Summary; Warning; Disclaimer: See First Chapter.

Sorry for how long this has taken, I've had a lot going on with life and my other stories. But this is in rebellion to that crappy-looking New Moon movie. Hope you all enjoy what unfolds.

"Embry!" a voice yelled, and the shifter woke up from his brief nap with a growl. Checking to make sure Haley was still sound asleep, he got to his feet and ambled down the hall. Seeing Seth and Jared there, both looking frazzled, he narrowed his eyes.

"What happened?" he demanded.

"Newborns. Not far from here. Jacob wants us all out," Seth told him.

"What about – "

"He wants to try to kill them before they reach our Imprints," Jared told him, having left Kim with Claire and Emily not long ago. "They're far enough away that we can tag 'em before they do any damage."

"All right," Embry agreed reluctantly. He didn't sense anything in the air, and it made sense to him after all. Rushing out the door with his packmates, he phased as they did and ran off into the trees.

"Something isn't right," Edward muttered, frowning to himself.

"What isn't?" Bella asked, looking up from the book she was studying.

"The pack's on the move. They're hunting more newborns that showed up in Forks," he told her, getting to his feet. He had picked up on the pack's communal mind by pure accident, but was glad he had. "But the vampires are concealing their whereabouts. I think one of the newborns has the ability to mask their scent."

"Oh no," she gasped, and looked around for her daughter.

"I need to tell Carlisle," her husband said, before disappearing from the room to search for his father.

"Hmm…Embry?" Haley mumbled, rolling over and finding her shifter gone. Shrugging the discovery off, she closed her eyes once more and burrowed farther into the covers, hiding her head in a pillow. There was absolute silence before the mattress shifted underneath someone's weight and an ice-cold hand was rested on her forehead.

Smiling slightly at the cold contact, she only opened her eyes a tiny bit. "Carlisle?" she guessed. The thought it would be someone else never occurred to her, much less the idea that she was in danger.

"Not quite," a male voice replied with a small chuckle. Her eyes shot open as the voice registered in her head and she tried to sit up, only to find herself restrained by a single hand.

"Daniel?" she managed, terror seeping into her voice. She stared at him – he was certainly a vampire. Everything suggested it, but she was at a loss as to what was going on.

"Yes, in the flesh. So to speak," he added, a grim smile gracing his deadly-beautiful features. "You thought I left for good? No, no, just had to take care of some business. And now I'm a vampire!"

"I can tell," Haley replied, relieved Jeremy wasn't in the house.

"Now, why don't I tell you why I became one?" he mused, almost to himself, before grinning down at her. "I think that should interest you. You see, there was a vampire that managed to escape your beloved dogs a few years when they attacked. And of course, they wanted revenge, so they started creating another vampire army."

"And you came in how?" she asked skeptically.

"Be quiet and I'll tell you," he informed her. "Now, that vampire also learned quite a lot, and knew there were such things as half-vampires in the world. Someone like that would be very valuable to them, so they managed to sneak into the vaults of the Volturi and peep into the records. They got lucky – there was a half-vampire that existed years ago, but they were killed."

Haley shifted slightly, but his hand pressed down on her skull and she winced at the pain.

"Stop that," he said absently, lost in his story. "They traced the lineage, and contacted me when they found out I happened to know the ancestor of said half-vampire. Now, you're no half-vampire," he laughed at this, "but you still have vampiric blood in your veins. You can sense us, you know."

"I…don't…" she whimpered.

"Ah, you know you do, so stop whining," the man growled. "So, I was supposed to bring you here so they could turn you and you could become a great weapon in our army! Didn't expect a damn mutt to Imprint on you," he added with a frown. "But, we have another comrade who can hide their scent, just as I can hide my presence. So, they lured the mutts away with a feint, while I slipped in to get you."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I'm going to turn you into a vampire, you stupid slut," Daniel said, his amusement wearing thin. "What did you think? Once you're a vampire, whatever abilities you have will rise to the surface and you'll be in our control."

