Gasping for breath, I continued running. Ignoring the sharp branches slapping against my face, I sprinted as I had never sprinted before. My legs were a blur, my long hair a mere flash of brown in the emerald green forest. My bare feet pressed against the ground as I strained to take one more step, then another. My lungs burned. I felt as if I would collapse and die right on the spot. I looked back, and kept running, He was still there. It was the tall, light-haired man who had been looking for me. The one who had been looking for me for years. "He will never catch me." I told myself, "He will never, ever catch me." I continued running, I continued flying through the woods. But then, I felt myself fall slowly. I felt my body land on the leaf packed soil. My head hit something, and the last thing I saw before my vision went black was a blur of pure, shining white light above my head.

Who is she running from? Next week, maybe we'll find out!