Rage Unleashed
Wonderland greeted me with teeth bare and bloodied.
With a grin fouler than the Cheshire Cat's, she hissed.
Did she expect me to run away afraid and worried?
With the vorpal blade I held in my tightened fist?

'Time to raise some havoc.
The dogs of war are loose!' *
I threw my Knife. The Deck they mocked.
Oh, dear me! What should I now use?

The Rage inside the Box confined
Released that which was within me.
Red, crimson and nothing else in mind
I sliced the Card Guards ruthlessly.

How my blade screamed for more!
Or perhaps it was my wrath.
I stood alone on the bloodstained floor.
Surveying the aftermath.

'Splendid, Alice!' Cat applauded and I seem to recall
Him asking me in a curious tone, 'Killing did you deplore?
I'm proud you hesitated not. You may survive after all.'
"It was necessary," I replied. "If I need to I'll do more."


* "Time to raise some havoc! The dogs of war are loose!" ~Cheshire Cat. Quoted from the game.