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"Within a few short years he shed his name, creating the identity of Lord Voldemort behind which he has been hidden for so long…"

- Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince.

Author's NOTE: I got part of the inspiration for this story from "Hannibal Rising." In this fic, I could say Voldemort is similar to Hannibal Lecter. For Tom Riddle will be studying the healing arts like Lecter. Plus Voldemort is mainly motivivated by a quest for revenge similar to Lecter's motivations. And then, Voldemort does develop a near-affection for a particular woman, like Lecter with his aunt. I thought I'd say this just in case there are some hannibal lecter fans here! I am not doing this on purpose, I only noticed this.

Here is my version of the coming of age tale of the darkest wizard of all time. How did Tom Riddle shed his name and create the mask of Lord Voldemort? It is the story of a mad genius who is both terrible and vulnerable at once. Beginning with Tom Riddle's discovery that his father had never set foot in Hogwarts. He becomes obsessed with his ancestry once he learns he's the Heir of Slytherin and links this obsession to a young woman he believes can give him all he desires. Eighteen-year-old Sarah Smith, the noble and sophisticated head girl. And then there are three boys, older than Riddle who are future Death Eaters that bully Tom for being Halfblood. Find out how Voldemort in his mere Third Year, and at 14 years of age, successfully established his cult and also what losing his virginity cost for him in the end. UNINVITED

"Like anyone would be
I am flattered by your fascination with me
Like any hot blooded woman
I have simply wanted an object to crave
But you're not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight

Must be strangely exciting
To watch the stoic squirm
Must be somewhat heartening
To watch shepard meet shepard
But you're not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight

Like any uncharted territory
I must seem greatly intriguing
You speak of my love like
You have experienced like mine before
But this is not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight

I don't think you unworthy
I need a moment to deliberate"

"Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette


It was the most beautiful summer day. Joyful twitters of birds mixed with the content voices of children. Verdant colours of nature surrounded a group of children queuing up for their annual day trip. But one child – a little boy, dark haired and pale stood at the end of the queue. Despite being surrounded by a crowd of peers his age the little boy felt as lonely as ever.

The boy remained quiet. He hardly registered the sunlight warming his back. The others may be full of an unusual excitement for today. Yet he was determined not to be.

The children laughed and looked around with bright interest. But the lone little boy looked down at the earth, scuffing his feet. He was bored. So painfully dull was the moment. A desire for stimulation consumed him.

And then he found something to hold his interest. He smiled to watch a snake slink through the lush grass. 'Much like himself' he thought.

For he identified with that snake. Before he knew what he was doing, a force he could not quite place drove him. The little boy knelt down in the grass in his breeches and shoes. Words slipped from his mouth in a language. A language he did not understand how he knew, but somehow he could speak a foreign tongue.

The children continued to chatter and the orphanage chaperones were calling out harsh orders. Yet the boy drowned them out, concentrating solely on convening with the creature. He was alone with the creature, safely away in the field.

"Serpent, where is your family?" whispered the little boy in the strange language.

The boy's dark pupils dilated and his brown irises gleamed. The snake was actually answering him back! Flicking its tongue the snake spoke sagaciously, "Mine is an old family…I am bringing them what they need. Food to curb our hunger!"

The boy nodded. He could rationally understand this need. He himself feared he could starve if ever the orphanage decided to throw him out on the street.

Suddenly a gray object flitted by on the ground. Both boy and snake saw it. The snake darted ahead to catch it's prey: a rat. The boy followed in close pursuit.

But all too soon another predatorily creature came prattling along. A creature with honey coloured fur and soft glistening brown eyes.

"Watch for the badger, Snake!" demanded the little boy.

The snake reared its head angrily to strike at the badger. But the badger was too quick. She scampered away and caught the rat by the teeth. It squealed and struggled, but on some level the rodent knew he must submit to his fate and die.

The snake was forced to watch in defeat as the badger escaped with the meal that should never have been his.

The boy felt a stab of anger. He bit his lower lip. "Get your revenge on that badger snake! She stole your lunch! Seek her out! Kill!"

The snake recoiled to pursue the badger. But the snake didn't need to for amazingly, the badger was returning to the snake.

The badger was clever enough to evade the snake long enough to get behind the back of the snake. But the snake whipped around and with a wild hiss sunk it's fangs into the badger's flesh. At once the badger curled up swollen and paralysed. She lost consciousness.

"Ah, you poisoned your enemy Snake…" surmised the little boy intelligently whilst feeling very much entertained. "Good."

The snake trailed away and disappeared down a hole. The little boy sighed and with a delight, his fingers shook.

He reached out and picked up the badger. It was true he could not be more delighted. This would be the perfect fun thing for him to play with today. He thought how he would kill the animal and maybe even feed it to the snake!

He looked cuter than ever but crueler than ever too with a beatific smiling pursing his lips. He clasped the badger's limp body held in his quivering hands. Yes. He would make friends with the snake, or to be more precise an alliance.

Expressionless and lacking affect the little boy pretended to talk to the badger. He almost believed the creature could hear him. "Why hello there, little badger…I am going to discard you."

But another voice rent the air from several yards away dispelling their privacy. The boy jumped and with lightning reflexes flung the badger far off, where it would remain unconscious and shrouded in the grasses.

A woman's irate and greatly irked voice was calling for him. "Tom. Tom Riddle!…Oh where is that child off to now?" It was the orphanage matron, Mrs. Cole.

Time passed in a blur of indiscriminate faces. The sun was much lower in the sky when the boy named Tom returned to the spot. He was eager to see what had come of the badger and the snake.

The sight that befell his eyes when he crept over there disturbed Tom. The badger had reawakened since the snake had bitten it.

Unperturbed, the badger managed to sneak up on the clever snake and sink it's teeth into the snake's tail. In one gobble the badger devoured the snake. Tom looked mutinous now and glowered at the badger. Tom now had a real reason to kill this thing, and not just for the amusement that killing it would have brought to him beforehand. Tom let out a pained, piercing scream almost like a cry and moved forward to go after the badger.

But the badger managed to continue on its journey completely unscathed. At the same moment a swarm of people were surrounding Tom. Mrs. Cole had a look of curiosity on her face as she peered at the boy. In all the years she had known him he almost never cried. she looked grateful that the boy seemed to have calmed down on his own.

Like a television flicking off, everything faded away. A boy twice the age of the seven-year-old child awakened in his bed from the dream.

Tom Riddle was now a teenager of fourteen. He had a handsome, clean-shaven face. He had been sleeping in his dormitory at Hogwarts School. It had been only a dream. But it was an actual memory of something particularly memorable from when he was seven. He hadn't thought of that pivotal moment in years. The very first time he spoke Parseltongue had indeed been strange.

Feelings of loss and rage surged through the young man's veins, feelings he could not understand. He lay in his four poster bed, safe and sound. He breathed heavily and gulped back his feelings. Now was not the time to ponder or confront this.

The boy rose. He proceeded to grab his black robes from the back of the chair. He hurried to get ready for breakfast and his first class of the day, Divination taught by a lady named Professor Pettigrew.

NOTE: Please reivew. If you do I will have motivation to keep writing what I've already planned so extensively. This entire dream is symbolically very important to the story. The badger and the snake represent the relationship he will have with Sarah Smith! Tom is the snake and Sarah is the badger.