Okay this is my first Merlin fic.

Disclaimer: I dont own Merlin.

Title: Choices And Changes
Rating:Pg 13
Spoilers/Warnings: Every episode to date.

Uther Pendragon stormed through the draughty corridors of Camelots castle. The servants that he passed scurried out of his way bowing their heads avoiding all eye contact with the king, not that he even really noticed them in the first place. The guards and knights all stood at attention as he passed all of them also bowed to the king.

Uther knew that he was sometimes seen as a harsh man. He had done many things he wasn't proud he was doing his best with what he had. And yet when it came to certain things he couldn't help but feel a lack of comntrol.

One of the major problems that was faced by Uther was magic. Ever since the death of Arthurs mother twenty years before, magic had been banned. Since the great purge there had been very few problems concerning magic, in fact magic seems to have become a more common problem in just the past couple of weeks.

Magic was the one thing that Uther refused to tollerate in any way shape or form, anyone found practicing magik was put to death wether by; hanging, beheading or burning. Magic was a terryfying thing it corrupted everything it touched. Magic was the reason that he lost his wife. Uther would eradicate it form Camelot if it was the last thing he did. Magic meant chaos and he would not leave a kingdom ruled by chaos for his son.

This recent increase of magical disasters was becoming worrying, and it meant that he would have to keep aneye on what was going on in the palace. He would have to be vigilant keeping an eye on his son, not only his activities but also who he worked with, and who he trusted.

Another problem. His son was beginning to go against him more and more. First he tried to claim a knight was using magic to cheat in a tournament on the word of nothiing but a servant. (never mind that the fact was proven true.) He then defied direct orders and vanished from the castle riding into danger and an obvious trap in order to get a flower on the off chance that it may save the same usless, replacable servant.

Uther could admit that the boy Merlin was both a help and a worry for him. The boy had saved his sons life and was rewarded byu keeping him as Arthurs manservant, he had however caused some problems; acusing a royal of trechary, a knight of using magic, consorting with suspected sorcerreses, and various other things. Arthur seemed to trust the boy to much, he was worried that the two were becoming to close. Arthur needed to know that Merlin was a servant and that he could be replaced while Arthur could not, the boy was merely a servant not a friend.

Uther just had to make sure both Arthur and Merlin knew this, by any means necessary.