"No!" Haley shrieked, tearing away from his surprised grasp and collapsing on the floor. Groaning at the effort of moving, she struggled to rise and gasped when he lifted her into the air by her hair.

"Now, that wasn't quite what you were supposed to do," he admonished her, bringing her closer to him so their noses were barely touching. "There's no use crying or whining, so just keep still and you'll survive," he finished. Bringing his fangs to her, he grazed the skin before smiling.

She whimpered at the touch, tears in her eyes from pain and fear.

"Too cliché," he muttered, and trailed his fangs to her collarbone. Brushing his lips against her skin lightly, he waited a split-second before tearing through her skin with his fangs. A shriek ripped from Haley at the pain, something at which he only smiled as her blood flowed into his mouth.

The moment only lasted a second, however, and Daniel was torn from Haley and flung through the wall in the next instant. She sank onto the floor, close to fainting, and whimpered when she felt another icy hand on her wound.

"It's Carlisle," the voice said soothingly, causing her to sigh in relief. Closing her eyes, she was spared the sight of Jasper dealing with Daniel with furious efficiency. The body was flung out of the window, left in a burning heap on the ground as the vampire returned to his father.

"He bit her," Jasper said flatly, using his powers to calm the poisoned woman. "Can we suck it from her, like Edward did for Bella?" he asked. Haley vaguely wondered what they were talking about, hearing their voices through a fog. Her heartbeat grew louder in her ears until it was deafening, and she cried out in agony.

"We have to try," Carlisle said in determination, deciding to do the deed himself. Jasper held the woman down as the other creature drew the poison from her blood, stopping himself with characteristic restraint and wiping his mouth clean.

"Is she clean?"


"No?" Jasper repeated incredulously, and started as the young woman let out a sigh before slipping entirely from consciousness.

"You heard Daniel as well as I," Carlisle said shortly, getting to his feet as Jasper held the woman gingerly. The doctor paced the room, as angry as he had ever been. The two vampires had raced for the Imprint as soon as Edward told Carlisle of the trap, and with their hearing had been able to catch the end of the late vampire's speech before bursting in on them.

"So…she's a vampire?" Jasper guessed, peering down at her peaceful face. He pressed the edge of a blanket against her wound, making a face at the sight of her blood, and hastily returned his attention to the doctor.

"I don't think so, she's still human," he growled, hands behind his back. "But I tasted it…the vampire blood in her. It's somehow been brought back to the surface, activated…I don't know. But she's not a half-vampire, and she's not a vampire."

"So, what is she?"

"I don't know," Carlisle admitted, sighing. "Alive, at least. And human. Unturned. But her powers were strengthened somehow."

"We have trouble," Jasper commented, just as Embry burst in with Jacob close behind. Seeing his Imprint in the vampire's arms, the young man phased again, destroying the door frame and surrounding wall.

"Calm down!" Jacob shouted, smacking his friend on the nose as Embry growled at the vampires. "Idiot! You saw the body, they didn't attack her!" he added, growling low in his throat at the wolf. The creature shook for a moment before slipping back into human form, panting from rage.

"What…happened?" he growled, barely able to speak.

"I will explain everything to the best of my ability. First, get some clothes on while I bandage her wound," Carlisle said, calmly taking control with his best bedside manner.

Not much time passed before the shifters were on the couch, a still-sleeping Haley wedged between them. Her state was probably due to Jasper's influence, who stood behind Carlisle's chair, but his expression gave nothing away.

"So…she's descended from a half-vampire?" Jacob asked carefully, Embry's jaw hanging open.

"Yes," Carlisle replied, nodding firmly. "She's not a vampire, Embry," he added for the shifter's benefit. "Her powers have been amplified as if they were a vampire's, though. I think."

"You were tricked," Jasper added over Carlisle's shoulder. "Edward picked up on your pack's minds and realized what was going on. There's a vampire out there that can hide their scent, or something like that."

"And the scent of others," the Alpha said grudgingly. "We ran right into the trap. There were only two we knew about – and suddenly there were about ten. It's a good thing Alice and Edward showed up. We have to thank them."

