emmett or I'll kill you." Edward said coldly, before walking out the door to the car.

"Okay so what do you want to do first?" Emmett asked me.

"Um… I don't know."

"How about some calm reading?"


I wonder why he wanted to read.

It cant be too bad. Right?

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