I trusted you a fan fiction story (first day back)


Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron

Monique Coleman

Corbin bleu

Ashley Tisdale

Lucas Grabeel

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Its 8 am and Vanessa and Monique have just gotten into school.

Vanessa: Hey momo its first day back and I missed you. (giggling)

Monique: Someone's a little giddy today aren't they (Monique gave her best friend a hug).

Vanessa: You think hun (sarcastic)

Vanessa: How was your summer momo anything new?

Monique: Maybe

Vanessa: Tell me momo (excited)

Monique: me and Corbin are a couple

Vanessa: yay at last (Vanessa and Monique are jumping around like idiots lol)

Vanessa and Monique enter homeroom as Zac and Corbin enter behind them. They all go sit down.

Zac: hey babe (kisses Vanessa on the check)

Vanessa: hey hunnie

Monique: hey Corbin

Corbin: hey momo (gives her a flower)

Monique: That's so sweet babe

While Zac and Vanessa are looking into each others eyes and Monique's starring at her flower. Corbin looks over at Vanessa and thinks.

(Chad thinking) I must have her I want her more then momo she is gonna be mine sooner or later.

Zac: hey man

Corbin: (outta the trance) yeah man

Zac: you wanna shoot some hoops during free 5th

Corbin: sure man

Vanessa: we will come and watch

Corbin: sure (starring at v)

Vanessa (whispers to Zac) is he ok

Zac: I think so

Corbin: what are you two talking about? (Wondering)

Zanessa: nothing

Its 4 hours later and it is 5th period and Zac, Corbin, Vanessa and Monique are in the gym. Zac and Corbin are playing basket ball while the girls sit and watch.

Vanessa: HE DIDN'T (shouting)

Monique: HE BLOODY WELL DID (shouting so the boys would here)

Vanessa and Monique burst out into laughter causing Vanessa to fall off the bench landing in between the gap between the benches either side off her.

Monique: (concerned) you ok down there.

Vanessa: no im stuck

Vanessa (starts shouting) ZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAACCCCCCC HELP ME!!!!!!!!

As Vanessa shouts zac's name Zac and Corbin stop and look at Vanessa and start laughing.


Corbin: (shouting) ARE YOU OK B……. (Shouting from the other end of the gym)

Corbin stops himself from finishing his sentence.

CORBIN: I MEAN ARE YOU OK V (shouting from the other end of the gym)

Zac: (still laughing) IM COMING BABE (shouting from the other end of the gym)

Zac and Corbin walk over to Vanessa and Monique at the benches.

Vanessa: Guy's im fine but I think im stuck between the benches (Vanessa starts laughing)

Zac: Here (lifts Vanessa up out of between the benches) you ok now (looking deep into her eyes while still holding here bridal style)

Vanessa: ummmmm

Vanessa leans in so Zac leans in and kisses her passionately.

Vanessa: (smiling) I am now (giggles)

Corbin: (whispering to himself) I hate it when they do that in front of me.

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Next time:

What is gonna happen next will Corbin be up no good?