"No thanks needed," Carlisle assured him. "I told you we would fight with you. Jasper, I think it's best Haley woke up now," he added. "It's time for her to take her medicine anyway."

The vampire nodded, and the shifters could sense the subtle change in their surroundings as Jasper lifted his influence over Haley's mind slightly. She woke with a start and Embry quickly placed his arm around her.

"You're all right," he assured her, as she looked around with wide eyes.

"Did what I think happened, really happen?" she asked weakly. They all nodded and she groaned. "Oh…no…"

"How do you feel?" Carlisle asked suddenly, causing the woman to look at him in surprise.

"Fine, actually," she realized. "Not sick anymore…although I have splitting headache," she added ruefully, holding a hand to her head gingerly.

"I'm afraid that's our fault," Jasper said dryly, and she sighed as he caused the headache to recede. "I think your powers of location are causing you to pick us up rather strongly. You have to learn how to control it."

"Control what?" she asked.

"You could sense us before," Carlisle told her gently, trying to explain. "What Daniel said was correct. You're still human, Haley, but your preexisting power of sensing vampires has been amplified. Like a sixth sense awakened," he said.

"Wait…I'm a vampire?" she asked, horror evident in her voice. Jasper calmed her quickly, but she still shook slightly at the idea.

"No! You're human," Embry said firmly, his grip around her shoulders tightly slightly.

"I don't fully understand it either," the doctor admitted. "The best guess I can venture is that your sense was a result of being descended from a half-vampire, and having that blood in you. The poison in your system triggered those dormant genes, making your sense considerably stronger."

"I'm sorry," her shifter said suddenly, looking at her with a pleaded gaze. "We were tricked. I never would have left you alone if I thought anything was going to happen. I didn't even sense anyone around, and –"

"It's all right, Embry," she assured him, interrupting him and patting his knee comfortingly. "I know how he could mask himself. It's no one's fault." She paused, and looked back at Carlisle. "Are there any other side effects of all this?" she asked.

"Considering the fact that you no longer feel sick, it may be a safe guess you can heal faster than a normal human," the doctor said hesitantly. "I wouldn't go trying that out, though. Other than that, I have no idea. This is the first time anything like this has happened, to my knowledge."

"So, what now?" Jacob asked, arms resting across his broad chest. "I mean, they got half of what they wanted. Are they going to wait longer, or what?"

"If I was their leader, I'd strike now," Jasper informed them. "This is still a newborn though, however controlled it may be. It's unpredictable, and we don't know it's talent."

"Are we going to stay here?" Haley asked doubtfully, surveying the damage that had been caused, mostly by Embry's shifting. Carlisle shook his head, but Jacob spoke before the vampire.

"We have friends in the Paiute tribe in Burns," he said, and Embry blinked.

"In Oregon?"

"It's only a state over."

"I'm not leaving Jeremy," Haley interrupted stubbornly, and all the men in the room paused to look at her.

"Yes, you are," Carlisle said firmly, rushing on before she could yell at him. "It's for his own safety. Leave him in La Push where the shifters can protect him better than you can."

"They're shifters as well," the Alpha added. It was his turn to be stared at, causing him to shrug sheepishly. "What?"

"You never told us!" Embry said accusingly, but Jacob bristled.

"There wasn't any reason to! Sam knew a few years when they crossed over our territory while traveling, apparently. They're wolverines."


"Don't make any X-Men jokes," Jacob warned them, as they drove down the highway in a Jeep loaned by Carlisle. 'Them' being the Alpha, Embry, Haley Seth, and surprisingly, Jasper. She was wedged between her shifter and the vampire in a rather uncomfortable position, but decided it was better than being shotgun next to a hyperactive Seth while Jacob drove.

"What's the fun in that?" Seth complained, twisting in his seat. "Want any?" he asked, waving a bag of chips in their general direction. They shook their heads, and he shrugged and turned back around.

"Unless you want to piss them all off, you'll just shut up," Jacob muttered, wishing Sam could have taken them. Nothing would pry the former Alpha from his baby girl, however, especially with newborns roaming the area. It was hard enough for Jacob to leave the pack for the time the trip would take.

