Author's note: I sadly do not own any of these characters…I just have very vivid ideas of what they should do to each other.

He slammed the door behind him leaving her awe-struck. He had kissed her, and she had kissed him back. In that moment, she forgot her sadness, forgot about Joy. She thought only of him, of his lips pressed against hers, his tongue pushing its way into her mouth. And then he had pulled away and said good-bye, leaving her cold, alone, and yearning for so much more. She stared at the closed door for a few more moments, as if willing him with her mind to come back through the door and take her. But he didn't. Suddenly she had to sit down, and headed slowly to the living room. She grazed her fingers across her kiss-swollen lips, still feeling the tingling where his lips had moments ago grazed hers. What did that kiss mean?

Gregory House stood outside Lisa Cuddy's door, trying to get his mind to process what had just happened. Had he really kissed her? Yes, yes he had. She had been trying unsuccessfully to wipe away her tears when she answered the door. The look on her face would have been priceless, had she not been crying. She walked away, and not even bothering to be asked in, he made his way over to where she was leaning against the wall, closing the door behind him. She looked so helpless, so pathetic, so…beautiful? He had said something stupid, but suddenly he couldn't remember what it was. All he could remember was the feeling of her pushing against him as he pulled her in for a kiss, trying to reaffirm that everything was going to be all right. But the kiss had been so much more than that. House remembered how he treated his ex, Stacy, hell, how he treated everybody. She could never love him the way he loved her, and he wasn't sure he wanted her to. The urge to go back in there and tell her this was almost overwhelming, but he resisted and began to limp down her porch, heading home to drown this night out with scotch. He heard the door open, and made the mistake of looking back when he heard his name.

"House?" She asked tentatively. She had gone to the door, not really knowing what she was about to do, or if he was even still out there. But when she opened the door, there he was, just getting to the steps on the porch. "Greg?" she asked one more time.

His name on her lips made him freeze in his steps. He turned, looking into her eyes, which were brimming with tears once again. He shook his head, more in frustration with himself than pity for her, turned around and opened his arms, allowing her to fall into him, crying for everything. She felt his hand caressing her back, making small circles on the small of her back. She leaned her head up, her gaze locking with his, and they brought their lips to one another's. He pulled away, looking once again into her eyes, and read what she wanted. The look of desire burned deep in her eyes, her hands subconsciously rubbing against his shirt, made it hard for him to leave. But he had to. He couldn't hurt her.

"Cud-"He started, only to be cut off by her mouth crushing against his once again. And he was lost. They slowly backed into her house, shutting the door behind them.