"Why are we driving, anyway? We could all make it there quicker if we just ran," Seth pointed out, and blinked when several pairs of eyes stared at him. "What?"

"For one thing, I'd like to have some clothing with me," Haley pointed out dryly. She had thrown things in a suitcase in a rush, but it was better than having nothing but the clothes on her back. Jasper snorted, apparently at Seth.

"They'd be expecting that," he informed the shifter. "They won't think that we would actually take a vehicle, which is much slower and leaves us exposed to an easier attack. Or so they think," he amended, sensing Haley's uncomfortable shift of mood.

Seth's blank look caused Embry to roll his eyes, and the shifter wrapped an arm around his Imprint protectively before shifting in his seat to try to get some leg room. Being close to seven feet tall and cramped in the backseat of a Jeep was not the place he would ever imagine himself to be in.

"So…we're setting ourselves up like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day why?" the youngest shifter finally asked, causing Jasper to groan. He hadn't wanted to go, but Carlisle had all but ordered him to. His family and the pack could handle things in Forks, while Jasper was apparently needed to help guard some human woman he had met all of two times and really didn't care about.

But he was forced to agree with Carlisle. Despite being bitten, the girl still remained human. Wholly human, in appearance and mannerisms, something that intrigued Jasper. He had met many human beings, but one with such vivacity for life was beginning to draw his curiosity.

Embry noticed the vampire paying far too much attention to his Imprint at the moment and growled low in his throat, just loud enough that the vampire could pick it up, before looking away again. Jasper shrugged, briefly considered giving the wolf the urge to jump out of the Jeep and walk home, and turned to view the scenery on his own side.

"Can't thank you enough, Morgan," Jacob repeated, shaking the other man's hand firmly as Jasper stood nearby with Haley, looking slightly nervous as several of the wolverine shifters kept a close eye on him. The other pack leader snorts, waving a huge hand.

"Not a problem. We've been over this before," he reminded the younger shifter, casting a quick glance at the odd pair. All three shifters had vouched for Jasper and while the other pack was still wary of the vampire, they seemed willing to accept another shifter's word. "So, any game plan right now?" he continued.

"Not much, other than wipe the vermin out," the shifter admitted with a shrug, planning on dragging Embry back with him no matter how much the man whined. They had collectively decided - Embry excluded - that it would be too dangerous to have the shifter, with his overreactions, in a strange pack. "You're prepared for an attack, right?" he checked, but the other shifter merely snorted.

"Oh, please. We've been dealing with rogue hunters for years now. I think we're equipped," Morgan replied, giving the other leader a friendly push in the direction of the Jeep. "I suggest you leave with Embry before he rips someone's throat out, with that face," he added.

Jacob glanced back, only to see Seth apparently taunting Embry about how he got to stay and Embry didn't, and groaned. "C'mon, cut it out. Embry, we've got to get going," he ordered, heading towards the Jeep and shifter both.

"Don't make me go!" the young man whined, gripping Haley's arm so tight Jasper was forced to weaken his determination merely to free her. "Please?"

"No chance. It'd be too dangerous," Jacob said shortly, grabbing his elbow. "C'mon, man, I need back you at La Push anyway." He locked eyes with Embry for a few minutes, clearly being challenged, but his friend backed down soon enough. "All right, enough," Jacob finally said, turning back to the car.

Embry held Haley close to him for a moment before leaning down and kissing her quickly, whispering, "I'll be back," before rushing towards the Jeep, deciding a quick separation would be better to handle. She remained waving as the vehicle tore down the road, Seth draping an arm across her shoulders with a wide grin across his face.

"Well, might as well show you where you're all staying," Morgan said, breaking the heavy silence with a grin. Not appearing much older than the shifters - although appearance was completely unreliable - he almost seemed as if he was enjoying the whole thing.

"After you," Haley replied with a small grin, feeling assured of her safety with Seth on one side of her and a sulking Jasper on the other.

"I'm in hell," the vampire groaned silently, wincing as several shifters walked passed him.